Chela (organ)

A chela (/ˈkiːlə/), also named claw, nipper, or pincer, is a pincer-like organ terminating certain limbs of some arthropods.[1] The name comes from Greek (χηλή) through New Latin (chela). The plural form is chelae.[2] Legs bearing a chela are called chelipeds.[3] Another name is claw because most chelae are curved and have a sharp point like a claw.

Fiddler crab
Uca pugnax, like other members of the family Ocypodidae, have chelae of different sizes: a large left chela and a small right chela.

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Chela may refer to:

Chela (fish), a genus of small minnow-type fish in the Cyprinid family

Chela (organ), a pincer-like organ terminating certain limbs of some arthropods such as crabs

Chela, a slang term for beer in Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Chile

The Chela meteorite fall of 1988 in Tanzania

Chela, Ethiopia, a town in southern Ethiopia

Chela (singer), an Australian electropop artist on the Kitsuné label

Juan Ignacio Chela (born 1979), a professional tennis player from Argentina

Julian Chela-Flores, Venezuelan astrobiologist and physicist.

Asho Chela, a popular folk song from Georgia

Claw (disambiguation)

A claw is a sharp growth at the end of a toe or finger.

Claw or Claws may also refer to:

In entertainment:

In music

In comics and animation:

Other uses:

Nipper (disambiguation)

Nipper was the dog model for the painting His Late Master's Voice.

Nipper or Nippers may also refer to:

Nipper (Canadian comics), a comic strip by Doug Wright between 1949 and 1967

Nipper (comics), a British comic book

Chela (organ), a grasping structure on the limb of a crustacean or other arthropods

Nipper (tool), a tool used to remove small amounts of a hard material

Nippers, young surf lifesavers

Tipsy Nipper, a light aircraft

Jim "Nipper" Bradford (1926–2005), Australian rules footballer

William "Nipper" Truscott (1886–1966), Australian rules footballer

Nipper's Harbour, a community in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Nipper Building, an apartment block in New Jersey, USAPeople with the surname Nipper:

Al Nipper (born 1959), Major League Baseball coach

Zack Nipper, American artist

Pincer (biology)

A pincer is the part of an arthropod that enables it to carry loads, to defend against other creatures, or to attack prey. In insects, the pincers are usually part of the creature's mandible, and often venom or acid can be injected through the pincer into an enemy during a pincer strike.

Some arthropods such as crabs, lobsters, and scorpions possess pincers in the form of chelae at the ends of their front limbs (pedipalps), to assist in feeding, defence or even courtship.

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