Chief of Joint Operations (Australia)

The Chief of Joint Operations (CJOPS) is a three-star role within the Australian Defence Force (ADF), responsible the Joint Operations Command and joint operational deployments, such as United Nations peacekeeping and joint task groups. Until 2007, the Vice Chief of the Defence Force (VCDF) was double hatted, additionally exercising the responsibilities of CJOPS. However, in September 2007 the Minister of Defence, Brendan Nelson announced the formation of a separate CJOPS position based at the Headquarters Joint Operations Command (HQJOC) at Bungendore, New South Wales.[1]

Chief of Joint Operations
Lieutenant General Greg Bilton

since 1 July 2019
Member ofAustralian Defence Force
Reports toChief of the Defence Force
Term length3–4 years
Inaugural holderLieutenant General
David Hurley
FormationSeptember 2007

Joint Operations Command

The Joint Operations Command consists of Headquarters Joint Operations Command, Northern Command, and Australian Defence Force elements of the Maritime Border Command. Chief of Joint Operations is a joint position, and the incumbent can be appointed from any of the three ADF services.

Chiefs of Joint Operations

The following list chronologically records those who have held the post of CJOPS, with rank and honours as at the completion of the individual's term.

Rank Name Postnominals Image Term began Term ended
Lieutenant General David Hurley AO, DSC David Hurley cropped September 2007 July 2008
Lieutenant General Mark Evans AO, DSC MAJGEN Evans July 2008 May 2011
Lieutenant General Ash Power AO, CSC Ash Power 070616-M-6609K-235 May 2011 20 May 2014
Vice Admiral David Johnston AO 20 May 2014[2] 24 May 2018
Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld AO, DSC 24 May 2018 1 July 2019
Lieutenant General Greg Bilton AM, CSC Gregory C. Bilton 1 July 2019 Incumbent

Deputy Chief of Joint Operations

Rank Name Postnominals Term began Term ended Notes
Rear Admiral Rowan Moffitt AO 2005 2008 [3]
Air Vice Marshal Greg Evans DSC, AM 2008 2009
Major General Ash Power AM, CSC 2009 2010
Rear Admiral Ray Griggs AM, CSC May 2010 June 2011
Rear Admiral Steve Gilmore AM, CSC December 2011 November 2013 [4]
Major General Shane Caughey AM, CSC November 2013 November 2015
Major General Stuart Smith AO, DSC November 2015 April 2017
Major General Greg Bilton AM, CSC April 2017 December 2018
Major General Roger Noble DSC, AM, CSC 2019

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Chief of Joint Operations

Chief of Joint Operations may refer to:

Chief of Joint Operations (Australia) (CJOPS)

Chief of Joint Operations (United Kingdom) (CJO)

Chief of Joint Operations, who directs the South African Joint Operations Division

Greg Evans

Greg Evans may refer to:

Greg Evans (American football) (born 1971), professional American football player

Greg Evans (cartoonist) (born 1947), American cartoonist

Greg Evans (One Life to Live), a fictional character on the American soap opera One Life to Live

Greg Evans (RAAF officer) (born 1957), Air Vice Marshal, former Deputy Chief of Joint Operations (Australia)

Greg Evans (television host) (born 1953), Australian television host

Gregory Evans (1913–2010), Canadian judge

Gregory Evans (dramatist), British radio and television playwright

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