Cornish Canadians

Cornish Canadians are Canadians of Cornish descent, including those who were born in Cornwall. The number of Canadian citizens of Cornish descent cannot be determined through census statistics, though speculative estimates place the population as high as 20,000.

Cornish Canadians
Canadien cornouallais
Cornwall Canada
Total population
Regions with significant populations
The Maritimes,  Ontario and  British Columbia
Canadian English and Cornish
Protestantism, Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Cornish, English Canadians


It is recorded that the first Cornish to reach what is now Canadian soil did in the 16th century, reaching the coast of Newfoundland, part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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British Canadians

British Canadian primarily refers to Canadians of British ancestry or origin.

Cornish Canadians

Canadians of English descent

English Canadians: meaning either ethnic origin and heritage, or English-speaking (Anglophone) Canadians of any ethnic origin.

Irish Canadians

Manx Canadians

Scottish Canadians

Scotch-Irish Canadians

Welsh CanadiansIt may also refer to links and trade and company names between Canada and the United Kingdom:

British–Canadian relations

Manx Canadians

Manx Canadians are Canadian citizens of Manx descent or Manx people who reside in Canada. According to the Canada 2016 Census, there were 6,125 people of Manx descent in Canada.

Scotch-Irish Canadians

Scotch-Irish Canadians are those who are Ulster Scots or those who have Ulster Scots ancestry who live in or were born in Canada. Ulster Scots are Lowland Scots and Northern English people who immigrated to the Irish Province of Ulster from the early 17th century after the accession of James I (James VI as King of Scotland) to the English throne. This was known as the Plantation of Ulster.

Scotch-Irish Canadians, ultimately originating from Scotland, observe many of the same customs and traditions as Scottish Canadians, who had arrived in Canada directly from Scotland. The surnames of Ulster Scots are similar to those of Scots and many derive from Scottish clans. Many also wear tartans.

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