Democratic Fascist Party

The Democratic Fascist Party (in Italian Partito Democratico Fascista) was a clandestine Italian fascist political party.

The party is known mainly because its founder and some other members stole the dead body of Benito Mussolini from the Cimitero Maggiore in Milan.

Democratic Fascist Party

Partito Democratico Fascista
PresidentDomenico Leccisi
FoundedNovember 2, 1945
DissolvedDecember 27, 1946
HeadquartersMilan, Italy
NewspaperLotta Fascista
IdeologyDemocratic fascism
Political positionThird position
International affiliationNone
Colours     Black


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1933 in Ireland

Events from the year 1933 in Ireland.

1933 in Scotland

Events from the year 1933 in Scotland.

Protestant Action Society

The Protestant Action Society was a political party in Edinburgh active in the 1930s. It was founded by John Cormack in 1933 and had elected nine members to the Edinburgh Council in 1936 with 31 percent of the vote.In June 1935 the party organised protests which involved disturbances in Waverley Market and then what has been called "the Morningside Riot" in Canaan Lane when a crowd of around 20,000 Protestant Action supporters stoned and jeered 10,000 attendees at a Eucharistic Congress.Although often compared to the fascist movements active at the time, the society physically attacked Blackshirt meetings in Edinburgh due to the British Union of Fascists support for a United Ireland. The party emerged at a time when other similar movements were arising in other parts of Scotland, such as the similar Glasgow based Scottish Protestant League, and the Scottish Democratic Fascist Party.

One of the councilors was the Jewish antique dealer Esta Henry who was elected to one of the Canongate wards in 1936.Cormack tried to encourage the Orange Order in Scotland to join in his movement, but with so little success that he left the movement in 1939 and was not readmitted until the late 1950s.At its peak the party had 8,000 members.

Scottish Democratic Fascist Party

The Scottish Democratic Fascist Party (SDFP) or Scottish Fascist Democratic Party was a political party in Scotland. It was founded in 1933 out of the Scottish section of the New Party by William Weir Gilmour and Major Hume Sleigh.

Scottish Protestant League

The Scottish Protestant League was a political party in Scotland during the 1920s and 1930s. The League was led by Alexander Ratcliffe, who founded it in 1920.

Volante Rossa

The organization officially known as Volante Rossa "Martiri Partigiani" (Red Quick-intervention [Team] "Partisan Martyrs"), often mentioned simply as Volante Rossa, was a clandestine antifascist paramilitary organization active in and around Milan in the postwar to the Second World War, from 1945 to 1949. Led by "tenente Alvaro" ("Lieutenant Alvaro"), nom-de-guerre of Giulio Paggio, it was made up of communists partisans and workers who aimed with their actions to build a continuity with the wartime action of the Italian Resistance.

William Weir Gilmour

William Weir Gilmour (1905–1998), was a Scottish politician who was associated with five different political parties; the Independent Labour Party, the New Party, the Scottish Democratic Fascist Party, the Labour and Co-operative party and the Liberal Party.

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