Chryse (Troad)

Chryse (Greek: Χρύση), or Chrysa (Χρύσα), was a town of the ancient Troad, mentioned by Pliny as being on the coast north of Cape Lectum.[1]

The site of Chryse is located near modern Göztepe.[2][3]


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Coordinates: 39°31′17″N 26°04′58″E / 39.521256°N 26.082881°E

Chryse (placename)

Chryse (Ancient Greek: Χρύση) is a name occurring in Ancient Greek geography, reported by ancient authors to have referred to the following places:

Chryse, a former island in the Mediterranean where, in Greek mythology Philoctetes was bitten by a snake. This island is underwater now.

Chryse and Argyre, one of a pair of legendary islands in the Indian Ocean said to be made of gold and silver

Chryse, a town mentioned in Homer's Iliad, from which Agamemnon took Chryseis

Chrysē nēsos (Golden Island), an ancient poetical name for the island Thasos, for its gold mines

Chryse, a promontory of Lemnos opposite Tenedos

Chryse (Aeolis), a town of ancient Aeolis, now in Turkey

Chryse (Lesbos), Lesbos, a place in Greece

Chryse (Troad), a town of the ancient Troad, now in Turkey

Chryse, Skyros, a village or place in Ancient Greece

Chryse (Caria), a place in the area of Halicarnassus, now in Turkey

Chryse (Hellespont), located between Ophrynion and Abydos

Chryse (Bithynia), close to Chalcedon

Chrysa, Athens, a section around Pnyx

Chryse, Gaidaronisi, an island near Crete

Chryse, Mindoro is the name that was given to it by Claudius Ptolemy which means isle of gold

Isle of Chryse, a term in classical antiquity for the Malay peninsula or Sumatra

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Central Anatolia
Eastern Anatolia


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