Circle (country subdivision)

Circle is a type of administrative division of some countries. In Thailand the former monthon are translated as circle. The former Holy Roman Empire was organized into Imperial Circles (German: Reichskreise). Algerian daïras are circles.

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Cercle is French for circle. It can refer to:

circle (country subdivision)

Cercle (French colonial) an administrative unit of the French Overseas Empire

Cercle (Mali), the Malian administrative unit

The specific Cercles of Mali

Cercle Brugge K.S.V., a Belgian football club from Bruges

Le Cercle, a foreign policy think-tank specialising in international security

In Belgium, Cercles are Student Societies based around each faculty

Cercle (French colonial)

Cercle was the smallest unit of French political administration in French Colonial Africa that was headed by a European officer. A cercle consisted of several cantons, each of which in turn consisted of several villages, and was instituted in France's African colonies from 1895 to 1946.

At the bottom of the European administration the "Cercle Commander" ("commandant de cercle") was subject to the authority of a District Commander, and the government of the colony above him, but was independent of the Military structure (outside of Military areas, e.g. modern Niger and Mauritania prior to the Second World War). Below the "Cercle Commander" was a series of African "Chefs de canton" and "Chefs du Village": "chiefs" appointed by the French and subject to removal by the Europeans. As well, the "Cercle Commander" made use of a large number of servants, employees, and African officers such as the "Gardes-de-cercle" police, any military units seconded to them by government authorities, and sub administrators such as the Precepteur du marché trade inspectors, etc.

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