Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy

The Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy (Indonesian: Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Laut / KASAL) is the highest position in the Indonesian Navy. The position is held by the four-star Admiral or Marine General, appointed by and reporting directly to the Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces. Chief of Staff is assisted by Vice Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy, position is held by three-star Admiral or Marine General.[1]

Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy
Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Laut
Insignia of the Indonesian Navy
Insignia of the Indonesian Navy
Siwi Sukma Aji
Admiral Siwi Sukma Adji

since 23 May 2018
Indonesian Navy
Reports toCommander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces
First holderAdmiral III Mas Pardi (id)
DeputyVice Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy

List of Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy

No Name From To
1 Admiral III Mas Pardi (id) November 1945 February 1946
2 Admiral III Mohammad Nazir (id) February 1946 April 1948
3 Vice Admiral R. Soebijakto (id) April 1948 July 1959
4 Vice Admiral R.E. Martadinata July 1959 25 February 1966
5 Admiral Moeljadi (id) 25 February 1966[2] 16 December 1969
6 Admiral Soedomo (id) 16 December 1969[3] 26 Juni 1973
7 Admiral R. Soebono (id) 26 June 1973 26 June 1974
8 Admiral R.S. Subijakto (id) 26 June 1974[4] 1977
9 Admiral Waloejo Soegito (id) 1977 4 December 1982
10 Admiral Mochamad Romly (id) 4 December 1982 11 April 1986
11 Admiral Rudolf Kasenda (id) 11 April 1986[5] 1989
12 Admiral Muhamad Arifin (id) 1989 1993
13 Admiral Tanto Kuswanto (id) 1993 15 March 1996
14 Admiral Arief Koeshariadi (id) 15 March 1996 26 June 1998
15 Admiral Widodo Adi Sutjipto 26 June 1998 17 July 1999
16 Admiral Achmad Sutjipto (id) 17 July 1999 9 October 2000
17 Admiral Indroko Sastrowiryono (id) 9 October 2000 25 April 2002
18 Admiral Bernard Kent Sondakh (id) 25 April 2002 18 February 2005
19 Admiral Slamet Soebijanto (id) 18 February 2005 7 November 2007
20 Admiral Sumardjono (id) 7 November 2007 1 July 2008
21 Admiral Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno 1 July 2008 7 November 2009
22 Admiral Agus Suhartono 7 November 2009 28 September 2010
23 Admiral Soeparno (id) 28 September 2010 17 December 2012
24 Admiral Marsetio (id) 17 December 2012[6] 31 December 2014
25 Admiral Ade Supandi 31 December 2014[7] 23 May 2018
26 Admiral Siwi Sukma Adji 23 May 2018[8] present

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Ade Supandi

Ade Supandi (born May 26, 1960) is a retired admiral in the Indonesian Navy who formerly served as its chief of staff (Indonesian: Kepala Staf Angkatan Laut, abbreviated KSAL or Kasal). Previously, he had been the General Chief of Staff of the Indonesian National Armed Forces and the commander of the navy's eastern fleet.

Agus Suhartono

Admiral (Ret.) Agus Suhartono (pronounced [ˈaɡʊs suharˈtono]; born August 25, 1955) is the former Commander of the Indonesian military.

Chief of Staff of the Navy

Chief of Staff of the Navy may refer to:

Chief of Staff of the French Navy

Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy

Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy

Chief of Staff of the Navy (Spain)

Chief of Naval Operations

Chief of the Royal Danish Navy

Chief of staff

The title chief of staff (or head of staff) identifies the leader of a complex organization, institution, or body of persons and it also may identify a principal staff officer (PSO), who is the coordinator of the supporting staff or a primary aide-de-camp to an important individual, such as a president, or a senior military officer, or leader of a large organization.

In general, a chief of staff provides a buffer between a chief executive and that executive's direct-reporting team. The chief of staff generally works behind the scenes to solve problems, mediate disputes, and deal with issues before they are brought to the chief executive. Often chiefs of staff act as a confidante and advisor to the chief executive, acting as a sounding board for ideas. Ultimately the actual duties depend on the position and the people involved.

Chief of the Naval Staff

Chief of the Naval Staff is the formal title for the office of:

Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy

Chief of Naval Staff (Bangladesh)

Chief of Naval Staff (Ghana)

Chief of Naval Staff (Nigeria)

Chief of Naval Staff (Pakistan)

Chief of Navy (Australia)

Chief of Navy (New Zealand)

Chief of Staff of the French Navy

Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy

Chief of the Naval Staff (India)

Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy

First Sea Lord

Commandant of the Marine Corps (Indonesia)

The Commandant of the Marine Corps (Indonesian: Komandan Korps Marinir) is the highest position of Indonesian Marine Corps. Marine Corps is currently an integral part of the Navy (TNI-AL) and Commandant of the Marine Corps report to Chief of Staff of the Navy. Commandant of Marine Corps also held the highest rank in the Marine Corps, which is Major General. However, it is possible to be promoted into higher rank if appointed into a position in Navy or National Armed Forces HQ that requires 3-star rank or higher.

Eddy Martadinata

Admiral Raden Eddy Martadinata (often stylised R. E. Martadinata; 29 March 1921 – 6 October 1966) was an Indonesian Navy admiral and diplomat. He was conferred the title of "National Hero of Indonesia" posthumously in 1966. He is recognised as one of the founders of the Indonesian Navy.

Endorsements in the 2019 Indonesian presidential election

This page is a non-exhaustive list of individuals and organisations who have endorsed individual candidates for the 2019 Indonesian presidential election. Politicians are noted with their party origin or political affiliation should they come from parties not part of the candidate's coalition. Celebrities are noted with their party origin should they have one.

Joko Widodo 2014 presidential campaign

Joko Widodo's presidential campaign in 2014 was announced on 14 March 2014, when his political party PDI-P declared him as the party's candidate for the upcoming election in 2014. He was then the Governor of Jakarta, and previously the Mayor of Surakarta. With former vice president Jusuf Kalla as his running mate, he was elected as President of Indonesia following election on 9 July and official KPU announcement on 22 July.

Being backed by four political parties, Widodo officially began his campaign in May, followed by two months of social media and physical campaigning. After a series of debates and attacks, the vote on 9 July came out in his victory, with him securing over 53% of the vote. Following a failed lawsuit from his opponent Prabowo Subianto and Hatta Rajasa, he was officially inaugurated on 20 October 2014, becoming the seventh President of Indonesia.

Siwi Sukma Adji

Siwi Sukma Adji is an admiral of the Indonesian Navy who has served as its chief of staff (Indonesian: Kepala Staf Angkatan Laut, abbreviated KSAL or Kasal) since 23 May 2018, replacing Ade Supandi who was retiring.

Before becoming chief of staff, he had served as the commander-general of the National Armed Forces Academy, Advisor for General Planning in TNI HQ, and commander of the western fleet.

Timeline of Indonesian history

This is a timeline of Indonesian history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in Indonesia and its predecessor states. To read about the background to these events, see History of Indonesia. See also the list of Presidents of Indonesia.

Widodo Adi Sutjipto

Admiral Widodo Adi Sutjipto (born 1 August 1944 in Boyolali, Central Java) is a former Commander of the National Armed Forces (TNI) of Indonesia.

Yos Sudarso

Commodore Yosaphat "Yos" Sudarso (24 November 1925 – 15 January 1962) was an Indonesian naval officer killed at the Battle of Arafura Sea. At the time of his death, Yos Sudarso was deputy chief of staff of the Indonesian Navy and in charge of an action to infiltrate Dutch New Guinea. He was promoted to Vice Admiral (Laksamana Madya) posthumously.

The Battle near Vlakke Hoek (Etna Bay) of the Arafura Sea stopped an attempt by the Indonesian Navy to drop off 150 soldiers in Kaimana in Dutch New Guinea for sabotage and to incite the local population against the Dutch government. Sudarso was in charge of the operation at sea, while colonel Murshid commanded the infiltrants. Three torpedo boats left the Aru Islands in the middle of the night but were intercepted by a Dutch reconnaissance plane, as the Dutch had anticipated the action for weeks. The torpedo boats responded to the flares sent off by the plane by shooting at it. The Dutch frigate HMS Evertsen then joined the scene and sunk the KRI Macan Tutul, commanded by Sudarso. The other two ships, KRI Macan Kumbang and KRI Harimau, fled, but one hit a reef and the other was disabled by shooting. The Evertsen was able to save most occupants of the Macan Tutul, but at least three sailors died, among whom was commodore Sudarso.The action itself was an abject failure and General Nasution even refused to relay the bad news to Sukarno, forcing colonel Murshid to do this in person. However, the small battle was partially responsible for the subsequent involvement of the Soviet Union and United States in the case of Dutch New Guinea, and it is honored in Indonesia by "Sea Sacrifice Day," an annual nationwide day of remembrance. Twelve years after his death, Yos Sudarso was officially added to the register of Indonesian heroes of the Revolution. Indonesia issued a special postage stamp to commemorate his service to his country, while the KRI Harimau was made into a monument in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Indonesia's Yos Sudarso Island and Yos Sudarso Bay are named in his honor. There is also an ex-Dutch warship named KRI Yos Sudarso (ship number 353) in honor of him. It is still active in the fleet today.

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