Czechoslovakia women's national football team

The Czechoslovakia women's national football team was the national women's association football representing Czechoslovakia. It was established in 1968, in the midst of the Prague Spring, making it one of the pioneering women's football national teams.

Czechoslovakia's first game was played on February 23 that year in Viareggio, Italy against the also debuting Italian team, and resulted in a 2–1 loss. In 1970 Czechoslovakia registered in the first unofficial attempt at a World Cup, and it was scheduled to make its debut on July 7 in Bologna against Denmark. However, the team was not granted a visa to travel to the Western Bloc and had to withdraw. The same happened the following year.[1]

Czechoslovakia's first official women's match took place in the Bratislava's Stadium Petržalka in 1985, ending in a 2–2 draw against Hungary.[2] The team then went two years without a victory in its next seven games.[2]

From October 1987 to November 1988 Czechoslovakia took part for the first time in the qualifying of the still unofficial European Championship. In the mid-time it took part in June 1988 in the China-based 1988 FIFA Women's Invitation Tournament, an essay for the first official World Cup three years later, where it failed to progress to the quarter-finals despite defeating Japan and drawing with impending powerhouse United States.[3] In the European Championship Czechoslovakia was defeated by West Germany in the last qualifying round.

Through 1989 and 1990 Czechoslovakia played the first official European Championship's qualification, which also served as a qualifying for the 1991 World Cup. This time the team didn't make qualify past the first qualifying stage, ranking third in its group behind Germany and Hungary. In 1991–92 it didn't make it either, losing this time to Italy. This was the team's last appearance as Czechoslovakia was dissolved at the end of 1992. The following saw the foundation of the Czech and Slovak national teams, the former serving as the Czechoslovak team's successor.

AssociationČeskoslovenský fotbalový svaz/Československý futbalový zväz
ConfederationUEFA (Europe)
Home stadiumVarious
First colours
First international
 Italy 2–1 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
(Viareggio, Italy; 23 February 1968)
Last International
Italy Italy 2–2 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
(Italy; 12 September 1992)
Biggest win
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 3–0 Bulgaria 
(Czechoslovakia; 23 October 1988)
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 3–0 Hungary 
(Czechoslovakia; 29 September 1990)
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 3–0 Poland 
(Czechoslovakia; 28 June 1992)
Biggest defeat
 West Germany 5–0 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
(West Germany; 22 November 1989)
World Cup

Competition record

Competition Stage Result Opponent Position Notes
China 1988 FIFA Invitation Tournament Round 1 0–1 Sweden Sweden
2–1 Japan Japan
0–0 United States United States 3 / 4
1989 European Competition qualification Round 1 1–1 0–0 Belgium Belgium
1–0 2–0 Spain Spain
1–0 3–0 Bulgaria Bulgaria
2–2 0–0 France France 2 / 5
Quarterfinals 1–1 0–2 Germany West Germany
1991 European Championship qualification Round 1 2–0 3–2 Bulgaria Bulgaria
0–5 0–1 Germany West Germany
0–2 3–0 Hungary Hungary 3 / 4
1993 European Championship qualification Round 1 2–1 3–0 Poland Poland
0–3 2–2 Italy Italy 2 / 3


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Czechoslovakia national football team

The Czechoslovakia national football team (Czech: Československá fotbalová reprezentace, Slovak: Československé národné futbalové mužstvo) was the national association football team of Czechoslovakia from 1920 to 1992. The team was controlled by the Czechoslovak Football Association, and the team qualified for eight World Cups and three European Championships. It had two runner-up finishes in World Cups, in 1934 and 1962, and won the European Championship in the 1976 tournament.

At the time of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia at the end of 1992, the team was participating in UEFA qualifying Group 4 for the 1994 World Cup; it completed this campaign under the name Representation of Czechs and Slovaks (RCS) before it was disbanded. The present-day Czech Republic national football team is recognized as the successor of the Czechoslovakia team. The country of Slovakia is represented by the Slovak national team.

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