Charax (Bithynia)

Charax in Bithynia (Ancient Greek: Χάραξ της Βιθυνίας or Χάρακας της Βιθυνίας) was a Roman and Byzantine port town of ancient Bithynia, in what is now Turkey. It was on the north side of the Sinus Astacenus on the road between the erstwhile Eastern Roman and Byzantine capital Nicomedia and Libyssa.[1] Stephanus of Byzantium calls it a place of great trade.[2][3]

Its site is located near Hereke, in Asiatic Turkey.[1][4]


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Coordinates: 40°47′20″N 29°36′49″E / 40.788976°N 29.613672°E


Charax (Χάραξ) may refer to:

Charax, alternate name of Acharaca, an ancient oracle site in Lydia, Anatolia

Charax, alternate name of Charakipolis, an ancient town in Lydia, Anatolia

Charax, alternate name of Tralles, an ancient city in Lydia, Anatolia

Charax (Corsica), ancient site in Corsica

Charax (Lesser Armenia), ancient site in Lesser Armenia (now in Turkey)

Charax (Media Atropatene), ancient site in Media Atropatene (now in Iran)

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Charax (Thessaly), ancient site in Thessaly, Greece

Charax Alexandri, ancient site in Phrygia, Anatolia

Charax, Crimea, the largest Roman military settlement excavated in the Crimea

Charax Spasinu, an ancient port at the head of the Persian Gulf

Charax Sidae or Anthemusias, an ancient Mesopotamian town Seleucia in Mesopotamia

Charax, Rhagiana, a Seleucid and Parthian city in the province of Rhagiana, in the area nearby modern-day Rey

Charax, Bithynia, an ancient Greek town in Turkey and possible location of the death of Constantine the Great

Cape Charax, or possibly Cape Lithinon, a promontory at the southernmost point of the island of Crete

Charax (fish), a genus of fish in the family Characidae

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