Clearing the Eye

Clearing the Eye is the first DVD release by the Los Angeles post-metal band Isis. It features live videos (including an entire live performance), the "In Fiction" music video, photo galleries, lyrics for all songs featured, a complete discography, and a 20-page booklet.

The DVD was originally to include a full documentary of the band, but was removed just prior to its release. According to the DVD's documentarian Seldon Hunt, "[t]he ISIS documentary was shelved at the last minute due to deadlines with Ipecac and some sound quality issues where there was not enough time to resolve before the release came out."[1] This recording, as of 2015, has gone missing.

Clearing the Eye
Isis-clearing the eye
DVD cover
Produced byIsis
Written byIsis
Distributed byIpecac Recordings
Release date
  • September 26, 2006
Running time
148 minutes
CountryUnited States

Track list

All songs written and performed by Isis.

The Troubadour in Los Angeles on November 5, 2005

  1. "Glisten" – 6:39
  2. "Weight" – 12:53

CBGB in New York on August 26, 2001

  1. "Celestial" – 10:38
  2. "Collapse and Crush" – 6:24

Club Quattro in Tokyo, Japan on February 5, 2005

  1. "Grinning Mouths" – 9:18

CBGB in New York on June 3, 2001

  1. "CFT" – 7:23
  2. "Gentle Time" – 7:26

Annandale Hotel in Sydney, Australia on February 11, 2005

  1. "Intro" – 0:49
  2. "So Did We" – 8:38
  3. "Backlit" – 10:20
  4. "The Beginning and the End" – 8:42
  5. "In Fiction" – 10:32
  6. "Wills Dissolve" – 7:32
  7. "Grinning Mouths" – 9:49
  8. "Altered Course" – 16:19
  9. "From Sinking" – 9:02

Music video

  1. "In Fiction" – 5:37


Dave Kerr of The Skinny described it as a “no-frills package without any great technical jiggery pokery,” and that “as a visual spectacle (the bonus promo video for In Fiction notwithstanding) there's little of note going on but a band throwing down onstage. For all the great music on show, the package still smacks of their having been a mate with a camcorder on the tour bus.”[2]



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  2. ^ Kerr, Dave (October 13, 2006). "Just a group of guys, throwing down". The Skinny. Retrieved April 19, 2011.

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Aaron Turner

Aaron Turner (born November 5, 1977) is an American musician, singer, graphic artist, and founder of label Hydra Head Records. He is most widely known for his role as guitarist and vocalist for the post-metal band Isis, while also participating in several other bands and projects such as Old Man Gloom, Lotus Eaters and Split Cranium, a collaboration with Jussi Lehtisalo of Finnish band Circle who toured with Isis in 2009.

Though raised in New Mexico, Turner moved to the Boston area where he attended school and formed Isis and Hydra Head. In June 2003, Turner moved operations of both the band and label to Los Angeles, California.In addition to musical projects and Hydra Head, Turner is one of the owners of Vacation Vinyl, an independent record store based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Inspired by a local comic book store named Secret Headquarters, Turner set up Vacation – named after the 1983 movie – with Mark Thompson, David Ritchie and David Pifer in late February 2009.In partnership with his wife Faith Coloccia, Turner founded another record label, SIGE, in March 2011. It has gone on to distribute material from his musical collaboration with Coloccia, Mamiffer.

In the Absence of Truth

In the Absence of Truth is the fourth full-length studio album by Los Angeles, California-based post-metal band ISIS, released by Ipecac Recordings on October 31, 2006. Vinyl release was handled by Conspiracy Records.The album expands upon the group's previous full-length, Panopticon, further exploring lead singer Aaron Turner's clean vocals (though his former techniques, which relied more on screaming and growling are still present as well). Musically, the album is dynamic, ranging from extended musical ambience to almost tribal drumming. Isis continued their lengthy songwriting; In The Absence of Truth is in fact Isis' longest record, at almost 65 minutes.

Ipecac Recordings discography

Ipecac Recordings is an American independent record label founded in 1999 by Greg Werckman and Mike Patton. The label was established to release Patton's band Fantômas' self-titled début, allowing retention of "all the creative control". Its creation also provided the Melvins – friends of Werckman and Patton's – with a label.Ipecac has distributed material by other artists, including Isis, Dälek, and many of Patton's other projects and collaborations. Though the label's main output is rock and experimental music, it has also released DVDs, a book, soundtracks and a work of comedy. Alongside original content, it has been responsible for re-releasing older and imported recordings originally handled by other labels, as well as vinyl releases of later albums by Queens of the Stone Age.

Isis (band)

Isis (sometimes stylized ISIS) was an American heavy metal band founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1997 and later based in Los Angeles. The band borrowed from and helped to evolve the post-metal sound pioneered by bands such as Neurosis and Godflesh, characterized by lengthy songs focusing on repetition and evolution of structure. Isis's last studio album, Wavering Radiant, was released on May 5, 2009. Isis disbanded in June 2010, just before the release of a split EP with the Melvins. In 2018, the group reformed as 'Celestial' for a one-off show to pay tribute to Caleb Scofield.

Isis discography

Isis was an American post-metal band, active from 1997 active until their disbandment in 2010. They released five full-length albums, five extended plays (EPs), five live albums, two singles and have collaborated with other artists on numerous other projects.

Isis was formed in Boston, Massachusetts, in late 1997 by Aaron Turner (guitar/vocals; also the owner of Hydra Head Records), Jeff Caxide (bass guitar), Chris Mereschuk (electronics/vocals) and Aaron Harris (drums). They released a demo and their first EP, Mosquito Control, in 1998, with this lineup. The roster was fairly fluid around the release of the 1999 EP The Red Sea, until the recruitment of Bryant Clifford Meyer of The Gersch and former Cast Iron Hike guitarist Michael Gallagher in 1999. Isis remained with this lineup until their dissolution. Isis' debut full-length, Celestial, and its sister EP, SGNL>05, were released in 2000.

In 2002, Oceanic was released to critical acclaim, and was the subject of a series of four vinyl reinterpretations by various contemporary artists; the series was consolidated into an Ipecac Recordings release, entitled Oceanic: Remixes & Reinterpretations. Growth in stature necessitated relocation to Los Angeles in 2003. Panopticon was released in 2004, to further critical plaudits and an album of the year award from Rock Sound. It was also the band's first entry into the charts, peaking at number 47 in the Billboard Top Independent Albums chart.Their next record, In the Absence of Truth, was released by Ipecac on 31 October 2006. This full-length charted more successfully, peaking at number six in Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart; however, critical reception was not particularly warm and the band themselves have expressed disappointment with the album. "Holy Tears" and "Not in Rivers, but in Drops" were released from the album as singles in 2008, along with a limited-edition vinyl compilation box set entitled Shades of the Swarm later in the year. Their final full-length, Wavering Radiant, was released in 2009 and marked the band's first entry in the Billboard 200, peaking at 98; it also saw international commercial exposure, seeing entry into the charts of the United Kingdom, Germany and Norway. Isis split up in June 2010, just before the release of a split EP with Melvins. Their entire back-catalogue of live releases saw digital re-release in mid-2011, and two compilations are lined up in the wake of Isis' dissolution. A compilation of demos and alternative versions of songs, called Temporal, has been released on November 6, 2012, by Ipecac Recordings.

Justin Chancellor

Justin Gunnar Walter Chancellor (born 19 November 1971) is an English musician formerly in the band Peach but best known as the bass player for progressive metal band Tool. Chancellor is of English and Norwegian descent. After settling in the US, along with his engagement in his musical projects, he and his wife Shelee Dykman Chancellor ran a store called Lobal Orning in Topanga, California, dedicated to music and literature "that shaped and changed" both of them. The store closed in 2008. He started M.T.Void music project with Piotr "Glaca" Mohammed from Sweet Noise. In October 2012, Chancellor featured as bass player on the song "In the Spirit Of..." on The Fusion Syndicate album, released by Cleopatra Records. His track also appears on the 2014 album The Prog Box.

Panopticon (album)

Panopticon is the third full-length album by Los Angeles, California based post-metal band ISIS, released by Ipecac Recordings in 2004. The album's title is derived from philosopher Jeremy Bentham's panopticon prison ideal and philosopher/historian Michel Foucault's later allegorical appropriation of the concept. The liner notes also include quotes from technology writer Howard Rheingold and futurist Alex Steffen; as a concept album, Panopticon's focus is on the proliferation of surveillance technologies throughout modern society and the government's role in that spread.

Critical response to Panopticon was generally very warm; as it followed 2002's critically acclaimed Oceanic, many reviewers were quick to hold the two in comparison. The consensus was that Panopticon represented a progression, of sorts. The album's sound continued Isis' departure from the strictures of sludge and metal – which had been the hallmarks of their earlier material – and continued along the trajectory of post-metal, achieved by heightened use of melody and clean vocals.

On April 29, 2014 a deluxe version of Panopticon, remastered by Mika Jussila, was released by Ipecac Recordings. It contains extra music in the transitions to and from "Wills Dissolve," adding 10 seconds to the overall running time of the album.

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