David Cain (composer)

David Cain (born 1941) was a composer and technician for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. He was educated at Imperial College London, where he earned a degree in mathematics. In 1963, he joined the BBC as a studio manager, specialising in radio drama. He transferred to the Radiophonic Workshop in 1967 where he composed various jingles and signature tunes as well as the complete incidental music for the BBC's radio productions of The War of the Worlds in 1967, and The Hobbit in 1968. He also produced the Workshop's 1973 adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. He remained with the Radiophonic Workshop until 1973. His 30-second composition "Crossbeat" was used as the original theme for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's morning radio current affairs program AM, which premiered in 1967.

David Cain
Born1941 (age 77–78)

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BBC Radiophonic Music

BBC Radiophonic Music is the first compilation of music released by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. It featured music by three of the Workshop's most prominent composers, John Baker, David Cain, and Delia Derbyshire. The album was originally released by BBC Radio Enterprises in 1968 to coincide with the Workshop's 10th anniversary and later re-released in 1971 on the BBC Records label.

In 2002, the compilation was remastered by Mark Ayres, and re-released with two bonus Derbyshire songs; the original composition "Time to Go" and her version of "Happy Birthday". For the 2003 release of Music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the 2002 remasters of this compilation were combined with Ayres' 2002 remasters of the 1975 compilation The Radiophonic Workshop, and the entire set was resequenced.

The music on BBC Radiophonic Music varied between incidental music and signature tunes, which had been used by various BBC programmes, as well as some radio jingles. The selection demonstrated many of the methods used by the composers at the Radiophonic Workshop, including musique concrète tape editing and their use of primitive early electronic oscillators. It featured mostly original compositions, except for Baker's arrangements of the traditional "Boys and Girls" and "The Frogs Wooing", and Derbyshire's version of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air".

David Cain

David Cain may refer to:

David Cain (professor) (born 1941), professor of religion

David Cain (Texas politician), former State Senator of the 2nd District of Texas, see Florence Shapiro

David Cain (composer) (born 1941), musical technician

David Cain (comics), a comic book character

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Trunk Records

Trunk Records is a British independent record label, which specialises mainly in lost film scores, unreleased TV music, library music, old advertising jingles, art, sexploitation and kitsch releases.

It was founded in 1995 by Jonny Trunk, and has since gained a cult following as a result of the releases of highly influential material from scores for films such as The Wicker Man, Deep Throat, Kes, The Blood on Satan's Claw and George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead.Other releases include soundtracks for 1970s UK Television series such as The Tomorrow People, UFO and Vernon Elliott's score for Clangers and Ivor the Engine. As well as film music and jazz, the label has also brought to public attention the lost or unreleased works of electronic pioneers such as Tristram Cary and John Baker, artists such as Bruce Lacey and avant-garde recordings made both by and for children, including the work inspired by radical free thinker and educational pioneer John Paynter.

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