Commercial Field

Commercial Field is a 2,112-acre (8.55 km2) athletic field located in the Wingate neighborhood of Brooklyn. It was home to the Commercial High School soccer, football, and baseball teams from around 1906. Other schools, such as Boys High, also called Commercial Field their home from time to time, as did local teams in the American Soccer League in the 1930s. The field was also the home field of the short-lived New York Brickley Giants, of the early National Football League, who played two games there during their 1921 season. In 1926, the Brooklyn Horsemen of the first American Football League used the stadium as their home field.

The lot was acquired by the New York Parks Department in 1940, and the field survives today as a multi-sport facility called Hamilton-Metz Field named after US Representative Herman A. Metz and US Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

In 1929, a visiting Bermudan cricket team played several matches at Commercial Field, defeating the All-New York and All-Brooklyn teams. The Bermudans returned for more tours during the 1930s. In 2006, a $1.57 million restoration was completed, with the field relaid in artificial turf. Neighborhood residents often refer to the field by yet another name, Lefferts Park.

Commercial Field
Commercial Field is located in New York City
Commercial Field
Commercial Field
Location within New York City
Commercial Field is located in New York
Commercial Field
Commercial Field
Commercial Field (New York)
LocationAlbany Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11225
Coordinates40°39′45″N 73°56′27″W / 40.66250°N 73.94083°W
SurfaceNatural Grass (1906-2006)
Artificial Turf (2006-Present)
Commercial High School (1906–1940)
New York Brickley Giants (APFA) (1921)
Brooklyn Lions (AFL I) (1926)


Coordinates: 40°39′45″N 73°56′27″W / 40.66250°N 73.94083°W

1921 New York Brickley Giants season

The 1921 New York Brickley Giants season was their sole season in the American Professional Football Association (which would be renamed the National Football League in 1922). The team finished the season with a 0–2 league record, and tied for eighteenth place in the league. Overall, the team posted a 5–3 record, when taking non-league games into account. The team is also referred to as the Brooklyn Giants in contemporary advertising.

Acquaviva (San Marino)

Acquaviva (literally "living water") is one of the 9 communes or "castelli" of San Marino.

Arthur Ashe Stadium

Arthur Ashe Stadium is a tennis stadium at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, New York City. Part of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, it is the main stadium of the US Open tennis tournament, and the largest tennis stadium in the world, with a capacity of 23,771.The stadium is named after Arthur Ashe, winner of the 1968 inaugural US Open, the first in which professionals could compete. The original stadium design, completed in 1997, had not included a roof. After suffering successive years of event delays from inclement weather, a new lightweight retractable roof was completed in 2016.

Bergen Ballpark

The Bergen Ballpark was a proposed 8,000-seat baseball-only stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, intended to be the home of the Bergen Cliff Hawks. The stadium was to be part of the larger Meadowlands Xanadu project that is currently under construction. Bergen Ballpark was in the planning stages since 2001, but local politics and a lease agreement between the Mills Corporation, the company who built the Xanadu and would own the ballpark, halted plans in 2005.

Brooklyn Lions / Horsemen (1926)

The Brooklyn Lions were a National Football League team that played in the 1926 NFL season. The team was formed as the league's counter-move to the first American Football League, which enfranchised a team called the Brooklyn Horsemen, a professional football team that competed in the 1926 AFL season.

In the months before the regular season began, both leagues battled with each other for fan support and the right to play at Ebbets Field. The NFL emerged as the winner, as the Lions signed the lease to use the stadium on July 20.On November 12, 1926, the Horsemen withdrew from the AFL and merged with Lions. The new team created by the merger was initially called the Brooklyn Lions and competed in the NFL from November 22, 1926. For the last three games of the 1926, the team used the Horsemen name to finish the season. After three consecutive losses by shutout, the merged team winked out of existence.

Carnesecca Arena

Carnesecca Arena (formerly Alumni Hall) is a 5,602-seat multi-purpose arena in the borough of Queens in New York City, New York. It was built in 1961 and renamed in honor of Hall of Fame Coach Lou Carnesecca on November 23, 2004. It is the exclusive home to the St. John's University Red Storm women's basketball team, and also, along with Madison Square Garden, hosts home Red Storm men's basketball games. The building hosted first round games of the NCAA men's basketball tournament from 1970 to 1974. Up until March 2014, it was the most recent New York City venue to host the tournament.

Dypsis decaryi

Dypsis decaryi is a palm tree commonly known as the triangle palm. It is indigenous to the Madagascan rainforest. Some specimens grow to a height of some 15 metres (49 ft) in the wild. It is relatively new to cultivation however, so outside its native habitat it rarely achieves anything like that height. The leaves are about 2.5 metres (8 ft 2 in) in length, growing almost upright from the trunk and arching gracefully outward about a metre from their tips. The leaf bases are arranged in three vertical columns set about 120 degrees apart on the main stem, forming a triangular shape in cross section. This shape has given rise to the palm's common name.

The inflorescences branch out from the axils of the lower leaves. They produce yellow and green flowers that later produce round black fruit about 25 millimetres (0.98 in) in diameter.The palm is a fine ornamental plant and is most valuable as a specimen tree or accent plant when grown out in the open to display show its remarkable shape to best advantage. In suitable climates it blooms all year. What with its colourful flowers and fruit and shapely habit, it is unusually showy for a palm. It prefers full sun and regular watering, although it is not vulnerable to occasional dryness and partial shade. Over-watering and poor drainage are far greater hazards than drought. For example, the palm is best suited to sandy soil and it tends to do poorly in clayey soil or in rainy climates such as in Hawaii.Dypsis decaryi does not transplant well, so it is a bad choice for commercial field growing. However, it is a fast grower once established, and its seed normally germinates within a month of being planted, so propagation by seed is a good option.

Although the fruit are not much valued, they are known to be of high nutritional value and may be eaten by children and livestock.


HDX4 is an MPEG-4 codec developed by a German company named Jomigo Visual Technology.

Benchmark tests of c't (a renowned German computer magazine), issue 05/2005 and showed that it was the fastest codec among the ones tested, with the disadvantage of a slightly lesser encoding efficiency. It is, among others, compatible with DivX, Xvid and Nero Digital.

The MPEG-4 implementation in HDX4 follows the specification guidelines of ISO/IEC 14496-2, also known as Simple Profile and Advanced Simple Profile.

The HDX4 codec comes bundled with the "HDX4 Movie Creator" suite, which claims to be optimized especially for the creation of videos for portable devices, but which is also capable of creating professional video content in High Definition or for streaming purposes in MP4.

The codec is more widely used in commercial fields, for example at Lufthansa, a German airline, and the Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt, Germany. Fraunhofer IGD employs HDX4 for its video conferencing system Communitrust. Apart from the commercial field, there are also various consumer applications that can make use of the HDX4 codec, due to its support of proprietary Microsoft Windows interfaces. By using an application such as MovieJack, the HDX4 codec can be used to convert a variety of video formats into content that is suitable for playback on mobile phones (3GPP), iPod or the PlayStation Portable.

In addition to the plain HDX4 codec, there are also several SDKs available, these encapsulate functionalities including the creation of content in MPEG-4, H.264, AAC, AMR-NB, G.726, 3GP, MP4, ASF formats and containers, as well as special functions such as dynamic upscaling and picture optimization.

Louis Armstrong Stadium

Louis Armstrong Stadium is a 14,000-seat tennis stadium at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, one of the venues of the US Open. It opened for the 2018 US Open as a replacement for the 1978 stadium of the same name.

Louis Brown Athletic Center

The Louis Brown Athletic Center, more commonly known as the RAC (for its original name, the Rutgers Athletic Center), is an 8,000-seat multi-purpose arena in Piscataway, New Jersey on Rutgers University's Livingston Campus. The building is shaped like a truncated tent with trapezoidal sides on the north and south ends. It is home to the men's and women's Rutgers Scarlet Knights basketball teams as well as the wrestling team. Previously, the University used the 3,200-seat College Avenue Gym from 1931 to 1977.

Marlboro Airport

Marlboro Airport, (IATA: MXG, FAA LID: 9B1) in Marlboro, Massachusetts, was a public airport. Its final owner was Sandra A. Stetson, widow of prior owner G. Robert Stetson, Jr. Robert died on April 27, 2012, at the age of 66. It had one runway, and at the end of its life averaged 37 flights per day with approximately 40 aircraft based on its field.Marlboro Airport was founded in 1922, the era when barnstormers flew "by the seat of their pants." It is the oldest continuously operating commercial field in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There was one fixed-base operator, Don's Flying Service, named for former airport manager Don LaCouture Sr. and offered fixed-wing and helicopter flight instruction, tie-downs and hangar space, and major and minor aircraft repairs.

Chapter 673 of the Experimental Aircraft Association was based at Marlboro Airport.In April 2010, the airport owner sued the government claiming that the airport's runway was damaged by heavy vehicles accompanying President Obama's secret service fleet. The government settled with the airport owner's widow a year after his death. , however the funds were never used to repave the airport which was closed shortly thereafter. In early January 2019, Sandra Stetson sold the airport to a developer , who plans to convert the property from open land to another industrial park.

Muck Crops Research Station

The Muck Crops Research Station is an agriculture research facility near Kettleby and Ansnorveldt, in Ontario, Canada. It is operated by the Office of Research at the University of Guelph.

The station's research is focussed on several key areas:

Crop protection of muck vegetables

Evaluation of vegetable cultivars

Post-harvest storage and treatment

Soil and crop managementThe station features greenhouses with a system-controlled environment, a plant pathology laboratory, and long-term cold storage. Seven hectares of land are split into plots devoted to researching organic and mineral soils. Local growers also participate in commercial field trials on occasion.

New York Brickley Giants

The New York Giants (informally known as Brickley's Giants and Brickley's New York Giants) were a professional American football team with the American Professional Football Association (now the National Football League) whose only season played was in 1921. The team has also been referred to as the Brooklyn Giants and Brickley's Brooklyn Giants. The Brickley's Giants were the first of 17 professional football teams to represent New York City at one time or another. The team was founded in 1919 by Charles Brickley, who received All-American honors while at Harvard. Brickley's Giants played two games in their only season, losing to the Buffalo All-Americans, 55–0, and the Cleveland Tigers, 17–0. It was the second-shortest-lived franchise in NFL history, behind only the Tonawanda Kardex, who played only one game in the same 1921 season.

Point and click

Point and click are the actions of a computer user moving a pointer to a certain location on a screen (pointing) and then pressing a button on a mouse, usually the left button (click), or other pointing device. An example of point and click is in hypermedia, where users click on hyperlinks to navigate from document to document.

Point and click can be used with any number of input devices varying from mouses, touch pads, trackpoint, joysticks, scroll buttons, and roller balls.

User interfaces, for example graphical user interfaces, are sometimes described as "point-and-click interfaces", often to suggest that they are very easy to use, requiring that the user simply point to indicate their wishes. These interfaces are sometimes referred to condescendingly (e.g., by Unix users) as "click-and-drool" or "point-and-drool" interfaces.The use of this phrase to describe software implies that the interface can be controlled solely through the mouse (or some other means such as a stylus), with little or no input from the keyboard, as with many graphical user interfaces.

Proposed domed Brooklyn Dodgers stadium

A proposed domed stadium for the Brooklyn Dodgers, designed by Buckminster Fuller, was to replace Ebbets Field for the Brooklyn Dodgers to allow them to stay in New York City. The Dodgers instead moved to Chavez Ravine in Los Angeles. First announced in the early 1950s, the envisioned structure would have seated 52,000 people and been the first domed stadium in the world, opening roughly a decade before Houston's Astrodome. The stadium, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, would have been located at the northeast corner of Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue, on the site of the Atlantic Terminal. It would have cost $6 million to build and been privately financed. It was never built.

The general area eventually did become a sports venue, because Barclays Center was built across the street to the south from the Atlantic Terminal, in neighboring Pacific Park.

Spiro Sports Center

Spiro Sports Center is a 2,100-seat multi-purpose arena located on the campus of Wagner College in Staten Island, New York. It was built in 1999 as an extensive addition to the Sutter Gymnasium, which was constructed in 1951. The center is home to the Wagner College Seahawks men's and women's basketball team. The Northeast Conference men's basketball tournament was held there in 1999, 2003, 2016, and 2018

The center also houses a pool, numerous locker rooms, fitness center/weight room, training room, equipment room, as well as offices and meeting rooms for Wagner's intercollegiate athletic programs.

The Orson Welles Show

The Orson Welles Show was an unsold television talk show pilot directed by Orson Welles. It has never been broadcast or released in its entirety. Filming began in September 1978 and the project was completed around February 1979. It ran 74 minutes and was intended for a 90 minute commercial time slot.

Welles was listed in the credits under the pseudonym "G. O. Spelvin." Cinematography was by Welles' long-time cameraman Gary Graver. Editing (and uncredited direction of some scenes) was by Stanley Sheff. Shot partly before a live audience, Welles interviewed Burt Reynolds (taking several questions from the audience), Jim Henson, and Frank Oz, and performed two magic tricks assisted by Angie Dickinson. Several of The Muppets were featured in taped segments, including Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo the Great and Animal. Audience questions for the Burt Reynolds Q&A session were scripted, with members of the audience given line readings – this was necessary because, unlike normal talk shows filmed with a multiple-camera setup, the low-budget show was filmed with only one camera, and so it was necessary to do multiple retakes to get multiple camera angles.Welles admitted with hindsight, "It was frankly an attempt to enter the commercial field and earn my living as a talk show host. It was just a flop, that's all, nobody wanted it."Several clips from the pilot are included in the 1995 documentary Orson Welles: One Man Band (which was included with the DVD release of Welles' documentary F for Fake). The clips feature part of Welles' interview with the Muppets, and show the format was "in the round" with the audience surrounding the panel. One of the clips ends with Welles poking fun at the necessity of having to break for commercials.

Vaughan Arnell

Vaughan Arnell (born 31 May 1961, in Chertsey, Surrey) is a British music videos and television commercials director. Although having done films for high-profile clients in the TV commercial field, including Nestlé and Levi's, he is mostly known for his music video work. He is a frequent collaborator of music artist Robbie Williams. He was a member of directorial team Vaughan & Anthea (with Anthea Benton).

Washington Park (baseball)

Washington Park was the name given to three Major League Baseball parks (or four, by some reckonings) on two different sites in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, located at Third Street and Fourth Avenue. The two sites were diagonally opposite each other at that intersection.

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