Cohesion (geology)

Cohesion is the component of shear strength of a rock or soil that is independent of interparticle friction.

In soils, true cohesion is caused by following:

  1. Electrostatic forces in stiff overconsolidated clays (which may be lost through weathering)
  2. Cementing by Fe2O3, CaCO3, NaCl, etc.

There can also be apparent cohesion. This is caused by:

  1. Negative capillary pressure (which is lost upon wetting)
  2. Pore pressure response during undrained loading (which is lost through time)
  3. Root cohesion (which may be lost through logging or fire of the contributing plants, or through solution)



Cohesion may refer to:

Cohesion (chemistry), the intermolecular attraction between like-molecules

Cohesion (computer science), a measure of how well the lines of source code within a module work together

Cohesion (geology), the part of shear strength that is independent of the normal effective stress in mass movements

Cohesion (linguistics), the linguistic elements that make a discourse semantically coherent

Cohesion (social policy), the bonds between members of a community or society and life

Cohesion (album), the fourth studio album by Australian band Gyroscope

Cohesion (band), a musical group from Surrey, England

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