China National Highway 203

China National Highway 203 (G203) runs from Mingshui in Heilongjiang to Shenyang in Liaoning. It is 720 kilometres in length and runs straight south from Mingshui, going via Chongyuan.

Kokudou 203(China)

National Highway 203
Route information
Length 720 km (450 mi)
Major junctions
From Mingshui in Heilongjiang
To Shenyang in Liaoning
Highway system
China National Highways

Route and distance

Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Mingshui, Heilongjiang 0
Anda, Heilongjiang 107
Zhaozhou County, Heilongjiang 188
Zhaoyuan, Heilongjiang 218
Songyuan, Jilin 271
Qian Gorlos, Jilin 279
Changling, Jilin 403
Kangping, Liaoning 605
Faku, Liaoning 632
Shenyang, Liaoning 720

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