Chatuchak District

Chatuchak (Thai: จตุจักร, pronounced [t͡ɕàʔ.tùʔ.t͡ɕàk]) is one of the 50 districts (khet) of Bangkok, Thailand. The district is bounded by seven other districts (from north clockwise): Lak Si, Bang Khen, Lat Phrao, Huai Khwang, Din Daeng, Phaya Thai, and Bang Sue.


Central Plaza Lat Phrao
Khet location in Bangkok
Khet location in Bangkok
Coordinates: 13°49′43″N 100°33′35″E / 13.82861°N 100.55972°ECoordinates: 13°49′43″N 100°33′35″E / 13.82861°N 100.55972°E
Country Thailand
ProvinceBangkok Province
Khet established1989
 • Total32.908 km2 (12.706 sq mi)
 • Total156,684[1]
 • Density4,761.27/km2 (12,331.6/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Postal code


Chatuchak was originally part of Bang Khen District. It became a separate district in 1989.[2] The name of the district came from its two major landmarks, Chatuchak Park and Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Government and infrastructure

The district is divided into five sub-districts (khwaeng).

1. Lat Yao ลาดยาว
2. Sena Nikhom เสนานิคม
3. Chan Kasem จันทรเกษม
4. Chomphon จอมพล
5. Chatuchak จตุจักร

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has its headquarters in the district.[3]

Klong Prem Central Prison, also known as "Lard Yao Prison", is located in the district.


The most well-known site in the district is the Chatuchak Weekend Market, the largest market in Thailand. Northwest of the weekend market is another market, Chatuchak Plaza selling clothes and many other products. Across the Kamphang Phet Road is Or Tor Kor Market (ตลาด อ.ต.ก.) belonging to The Marketing Organization for Farmers (องค์การตลาดเพื่อการเกษตร), offering fresh agriculture product and food. Just north of the market along Kamphang Phet Road is the area selling plants and garden products.[4]

Other markets in the area include:

  • Ratchayothin night market, a night market next to Major Cineplex Ratchayothin.
  • Ratchadaphisek night market, a large night market at Ratchada/Ladprao intersection.


Chatuchak park
Chatuchak Park

Adjoining the Chatuchak Weekend Market to the north is the Chatuchak Park complex, covering 1.13 km² of a former State Railway of Thailand golf course consisting of Chatuchak Park (สวนจตุจักร), Queen Sirikit Park (สวนสมเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิริกิติ์ฯ), and Wachirabenchathat Park (สวนวชิรเบญจทัศ).

Chatuchak Park (0.304 km²) is the first park in the complex opened in December 1980. On Phahonyothin Road next to the Mo Chit BTS Station. It is the most accessible park of the three. Also included in this park is the Train Museum.

Wachirabenchatat park
Wachira Benchathat Park

Queen Sirikit Park (0.224 km²) is a botanical garden built to honor the queen's 60th birthday in 1992. It was formally opened in December 1996. Plants collected in the garden include hibiscus, plumeria, and palms. Within the park compound is the Children's Museum. The park is behind Chatuchak Weekend Market parking lot.

The Wachirabenchathat Park (0.600 km²) is the biggest and newest park of the complex. It was called State Railway Public Park (สวนรถไฟ, Suan Rot Fai) but was renamed in July 2002 in honor of Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn's 50th birthday. It contains a butterfly park and the tallest fountain in Thailand.


Elephant Tower (ตึกช้าง) is one of the most distinctive building in Bangkok. Shaped like an elephant, it consists of three towers (A, B, and C) joined together at the top. It includes condominiums and office space.

On Vibhavadhi Road opposite Kasetsart University is the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Bangkok. Thawan Duchanee (ถวัลย์ ดัชนี, also written Tawan Datchanee), one of the artists highlighted, is considered one of the most famous modern day artists of Thailand.

Central Plaza Lat Phrao is the biggest shopping center in the district, consisting of Central Department Store, Bangkok Convention Centre (first convention hall in Thailand), cinemas, and many retail shops. Other shopping centers in Chatuchak districk includes Major Cineplex Ratchayothin featuring a 14-screen multiplex cinema, Union Mall, an 8-storey shopping mall for youngsters.


Kasetsart University Thailand Bldg
The Kasetsart University administration building

Kasetsart University is one of the top university in Thailand. It was originally focused on agricultural sciences, but now expanded to cover many fields including business and engineering. The university is located on a large block bounded by Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Ngamwongwan Road and Phahonyothin Road.

Saint John's University and Saint John's International School.[5]

Sripatum University. Private university adjacent to 11th Royal Infantry Regiment.


The district is passed by the Bangkok MRT with four stations - Kamphaeng Phet, Chatuchak Park, Phahon Yothin and Lat Phrao. Bang Sue MRT Station is just outside Chatuchak district.

Chatuchak district is also the northern end-point of the Bangkok Skytrain at Mo Chit station. Also the Northern Bus Terminal (often called Mo Chit Mai, หมอชิตใหม่) is in the district, with the bus connection to all northern provinces starting there.

District council

The district council for Chatuchak has eight members, who serve four-year terms. Elections were last held on 30 April 2006. The results were:


Thai Airways Building
Thai Airways headquarters, Chatuchak

Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways have their head offices in Chatuchak.[6][7]


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External links

Bang Khen Station

Bang Khen Station is a railway station in Bangkok.

Its name is Bang Khen Station but it is not located in Bang Khen district. It is located in Chatuchak district since Chatuchak separated from Bang Khen districts in 1989.

CentralPlaza Lardprao

CentralPlaza Ladprao (Thai: เซ็นทรัลพลาซา ลาดพร้าว or เซ็นทรัลลาดพร้าว) is a shopping complex, owned by Central Pattana. The complex opened in 25 December 1982, and was the first integrated shopping complex by Central Pattana. It is on Phahon Yothin Road at the end of Lat Phrao Road in Chatuchak District, Bangkok.

Chatuchak Park

Chatuchak Park (Thai: สวนจตุจักร) is the name of a public park in Chatuchak district, Bangkok, Thailand. It is also the name of the Chatuchak Park MRT Station that lies under the park.

Chatuchak park is one of the oldest public parks in Bangkok. Construction began in 1975 on land donated by the State Railway of Thailand. The park opened on 4 December 1980. It has an area of 0.304 square kilometres. It was later augmented with Queen Sirikit Park and Wachirabenchathat Park, though they are separated from Chatuchak Park by Kampaengphet 3 Road. An artificial lake runs along this thin and long park with numerous bridges crossing the lake. A train museum is situated inside the park.

Chatuchak park include Wachirabenchathat park in the summer (March to April) every year is a time when pink poui are blooming, especially along the Phaholyothin Road adjacent to the Chatuchak Park MRT Station, makes the highly scenic.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

The Chatuchak Weekend Market (Thai: ตลาดนัดจตุจักร), on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok, is the largest market in Thailand. Also known as JJ Market, it has more than 15,000 stalls, divided into 27 sections. Chatuchak Market sells many different kinds of goods, including plants, antiques, consumer electronics, cosmetics, pets, food and drinks, fresh and dry food, ceramics, furniture and home accessories, clothing, and books.It is the world's largest and most diverse weekend market, with over 200,000 - 300,000 visitors on a daily basis.

Elephant Building

The Elephant Building or Chang Building (Thai: ตึกช้าง) is a high-rise building at Paholyothin Road and Ratchadaphisek Road in Bangkok, Thailand. It lies in the north Bangkok business district and Chatuchak District. The building is one of the better known buildings in Bangkok as it resembles an elephant. It was a collaboration between Dr Arun Chaisaree (Thai: ดร.อรุณ ชัยเสรี) and architect Ong-ard Satrabhandhu (Thai: องอาจ สาตรพันธุ์; RTGS: Ong-at Sattraphan) The building has 32 floors and is 102 metres (335 ft) high. It was completed in 1997. The Elephant Building was ranked number four of the "20 World's Iconic Skyscrapers [sic]" by CNNGo in February 2011.The elephant building consists of seven parts:

Tower A (offices)

Tower B (offices)

Tower C (residential)

Top Floor (residential suites)

Recreation Ground (swimming pool, gardens)

Shopping plaza, bank, post office


J.J Mall

J.J Mall is a large air-conditioned shopping complex which is situated in the heart of Chatuchak district, Bangkok, Thailand.

The shopping complex is located next to the weekend market. (J.J Market).

The whole area has become one vast building site and all shop zones are interlinked.

They use the slogan: Everything For You

The mall is a 7-storey-building comprising 4 stories of shopping zones and 3 floors of parking, for more than 2,000 vehicles including open-air parking for buses.

J.J. Mall is fully equipped with elevators, escalators and air-conditioning for the whole area of 1,200 shops.

Kamphaeng Phet MRT station

Kamphaeng Phet station (Thai: กำแพงเพชร) is a Bangkok MRT station on the Blue Line in Bangkok, Thailand. It is beneath Kamphaeng Phet Road (Thanon), providing a direct access to the Chatuchak Weekend Market and OrTorKor Market. Not to be confused with the town or province of Kamphaeng Phet. It has an underground mall that opened in early 2009.

The preceding station is Bang Sue station and next station is Chatuchak Park.

The road is named after HRH Prince Purachatra Jayakara, Prince of Kamphaeng Phet (Thai, พระเจ้าบรมวงศ์เธอ พระองค์เจ้าบุรฉัตรไชยากร กรมพระกำแพงเพชรอัครโยธิน), the first Thai commander of State Railway of Thailand.

Kasetsart University

Kasetsart University (Thai: มหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์; RTGS: Mahawitthayalai Kasetsat) (KU) is a public research university in Thailand. It is ranked in the 651-700 tranche in the QS World University Rankings 2015/16. Kasetsart is ranked 29th in Agriculture and Forestry worldwide in the QS World University Rankings 2017. It was the first agricultural university and the Thailand's third oldest university and the oldest agricultural university in Thailand. It was established on 2 February 1943, to promote subjects related to agricultural science. Since then, Kasetsart University has expanded its subject areas to cover economics, business administration, veterinary medicine, engineering, science, social sciences, humanities, education, and architecture. Kasetsart University's main campus is in Bangkhen, northern Bangkok, with several other campuses throughout Thailand. It is the largest university in Thailand.

Klong Prem Central Prison

Klong Prem Central prison (Thai: คลองเปรม; RTGS: Khlong Prem) is a maximum security prison in Chatuchak District, Bangkok, Thailand. The prison has several separate sections. The compound houses up to 20,000 inmates. Within the perimeter of the compound are the Women's Central Prison, often referred to as "Lard Yao" or "Lard Yao women's prison". There is the Central Correction Institution for Drug Addicts (also known as "Bambat Phiset") "Bangkok Special Prison", and the Central Correctional Hospital. The Lard Yao men's section takes custody of male offenders whose sentence term is not over 25 years. As of 2002 the men's section held 1,158 foreigners from 56 countries out of a total of 7,218 prisoners. It is a part of the Thai Department of Corrections.

The Klong Prem section for women houses female death row inmates.

Paolo Hospital Kaset

Paolo Hospital Kaset, formerly Mayo Hospital, is a private hospital on Phahonyothin Road in Chatuchak District in Bangkok, Thailand.

Queen Sirikit Park

Queen Sirikit Park is a botanical garden in Chatuchak District, Bangkok, Thailand. Covering an area of 0.22 km2, it is part of the larger Chatuchak Park complex. It was built in 1992 and named after Sirikit, Queen of Thailand to celebrate her 60th birthday. It contains many fountains and pools where lotus flowers bloom. The Park also have High biodiversity in an ecosystem which a great variety of plant, great variety of butterflies, great variety of banana cultivars, great variety of palm tree cultivars, great variety of hibiscus, great variety of lotus more than 200 species of waterlilies, great variety of new species of plant in the world, great variety of coconut cultivars, great variety of bamboo cultivars, great variety of rare plants and endemic plants in Thailand.

SCB Park Plaza

SCB Park Plaza or Siam Commercial Bank Park Plaza is a high-rise building complex located on Ratchadaphisek Road in Chatuchak District, Bangkok, Thailand.There are 4 buildings:

SCB Park Plaza 1 (37 floors)

SCB Park Plaza 2 (24 floors)

SCB Park Plaza 3 (24 floors)

SCB Park Plaza 4 (12 floors)The Four Buildings are divided into West and East.

SCB Park Plaza is known for its skylight, roof panels through the usage of the curtain wall system and aluminium cladding. As glass is used for the curtain wall, it creates a great advantage where natural light can penetrate deeper within the building. This glass is of a quality where it reflects sunlight of the building creating glare at sunrise and sunset.SCB Park Plaza Curtain Wall and Aluminium Cladding Developers YHS International Company Limited and Architect Robert G Boughey and Associates Co., Ltd. had helped put together this system.SCB Park Plaza and Lao Peng Nguan were two of the first high rise buildings in Bangkok to receive the 'Safety Building Certification'. In which its West Buildings were the first area to receive the R.1 Certification (Safety Building Certification). It became an example of strict compliance to the 'Law for Building Safety Evaluation.' It uses an average of 40 Million Baht from its Budget to invest in Building safety;plus, its safety team.Present Days, SCB Park houses a number of domestic and foreign companies. Siam Commercial Bank has its headquarters in SCB Park Plaza 1. Accordingly, it also rents out the building to about 80% of foreign companies. For instance, Unilever has its headquarters in one of the buildings. The complex was completed in 1996, SCB Park Plaza 1 has a height of 135 m. The complex has also a shopping plaza with restaurants.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchadaphisek

Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchada or Ratchada Night Bazaar(Thai : สวนลุมไนท์บาซ่าร์รัชดาภิเษก)is a market stall shopping mall and open air market currently under construction in Bangkok's Chatuchak District, at the intersection of Ladprao Rd. and Ratchadaphisek Road, at the MRT's Lat Phrao Station. Located on land owned by the State Railway of Thailand. Despite a widespread marketing campaign announcing opening on December 23 the market did not open as planned in December 2015. As of January 2016 various animatrononic models and lighting were completed but shop and stall units were still under construction. The first phase is expected to open in 2016 as a mixed-use development. Upon completion the mall part will be the world's longest in length stretching 1.5 kilometres.

It is hoped to draw the same number of visitors as the previous Suan Lum Night Bazaar around 15,000–18,000 visitors a day of which 4,000 were foreigners. Total investment in this project is 2.4 billion baht.

Sukhumvit Line

The Elevated Train in Commemoration of HM the King's 6th Cycle Birthday First line (Sukhumvit) or Sukhumvit line (Thai: รถไฟฟ้าบีทีเอส สายสุขุมวิท) is an elevated metro rail line of the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok, Thailand. From the central Siam Station, where it connects with the Silom Line, the line runs both northwards along Phaya Thai and Phahon Yothin Roads to Mo Chit station in Chatuchak District, and eastwards along Rama I, Phloen Chit and Sukhumvit Roads, through Bang Na District to Kheha Station in Samut Prakan.

When the line first opened in December 1999 it consisted of seventeen stations from Mo Chit to On Nut, currently there are 31 stations in operation.

The line is represented on the official BTS map in light green.

Sun Towers

Suntowers is a high-rise building complex in the Chatuchak District, Bangkok, Thailand. The complex consists of Tower A, Ericsson headquarters (40 floors), and Tower B (32 floors)

Supalai Park Towers

Supalai Park Towers are 3 residential high-rise buildings located on Soi Phahonyothin 21, Chatuchak district, Bangkok, Thailand. The three towers have 33 floors and were all completed in 2003. Opposite Supalai Park Towers is the Elephant Building, and next to the towers lies Index Living Mall.

Thai Bank Museum

The Thai Bank Museum (Thailand) was established by Siam Commercial Bank with the objective of gathering and collecting documents and tools that demonstrate the evolution and development of the country's financial and banking systems. It exhibits historical financial and banking artifacts and serves as an academic research location for the next generation of scholars.

The museum was inaugurated at Siam Commercial Bank's Talad Noi Branch in 1983. It later moved to the Bank's Ratchayothin headquarters in Chatuchak District, Bangkok, with the official opening ceremony held at the in-house Thai Bank Museum building on January 29, 1996. The museum was later refurbished on the Bank’s centennial anniversary, with Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn making an official visit on January 30, 2007.

Union Mall

Union Mall is a shopping mall in the north of Bangkok, at the Lat Phrao junction. The mall opened on February 2006. It has eight floors with a total of 150,000 square metres (1,600,000 sq ft) of space. It houses some 1,240 booths and shops and entertainment services.

Vibhavadi Hospital

Vibhavadi Hospital (SET: VIBHA) is a hospital located on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road in Chatuchak District in Bangkok, Thailand.

The hospital has 350 beds to accommodate patients, there are more than 70 examination rooms which provide services to some 2,000 outpatients.

They have a medical center which offer more than 50 full-time physicians, 250 consulting physicians and important medical equipment.

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