Chatri Sophonpanich

Chatri Sophonpanich (Thai: ชาตรี โสภณพนิช; Chinese: 陳有漢; pinyin: Chén Yǒuhàn; February 28, 1934 – June 24, 2018) was a Thai businessman who served as the chairman of the board of directors of the Bangkok Bank beginning in 1999, and as CEO of Thai TV Channel 3.[1][2] He was the second son of Chin Sophonpanich and father of Chartsiri Sophonpanich.

Chatri Sophonpanich died on June 24, 2018 of old age after undergoing cardiac surgery, aged 85 years.[3] At the time of his death, his family had an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion.[4]


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Bangkok Bank

Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited (Thai: ธนาคารกรุงเทพ, RTGS: Thanakhan Krung Thep) is one of the largest commercial banks in Thailand. Its branch network includes over 1,165 branches, As of September 2018 within Thailand, with 32 international branches in 15 economies, including wholly owned subsidiaries in Malaysia and China. Bangkok Bank has branches in London and New York to complement its Southeast Asian network.

Bernard Charnwut Chan

Bernard Charnwut Chan (born 1966, (Chinese: 陳智思; Jyutping: Can4 Zi3 Si1)), GBS JP is a Hong Kong politician and businessman, the incumbent Non-official Convenor of the Executive Council.

Charlie Sophonpanich

Chali Sophonpanich, (Chinese: 陳智淦) is second son of Chatri Sophonpanich, grandson of Chin Sophonpanich. And he serves as the President of Asia Investment. Bangkok Bank is his family business.

Chartsiri Sophonpanich

Chartsiri Sophonpanich (Thai: ชาติศิริ โสภณพนิช, RTGS: Chatsiri Sophonphanit; born 1961) is a Thai banker. He currently serves as President of Bangkok Bank, the largest commercial bank in Thailand and one of the largest regional banks in Southeast Asia, and Chairman of Bangkok Bank (China), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bangkok Bank. He held various senior management positions in Bangkok Bank before being appointed President in December 1994 and has been a member of the Board of Executive Directors since 1992.

Chen (surname)

Chen ([ʈʂʰə̌n]) (simplified Chinese: 陈; traditional Chinese: 陳; pinyin: Chén; Wade–Giles: Ch'en) is one of the most common East Asian surnames of Chinese origin. It ranks as the 5th most common surname in China as of 2007 and the most common surname in Singapore (2000) and Taiwan (2010). Chen is also the most common family name in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hong Kong (spelled Chan in Hong Kong and Macau). It is the most common surname in Xiamen, the ancestral hometown of many overseas Hoklo. Besides 陳/陈, an uncommon Chinese surname 諶/谌 (Shen) sometimes is romanized as Chen because of mispronunciation.).

It is usually romanised as Chan in Cantonese, most widely used by those from Hong Kong, and sometimes as Chun. The spelling, Chan, is widely used in Macao and Malaysia. In Min (including dialects of Chaoshan (Teochew), Hainan, Fujian, and Taiwan), the name is pronounced Tan. In Hakka and Taishanese, the name is spelled Chin. Some other Romanisations include Zen (from Wu), Ding (from Gan), Chern and Dunn from Taiwan. Chen can be variously spelt as Tan, Chan or Chin in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries.

In Japanese, the surname is transliterated Chin.

In Vietnam, this surname is written in Quốc Ngữ as Trần and it is the second most common surname.

In Thailand, this surname is the most common surname of Thai Chinese often pronounced according to Teochew dialect as Tang.

Chin Sophonpanich

Chin Sophonpanich (Thai: ชิน โสภณพนิช; Chinese: 陳弼臣; pinyin: Chén Bìchén; 10 November 1908 – 4 January 1988) was a Thai entrepreneur who founded Bangkok Bank and Bangkok Insurance.

Deaths in June 2018

The following is a list of notable deaths in June 2018.

Entries for each day are listed alphabetically by surname. A typical entry lists information in the following sequence:

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Jewelry Trade Center

The Jewelry Trade Center is a 59-story mixed-use skyscraper located in the Silom Road gemstone district of Bangkok, Thailand. Designed by Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum, the building was completed in 1996. At 220.7 metres (724 ft) it is currently the eighth-tallest building in Thailand. It was the tallest building in Thailand when it was completed.

The center is the largest center for selling, sourcing and distributing jewelry in Bangkok and one of the largest such centers in Asia. It contains a fully equipped gem-testing laboratory operated by the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) as well as a gemological school, also operated by AIGS. The Bangkok Fashion Mall located in the building's lower plaza is a large retail space for outlet stores featuring clothing, shoes and accessories. Suppliers of loose gemstones, rough stones and jewelry from around the world are also in the retail areas of the building. The building contains banks, a food court, coffee shops, a convenience store, a health club, a post office, a customs office, and residential condominiums.The center is built on a plot of land of 9.5 rai, or approximately 4.5 acres (18,000 m2). Partners in the project included Henry Ho (of Bijoux Holdings), Samrit Chirathivat (late CEO of the Central Group, later replaced by Vanchai Chirathivat), Vichai Maleenont (of Bangkok Entertainment, operator of TV Channel 3), and Chatri Sophonpanich (CEO of Bangkok Bank).

List of De La Salle University people

De La Salle University (Tagalog: Pamantasang De La Salle) (DLSU) is a private La Sallian university in Malate, Manila, Philippines. It was founded in 1911 by De La Salle Brothers as the De La Salle College in Paco, Manila with Blimond Pierre serving as its first director. DLSU traces its founding to Manila Archbishop Jeremiah James Harty. He believed that the establishment of a La Salle school in Manila was instrumental in preempting the spread of Protestantism in the Philippines through the arrival of the Thomasites and Protestant missions. His request would later be endorsed in 1907 by Pope Pius X. An envoy of De La Salle Brothers arrived in 1910.The university started as a boys' elementary and high school. The high school and grade school departments were dissolved in 1968 and 1978 respectively. DLSU currently offers coeducational undergraduate and graduate degree programs through its seven colleges and one school specializing in varied disciplines, including business, engineering and liberal arts. DLSU, granted university status on February 1975, is the oldest constituent of De La Salle Philippines (DLSP), a network of 17 La Sallian institutions established in 2006 to replace the De La Salle University System.People affiliated with De La Salle University include over 100,000 alumni, 888 faculty, honorary degree recipients and university administrators. Among them are National Artists of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay Awardees, officials of the Catholic Church and the government of the Philippines, presidential cabinet appointees, politicians - revered senators "Senators Lorenzo Tanada and Jose Ka Pepe Diokno", Teddy Casiño, writer and journalist. and was a member of the House of Representatives for Bayan Muna, Majority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives Rolando Andaya Jr. and several Senators Congressmen, Governors, Mayors and Vice Mayors, U.N. ambassadors, a WWII ace USAFFE fighter pilot - Col. Jesus A. Villamor, several WWII Martyred De La Salle Brothers, Pro-democracy De La Salle Brothers, notable Lasallian billionaires John Gokongwei, Faith Gokongwei, Hope Gokongwei, Hans Sy, Henry Sy Jr., Herbert Sy, Harley Sy, Basilio Yap, Emilio Yap III, Magaret Ty-Chan, Eduardo Cojuangco, Enrique Razon, Jaime Zobel de Ayala, Enrique Zobel, Santiago Zobel, Paquito Ortigas, Jorge Araneta, Ramon V. Del Rosario of Phinma, Alfonso Yuchengco, Jose Concepcion, Michael Romero, Joseph Calata, David Consunji, Edgar Saavedra, Oscar Lopez, Michael Cosiquie, McDonald's PH Chairman & Founder - George T. Yang, Dennis Uy, Tony Tui, Alvin Lao, Alibaba's Jack Ma, and more prominent Business Leaders, Corporate Executive Officers, CFO's, Industrialists, Bankers, Central Bank Governors, Finance Ministers, Property and Real Estate Developers, Technocrats, Academics and Educators, Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC and Br. Armin Luistro FSC both DepEd Secretaries and Br. Rolando Dizon FSC a CHED secretary, Ramon C. Bacani Undersecretary for Regional Operations of DepEd, Senen C. Bacani - Secretary of Agriculture, Sec. Ernie Ordonez of the DTI, Engineers, Inventors, Writers, Artists, Musical Composers and Arrangers, Song Writers, Stage actors, Movie and TV actors, Film and Television directors, several TV hosts, Local and International News Media Personalities - GMA7's Imbestigador Mike Enriquez, BBC's Rico Hizon, Overseas Press Club of America Awardee and an EMMY Awardee in the news and documentary category - Amb. Chito Sta. Romana of ABC News America, Ms. Cathy Yap Yang and Ms. Liza Berroya of Bloomberg Business News, CNN's Pinky Webb and many others. There are several notable Olympians such as Ian Lariba, NCAA, UAAP, PBA, PVL, PSL players and Champion coaches, International Bowler Paeng Nepomuceno - a Guinness Book World Record Holder, DLSU footballer Cito Roque - the first Filipino astronaut chosen by NASA's Buzz Aldrin, Gary Valenciano - UNICEF Ambassador, Engr. Geronimo Velasco - President Marcos' "Energy Czar" the Architect of Philippine Nuclear Energy, Engr. Angelo Casimiro - inventor of the phone charging shoe and several other innovative electronic gadgets and Engr. Maria Yzabell Angel Palma - inventor of the "Green Air-Conditioner". De La Salle's roster of prominent and notable alumni is constantly increasing year after year and the list needs to be updated.

List of Teochew people

This is a list of Teochews.

Pridiyathorn Devakula

Mom Rajawongse Pridiyathorn Devakula (Thai: ม.ร.ว.ปรีดิยาธร เทวกุล; RTGS: Mom Ratchawong Pridiyathon Thewakun; [prīːdìjāːtʰɔːn tʰē:wâkūn]; born 15 July 1947) is a Thai economist. He was the Governor of the Bank of Thailand from 2001 to 2006. Following the 2006 Thai coup d'état he served as minister of finance and deputy prime minister in the interim civilian government led by Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont. Following the 2014 Thai coup d'état he was appointed as a deputy prime minister in the first military appointed cabinet under General Prayut Chan-o-cha. Two days earlier he had resigned from his position as chairman of the board of Post Publishing PLC, the publisher of the Bangkok Post, Thailand's leading English-language newspaper.

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