Christie (company)

The Christie group of companies manufactures DLP projectors and various digital cinema devices, and offers a selection of LCD projectors, line array audio solutions, and collaboration and presentation solutions which are used in various settings. The Christie group includes Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.; Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.; Christie Medical Holdings, Inc.; Vista Systems Control, Corp.; Event Audio Visual Group, Inc.; Christie Digital Systems South America Ltda. (Brazil); Christie Digital Systems Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. (Mexico); Christie Digital Systems (India); and Christie Digital Systems Australia Pty Ltd. (Queensland, Australia). They are all part of the Ushio group of companies, the ultimate parent of which is Ushio Inc. (Japanese: ウシオ電機), a publicly traded Japanese company.

Christie Corporate Headquarters are located in Cypress (Orange County), California, United States, while its Research & Innovation (R&I), engineering teams are located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. In addition to the Kitchener facility, Christie has a second manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. Christie has over 1,500 employees worldwide.

Christie was founded in 1929 and began as a manufacturer of 35mm film movie projectors, lamphouses, lamp consoles and film platter systems. Later, it began importing Japanese-made Xenon bulbs before acquiring the Kitchener, Ontario-based digital projection business of Electrohome Limited in 1999.

Christie Digital
Group of private companies
IndustryDisplay technology Audio technology Medical devices Rapid protoyping
HeadquartersKitchener, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Gerry Remers, President & COO Canada
ProductsProjectors, audio solutions, digital cinema, LCD, DLP®, LED and LCD flat panel displays, image processing, collaboration and presentation tools, projection mapping, MicroTiles, 3D printing, control rooms, video walls, digital signage displays, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing capabilities, simulation training, virtual reality, professional technical services, network operations monitoring
Number of employees
1,500+ (2014)
ParentUshio, Inc.

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Christie can refer to:


Christie (given name)

Christie (surname)

Clan ChristieOther uses:

Christie's, the auction house

Christie, California, in Contra Costa County

Christie, the Canadian division of Nabisco

Christie (TTC), subway station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Christie (company), a.k.a. Christie Digital Systems, Inc., a digital projection company

Christie (band), UK rock band

Christie Hospital, cancer-research hospital in Manchester

Christie suspension, vehicle suspension system invented by U.S. engineer Walter Christie

Christie Organ, a brand of theatre pipe organ, manufactured by William Hill & Son & Norman & Beard Ltd.

Christie (automobile company)

The Christie Direct Action Motor Car Company was a New York City-based automobile manufacturer. It was founded by race driver and inventor J. Walter Christie in 1904, and lasted until 1910.

Christie Film Company

Christie Film Company was an American pioneer motion picture company founded in Hollywood, California by Al Christie and Charles Christie, two brothers from London, Ontario, Canada.

While Charles served almost exclusively in administration, it was Al Christie who made the films. Al had worked with David Horsley at his Centaur Film Company in Bayonne, New Jersey and moved to California on October 27, 1911 to run Nestor Studios, the first ever motion picture studio in Hollywood. The firm closed in 1933.

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This is a list of Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) posts in Kansas, United States.

The G.A.R., Department of Kansas was established December 7, 1866. It was preceded by an organization known as the Veteran Brotherhood (and Union Brotherhood), State of Kansas organized in December 1865. The Department of Kansas was permanently reorganized on March 16, 1880 after several years of disorganization. The first statewide encampment was held in Topeka in 1882. The last state encampment was held in Emporia in 1943.Over 28,000 Civil War veterans lived in Kansas after 1865; the overwhelming number of these men were Union veterans. At its peak in the late 1880s, the G.A.R. in Kansas had over 19,000 members in 478 posts.

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The Hundred Year Association of New York, founded in 1927, is a non-profit organization in New York City aimed at recognizing and rewarding dedication and service to the City of New York by businesses and organizations that have been in operation in the city for a century or more and by individuals who have devoted their lives to the city as city employees.

The association also provides services to its members to promote to the public their history and contributions to the educational and civic affairs of New York and to preserve, foster and perpetuate high ideals and worthy traditions that have been handed down through the years in the business and professional life of the city. It also stands ready to use the background of experience of its members for the common good as opportunity arises; and to aid and counsel those less experienced whose success would contribute substantially to the city's business and civic fabric.

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