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Charlie Faulkner Plummer[1] (born May 24, 1999) is an American actor. Plummer began his career as a child actor in short films before appearing on the television dramas Boardwalk Empire and Granite Flats.[2][3] He made his feature film debut in David Chase's drama Not Fade Away (2012) before landing the lead role in Felix Thompson's directorial debut King Jack (2015).[2]

In 2017, he gained wider recognition for his supporting role in Ridley Scott's crime thriller All the Money in the World,[4] and his lead role in Andrew Haigh's drama Lean on Pete.[5] His performance in the latter garnered critical praise and earned him the Marcello Mastroianni Award for best emerging actor at the 74th Venice Film Festival.[6]

Charlie Plummer
Charlie Plummer profile
Plummer in April 2018
Charlie Faulkner Plummer

May 24, 1999 (age 19)
Years active2010–present

Early life

Plummer was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, to theatre actress Maia Guest and writer-producer John Christian Plummer, and grew up in Cold Spring.[7][8] He has a younger brother, James. His family moved frequently due to his parents' jobs which resulted in him attending seven different schools growing up: three in Los Angeles, two in upstate New York and two in New York City.[9] Despite being very shy as a child, Plummer was exposed to acting at an early age by his parents, both of whom had worked in theatre.[10] He gained experience acting in local stage productions of plays and musicals, crediting the experience with the latter for sparking his love of acting.[11] He met his current manager at the age of ten when he first sought professional acting roles.[10] Plummer eventually transferred to and attended the Professional Children's School in Manhattan due to his demanding filming schedule on television shows.[10][12]


As a child, Plummer acted in short films such as Frank (2010), Three Things (2011), and Alan Smithee (2012). In 2011, Plummer starred in eight episodes of HBO's television period drama Boardwalk Empire. He portrayed Eli Thompson's son Michael in season 2, 3 and 4.[2] In 2012, Plummer made his feature film debut by playing a supporting role in David Chase's drama, Not Fade Away, along with John Magaro and Bella Heathcote.[13] The film was released on December 21, 2012, by Paramount Vantage and received positive reviews.[14] In 2013, Plummer joined the BYUtv's drama series Granite Flats, in which he played the lead role of Timmy Sanders along with Malia Tyler.[13][15][16][3] He starred in all 24 episodes of three seasons, which premiered on Netflix and officially ended on June 25, 2015.[17]

In 2015, he played the lead role of Jack in Felix Thompson's directorial debut King Jack, along with Cory Nichols and Christian Madsen.[2] The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 17, 2015.[18] Later in June, Plummer along with Tom Holland were rumored to be Marvel and Sony's top picks amongst actors in contention to play the lead role of Spider-Man in the reboot film Spider-Man: Homecoming;[19][20][21] the role eventually went to Holland.[22]

In 2017, Plummer co-starred in Oren Moverman's drama thriller film The Dinner, alongside Richard Gere, Steve Coogan, and Laura Linney.[23] The film was released on May 5, 2017 and received mixed reviews. He played the kidnapped heir John Paul Getty III in Ridley Scott's crime thriller All the Money in the World, alongside Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer (no relation), and Mark Wahlberg.[4] The film was released on December 25, 2017 and received positive reviews.[24] The same year, Plummer portrayed the troubled teenager Charley who finds solace and purpose in his friendship with the titular racehorse in Andrew Haigh's drama Lean on Pete.[5] The actor felt a deep desire to play the role after connecting strongly with the story, which spurred him to send a letter to Haigh, expressing his passion for the project.[25] The film premiered at the Venice International Film Festival where his performance received critical acclaim; he was awarded the Marcello Mastroianni Award for best emerging actor.[6] Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair stated Plummer had "one of the most striking breakthrough performances of the year".[26] The film was released on April 6, 2018 by A24.[5]

In 2018, Plummer starred in Joshua Leonard's drama Dark Was the Night, alongside Marisa Tomei and Timothy Olyphant.[27][28] He also appeared in Duncan Skiles's suspense thriller The Clovehitch Killer with Dylan McDermott and Samantha Mathis.[29]

Upcoming projects

As of September 2018, Plummer has five upcoming projects. In October 2017, it was announced Plummer had joined Pippa Bianco's Share produced by A24.[30] In January 2018, it was announced Plummer would co-star with Katherine Langford in the science-fiction fantasy film Spontaneous, directed by Brian Duffield, based on the novel of the same name by Aaron Starmer.[31] In March 2018, it was announced he had signed on as the lead in Thor Freudenthal's Words on Bathroom Walls, in which he plays a young man diagnosed with schizophrenia.[32] Plummer is set to star alongside Amber Heard in Nabil Elderkin's feature film debut Gully. The film is set in a dystopian vision of Los Angeles and follows three disaffected teenagers, all victims of extreme childhoods, who are running a hedonistic riot as they try to work out a way in life.[33]

Personal life

Plummer lives in New York and is a vegetarian.[10][34] Prior to pursuing a full-time acting career, Plummer had considered dropping acting to become a general manager for a football team due to his passion for the sport.[10] He is a big fan of the Atlanta Falcons.[11]



Films that have not yet been released Denotes films that have not yet been released
Year Title Role Notes
2010 Frank Young Frank Short film
2011 Three Things Glenn Pilmont Short film
We Are the Hartmans Young Jordan
2012 Alan Smithee T.J. Short film
Not Fade Away Grace's little brother
2015 King Jack Jack
2017 All the Money in the World John Paul Getty III
The Dinner Michael Lohman
Lean on Pete Charley Thompson Marcello Mastroianni Award
2018 Dark Was the Night Marcus Lang
The Clovehitch Killer Tyler
2019 Share Dylan
Gully Films that have not yet been released Nicky Post-production
My Mother is a Fish Films that have not yet been released Charlie Post-production
Words on Bathroom Walls Films that have not yet been released Adam Post-production
TBA Spontaneous Films that have not yet been released Dylan Post-production


Year Title Role Notes
2011 Onion SportsDome Bully 1 episode
2012 Person of Interest Kid 1 episode
2013 Wendell & Vinnie Jann 1 episode
2011–2013 Boardwalk Empire Michael Thompson 8 episodes
2013–2015 Granite Flats Timmy Sanders Lead role
2019 Looking for Alaska[35] Miles Halter Lead role; limited series


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All the Money in the World

All the Money in the World is a 2017 crime thriller film directed by Ridley Scott and written by David Scarpa, based on John Pearson's 1995 book Painfully Rich: The Outrageous Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Heirs of J. Paul Getty. The film stars Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer, Mark Wahlberg, and Romain Duris. The film depicts J. Paul Getty's refusal to cooperate with the extortion demands of a group of kidnappers from the organized crime Mafia group 'Ndrangheta, who abducted his grandson John Paul Getty III in 1973.

Principal photography took place from March to August 2017. Kevin Spacey originally portrayed J. Paul Getty, appearing in the film's initial marketing campaign. However, after multiple sexual misconduct allegations were leveled against Spacey, the role was recast with Plummer. Scenes were reshot just a month prior to the film's release.All the Money in the World premiered at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills on December 18, 2017, followed by a United States theatrical release via TriStar Pictures on December 25, 2017; it grossed $57 million against its $50 million budget. For his performance as Getty, Christopher Plummer received acclaim from critics and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, along with similar recognition from the Golden Globes, BAFTAs and others. The film itself received positive reviews with critics praising the performances, and received three nominations at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, including Best Director and Best Actress – Drama for Williams.

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Many of the best bucking bulls trace their lineage to bulls owned by Charlie Plummer of Oklahoma. These are known as Plummer bulls.Bulls are viewed as athletes. They usually are started in their bucking career at the age of two or three, reach their athletic prime at age five or six, and if they remain healthy, can continue bucking at least until the age of 10, sometimes longer. In some competitions between bulls, with a purse amounting to tens of thousands of dollars per event, the bulls are ridden by electronic dummies, not rodeo bull riders. Good performing bulls attain a celebrity status and can be considered a star athlete in their own right, and a valiant competitor on the field against the human rider.The first sale of breeding cows out of champion bucking bulls was in 1999.The percent of top professional riders staying on the bull for a full eight second "out" has dropped from 75% in the early 1990s to 35% circa 2014. This has led to criticism that the breeding has resulted in excessively aggressive and dangerous animals.Notable bucking bulls include Bodacious, Bushwacker, Chicken on a Chain, Dillinger, Little Yellow Jacket and Skoal Pacific Bell. A bull named Panhandle Slim has had four clones, with identical bucking patterns, that qualified for the Professional Bull Riders World Finals.

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Dark Was the Night (2018 film)

Dark Was the Night (formerly Behold My Heart) is a 2018 American drama film written and directed by Joshua Leonard and starring Marisa Tomei, Charlie Plummer and Timothy Olyphant.

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It was screened in the main competition section of the 74th Venice International Film Festival, where it won the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actor or Actress by Charlie Plummer. It was released in the United States on 6 April 2018, by A24, before opening in the United Kingdom on 4 May 2018, by Curzon Artificial Eye.

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It had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2019.

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The Dinner (2017 film)

The Dinner is an American drama film directed and written by Oren Moverman, based on the Dutch novel of the same name by Herman Koch. It is the third film adaptation of the novel, following the 2013 original Dutch version Het Diner by Menno Meyjes and the 2014 Italian film I nostri ragazzi by Ivano De Matteo. The film stars Richard Gere, Steve Coogan, Laura Linney, Rebecca Hall, Chloë Sevigny, Charlie Plummer, Miles J. Harvey and Adepero Oduye.

The film had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on February 10, 2017, and was theatrically released on May 5, 2017, by The Orchard.

Words on Bathroom Walls

Words on Bathroom Walls is an upcoming American film. It stars Charlie Plummer and Taylor Russell, and is directed by Thor Freudenthal, from a script by Nick Naveda based on the novel by Julia Walton. On May 11, 2018, Andy Garcia, Walton Goggins, and Molly Parker had joined the cast, and filming began in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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