Deep Space/Virgin Sky

Deep Space/Virgin Sky is a 1995 album by Jefferson Starship recorded live at the House of Blues in West Hollywood on the Sunset Strip. The concert was performed as a benefit memorial concert for Papa John Creach with proceeds going to his family. The original album rearranged the order of songs as performed and was divided into two parts with the first half featuring new material and the second half of the album featuring the classic hits of Jefferson Starship and Jefferson Airplane, including an appearance by Grace Slick performing vocals on "Law Man", "Wooden Ships", "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit". It was the first time she had performed on stage since 1989. In 2003, the entire concert was released as a double CD entitled "Deeper Space / Extra Virgin Sky" with the original order of the performance restored.

Deep Space / Virgin Sky
Deep Space Virgin Sky
Live album by
ReleasedJune 27, 1995 (original)
2003 (expanded)
RecordedJanuary 21, 1995 at House of Blues, West Hollywood
GenreRock, psychedelic rock
LabelIntersound Records (original)
Rainman, Inc, (expanded)
ProducerPaul Kantner
Michael Gaiman
Jefferson Starship chronology
Nuclear Furniture
Deep Space / Virgin Sky
Windows of Heaven
Alternative cover
Cover art of 2003 expanded release
Cover art of 2003 expanded release
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic1.5/5 stars[1]

Original Track Listing (1995)

1."Shadowlands"Paul Kantner4:42
2."Ganja of Love"Marty Balin5:22
3."Dark Ages"World Entertainment War4:52
4."I'm on Fire"Kantner3:33
5."Papa John"Balin4:45
6."Women Who Fly"Nona Hendryx6:18
7."Gold"L. Rowan4:59
8."The Light"Kantner6:24
9."Crown of Creation"Kantner3:28
10."Count on Me"Jesse Barish4:46
12."Intro to Law Man" (by Grace Slick) 0:54
13."Law Man"Grace Slick2:55
14."Wooden Ships"David Crosby, Kantner, Stephen Stills6:03
15."Somebody to Love"Darby Slick3:27
16."White Rabbit"G. Slick3:28

Expanded Track Listing (2003)

Disc one
1."Sunrise"G. Slick1:40
2."Have You Seen the Saucers"Kantner4:02
3."3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds"Balin4:35
4."Crown of Creation"Kantner3:29
5."I'm on Fire"Kantner3:32
6."Count on Me"Barish4:45
9."Women Who Fly"Hendryx6:18
10."Dark Ages"World Entertainment War4:51
11."America"Balin, Kantner9:48
Disc two
1."Ganja of Love"Balin5:21
2."Plastic Fantastic Lover"Balin4:27
3."The Light"Kantner6:23
4."John's Other"Papa John Creach7:03
5."Somebody to Love"D. Slick3:27
6."Intro to Lawman" (by Grace Slick) 0:53
7."Law Man"G. Slick2:56
8."Wooden Ships"Crosby, Kantner, Stills6:02
9."White Rabbit"G. Slick3:29
10."Volunteers"Balin, Kantner6:27
11."Papa John"Balin4:44
12."The Other Side of This Life"Fred Neil11:08


Additional Personnel

  • Grace Slick – vocals on "Somebody to Love", "Law Man", "Wooden Ships", "White Rabbit" and "Volunteers"
  • Merl Saunders – keyboards on "John's Other"
  • David LaFlamme – violin on "John's Other"


  • Michael Gaiman – producer
  • Paul Kantner – producer
  • Greg Irons – cover art (original release)
  • Priaire Prince – inside art (original release), cover art (expanded release)
  • Andy Slote – mixing
  • Jeff Kilment – remixing
  • Rebecca Inez Bockelie – poetry
  • Otto Rene Castillo – poetry


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China Kantner

China Wing Kantner (born January 25, 1971) is an American actress of television, theatre and cinema. She is also a former MTV VJ, sometimes credited on-screen as China Slick Kantner.

Craig Chaquico

Craig Chaquico or Chaquiço ( chə-KEE-soh; born September 26, 1954) is an American guitarist, songwriter, composer, and record producer, of Portuguese descent. He is a founding member of the rock bands Jefferson Starship and Starship and the only member of both bands to play on every song, album, tour, and video. Since 1993, Chaquico has had a successful solo career as a contemporary acoustic jazz guitarist and composer.

Darby Gould

Darby Marie Gould (aka Darby Venegas) is an American vocalist best known for her work with Jefferson Starship and World Entertainment War. Over the years she has developed a loyal following based on her passionate, soulful vocals and intense stage presence.

Grace Slick

Grace Barnett Wing Slick (born October 30, 1939) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, artist and former model, widely known in rock and roll history for her role in San Francisco's burgeoning psychedelic music scene in the mid-1960s. Her music career spanned four decades. She performed with The Great Society, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and Starship. She also had a sporadic solo career. Slick provided vocals on a number of iconic songs, including "Somebody to Love," "White Rabbit," "We Built This City," and "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now."

Hot Tuna discography

This is a discography for the blues band Hot Tuna. In addition to 7 studio albums and 14 live albums, the group has released many of their live concerts directly for sale on iTunes.

Jack Casady

John William Casady (born April 13, 1944) is an American bass guitarist, best known as a member of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna. Jefferson Airplane became the first successful exponent of the San Francisco Sound. Their singles, including "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit", had a more polished style than their other material, and successfully charted in 1967 and 1968. Casady, along with the other members of Jefferson Airplane, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

Jefferson Starship

Jefferson Starship is an American rock band from San Francisco, California that evolved out of the group Jefferson Airplane following the departure of bassist Jack Casady and guitarist Jorma Kaukonen. The band went through several major changes in personnel and genres through the years while retaining the same Jefferson Starship name. The band name was retired in 1985, but it was picked up again in the early 1990s by a Paul Kantner-led revival of the group.

Jefferson Starship discography

The following is a comprehensive discography of Jefferson Starship, an American rock band from San Francisco which grew out of Jefferson Airplane in 1974.

KBC Band

KBC Band (also sometimes referred to as The Kantner Balin Casady Band) was formed in 1985 by former Jefferson Airplane (later Jefferson Starship) members Paul Kantner (guitar and vocals), Marty Balin (vocals and guitar) and Jack Casady (bass). Other members included Keith Crossan (saxophone, guitar and vocals), Tim Gorman (keyboards and vocals), Slick Aguilar (guitar and vocals) and Darrell Verdusco (drums). Their sole LP, KBC Band, featured the hits "America", which found renewed interest after the September 11, 2001 attacks, and "It's Not You, It's Not Me", which attracted airplay on album-oriented rock radio.The band performed supporting tours from 1985–1987 before Kantner left for Nicaragua to investigate the Sandinista situation. The band did not perform after his return. Kantner said that Balin was becoming "difficult" near the end of KBC's existence. However, Kantner and Casady continued to perform onstage together during Hot Tuna concerts in late 1987 and early 1988, and the three reunited with Grace Slick and Jorma Kaukonen for a Jefferson Airplane reunion album and a reunion tour in 1989, along with Tim Gorman on keyboards for the tour. The album included three songs that had been performed by KBC Band: "Planes", "Solidarity" and "Summer of Love". They had also performed "Let's Go", which was considered for but rejected from that album.After Jefferson Airplane broke up again, Kantner, Aguilar, and Gorman reformed Jefferson Starship, which Casady and Balin would eventually rejoin as well. All members of KBC Band except for Verdusco and Crossan participated in the recording of Deep Space/Virgin Sky and Windows of Heaven. As of 2008, Verdusco is a member of Starship featuring Mickey Thomas.

List of Jefferson Starship members

Jefferson Starship is an American hard rock band from San Francisco, California. Formed in 1974 as a successor to Jefferson Airplane, the group originally featured Grace Slick (vocals, piano), Paul Kantner (rhythm guitar, vocals), Craig Chaquico (lead guitar, vocals), David Freiberg (bass, keyboards, vocals), Peter Kaukonen (bass), John Barbata (drums, vocals) and Papa John Creach (violin). After the band's first tour, Kaukonen was replaced by Pete Sears. Former Airplane vocalist Marty Balin joined the band in January 1975, having co-written and performed on the song "Caroline". Creach left in August 1975 to start a solo career. The band's lineup remained stable until 1978, when two key members left: first was Slick in June, who was asked by Kantner to resign after a show in Germany in which she drank excessively and abused the crowd; second was Balin, who departed at the end of the touring cycle for Earth. In addition to this, Barbata was seriously injured in a car accident which left him unable to perform.The remaining members of Jefferson Starship rebuilt the band in early 1979, adding drummer Aynsley Dunbar in January and vocalist Mickey Thomas in April. Slick returned to the band in 1981, after performing guest backing vocals on Modern Times. Dunbar was asked by Kantner to leave in 1982, with Donny Baldwin taking his place in September. Shortly after the band released Nuclear Furniture, Kantner left Jefferson Starship and later sued the remaining members of the band in October 1984 over ownership of the name; the lawsuit was settled in March 1985, with the name Jefferson Starship retired and the remaining band members continuing as simply Starship.In January 1992, Kantner reformed Jefferson Starship with former KBC Band bandmates Mark "Slick" Aguilar (lead guitar) and Tim Gorman (keyboards, vocals), former Jefferson Airplane bandmate Jack Casady (bass) and Jefferson Starship bandmate Creach, and new members Darby Gould (vocals) and Prairie Prince (drums). Diana Mangano joined the following October and initially shared vocal duties, before becoming an official member of the band when Gould departed in 1995. Balin also rejoined the band in 1993. Creach died on February 22, 1994. Kaukonen returned briefly in 1994, and Gorman left around the same time; he was replaced first by Barry Flast, then by Gary Cambra, and finally by Terry "T" Lavitz. Chris Smith took over on keyboards in 1998. Casady left in 2000 and was replaced until 2004 by Tom Lilly.Jefferson Starship returned with new studio album Jefferson's Tree of Liberty in 2008, which was the first by the band to feature vocalist Cathy Richardson, who had recently replaced Mangano, and the first since 1984's Nuclear Furniture to feature returning frontman Freiberg, who replaced Balin. Baldwin returned to the band after the album's release, replacing the departing Prince. In September 2012, Jude Gold took over from Aguilar who was forced to cease activity with the band after being diagnosed with hepatitis C. Richardson briefly left in November 2015, with Rachel Rose taking her place, before returning in March the following year. On January 28, 2016, Kantner – the only constant member of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship – died of multiple organ failure and septic shock following a heart attack a few days earlier.

Nuclear Furniture

Nuclear Furniture is the eighth album by the American rock band Jefferson Starship and was released in 1984. It was the last album released by the band until 1998's Windows of Heaven, and was also the final album by the band before the departure of leader Paul Kantner and the formation of the offshoot band Starship. It was released in 1984 and spawned the Top 40 single "No Way Out", which was also the first single by any incarnation of the band to hit #1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. The album itself reached #28. Produced by Ron Nevison, the album was arranged with the help of Peter Wolf, who had worked with Grace Slick on her solo album, Software. Wolf also contributed keyboard and synthesizer work to the album, although not an official part of the band. Peter Wolf (not the singer of the same name) and Ina Wolf also wrote the single "No Way Out", the first of many songs penned by the husband and wife duo that took "Starship" in a more commercial direction. As the album was being recorded, Paul Kantner became frustrated with the album's direction. Before the sessions came to a close, he stole the master tapes, put them in his car and drove around San Francisco for a few days and wouldn't bring them back until the band mixed the album in a way more to his liking. Shortly after the release of the album, Kantner left the band, and he only appears in the first promotional video produced, "No Way Out." After the departure of Kantner the band lost the "Jefferson" moniker and morphed into Starship; there would not be another studio album released under the Jefferson Starship name until after Kantner reformed the band in 1992.

Papa John Creach

John Henry Creach (May 28, 1917 – February 22, 1994), better known as Papa John Creach, was an American blues violinist, who has also played "classical, jazz, be-bop, R&B, pop and acid rock" music. Early in his career, he performed as a journeyman musician with such luminaries as Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Stuff Smith, Charlie Christian, Big Joe Turner, T-Bone Walker, Nat King Cole and Roy Milton.Following his rediscovery by drummer Joey Covington in 1967, he fronted a variety of bands (including Zulu and Midnight Sun) in addition to playing with Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, Jefferson Starship, Jefferson Starship - The Next Generation, the San Francisco All-Stars (1979–1984), The Dinosaurs (1982–1989) and Steve Taylor.

Creach recorded a number of solo albums and guested at several Grateful Dead and Charlie Daniels Band concerts. He was a regular guest at the early annual Volunteer Jams, hosted by Charlie Daniels, which exposed him to a new audience that was receptive to fiddle players.

Rob Brezsny

Rob Brezsny is an American astrologer, author, and musician. His weekly horoscope column "Free Will Astrology" – formerly "Real Astrology" – has been published since 1980, and by 2010 was syndicated in around 120 periodicals.

Slick Aguilar

Mark "Slick" Aguilar (born 1954 in Florida) is an American guitarist. He has worked with a number of notable musicians but is probably best known as a member of Jefferson Starship.

He played guitar with KC & the Sunshine Band and Wayne Cochran during the late 1970s before moving to the West Coast. It was there that he joined Buddy Miles' band and in 1982 he toured with David Crosby. In 1984 Slick joined Marty Balin's band which led to him being hired to play lead guitar in the KBC Band.

When Paul Kantner reformed Jefferson Starship in 1992, he hired Slick to as the band's lead guitarist, a position he held until 2012, when he had to depart the band due to falling ill with Hepatitis C. He sometimes performs with Marty Balin as a duo.

Tim Gorman

Tim Gorman is an American musician, composer, arranger, and record producer. Gorman studied music composition at the University of Portland, Oregon, under Phillipe de la Mare. He went on to work as a session musician from the 1980s until the present, his most notable collaborations being with Duane Eddy, Paul Kantner, the Rolling Stones, and the Who.Gorman took part in the recording of the Who's album It's Hard and the subsequent tour in 1982.In 1984, he was the keyboardist in The V.U. (sometimes called The View) Phoenix Rising album together with Kevin Chalfant (vocals), Ross Valory of Journey fame (bass guitar), Prairie Prince (drums) and Steff Burns (guitars), all of them musicians whose complete list of acts in which they were involved needed another specific page. Valory and Chalfant later joined again in The Storm which included other former Journey members plus Josh Ramos, a guest guitarist in the V.U. album. Phoenix Rising songs are dated 1984 but the album never saw the light till it was rescued and published by Frontiers in 2000.

His work with Paul Kantner goes back to the KBC Band in 1985-1987. He then took part in the Jefferson Airplane reunion in 1989. Gorman was one of several keyboardists on the reunion album and played live with the Airplane in the supporting tour. He was then a member of Kantner's band Wooden Ships, along with guitarist Mark "Slick" Aguilar in 1991-1992. Wooden Ships was joined on some of its later gigs by singer Darby Gould (formerly of World Entertainment War) and Airplane/Hot Tuna bassist Jack Casady.

This soon became the core line-up for the new incarnation of Jefferson Starship with the addition of drummer Prairie Prince and fiddler Papa John Creach, later rejoined by former Airplane co-founder Marty Balin. Gorman stayed with Jefferson Starship as a permanent member until 1995, appearing on the live album Deep Space / Virgin Sky and playing on two tracks for the studio album Windows of Heaven. He has teamed again with them occasionally on some of the Galactic Family Reunion concerts in 2006.Gorman currently plays in the band Parallel View, a duo with guitarist Kirk Casey.

Windows of Heaven

Windows of Heaven is Jefferson Starship's first studio album since reforming in 1992 and ninth album overall. It was first released in Germany, but the band told fans to wait for a new American remixed version. The single "Let Me Fly" was released along with the American release, but did not chart on the Billboard charts. Grace Slick joined the band in the studio to record vocals on "I'm on Fire" which only appears on the American and Japanese versions. The track "Maybe for You" later reappeared on the 2008 album, Jefferson's Tree of Liberty.

World Entertainment War

World Entertainment War was an American funk rock band, formed in 1986. They recorded four records before disbanding in 1993, and then played reunion concerts in 2000 and 2001, and again in 2009. The band describes itself as “a benevolent media virus programmed to prevent the entertainment criminals from stealing your imagination."

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