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In broadcasting, a channel or frequency channel is a designated radio frequency (or, equivalently, wavelength), assigned by a competent frequency assignment authority for the operation of a particular radio station, television station or television channel.

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Boomerang (French TV channel)

Boomerang is a French-English television channel broadcasting programmes to children in France and Belgium. The channel was launched on 23 April 2003. The channel is owned by Warner Bros. France.

Boomerang (Turkish TV channel)

Boomerang is a Turkish-language children's television channel broadcasting to Turkey.

C More Hockey

C More Hockey is a hockey channel broadcasting in Sweden and Norway. The channel shows hockey from Sweden and other countries.

Cartoon Network (German TV channel)

Cartoon Network is a German pay television channel broadcasting cartoons, based in Munich. Cartoon Network Germany is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Colors Bangla

Colors Bangla is an Indian pay television channel broadcasting in Bengali language. The channel aired the Filmfare Awards East 2017.

Discovery Channel France

Discovery Channel France is a television channel broadcasting to France. It is the French version of the Discovery Channel.

The channel launched on September 1, 2004. Until then, France had been the only region in Western Europe not reached by the Discovery Channel. It initially reached 3.2 million subscribers via the CanalSat platform. On March 31, 2009, the channel adopted the new Discovery Channel logo and look.The channel faces competition from other documentary channels such as Planète.

Disney La Chaîne

Disney La Chaîne (branded on-air as La chaîne Disney) is a Canadian French-language discretionary service owned by Corus Entertainment, and launched on September 1, 2015, replacing Télétoon Rétro. It is a localised version of the U.S. subscription network Disney Channel, broadcasting live-action and animated programming aimed at children in French-speaking regions of Canada.

The launch of the network came alongside a licensing deal reached between Disney and Corus, in which it acquired Canadian rights to Disney Channel's programming library, and the announcement of a Canadian version of Disney Channel broadcasting in English that launched concurrently. Previous rightsholder DHX Media never operated any Disney Channel-branded services in English or French, and its only French-language Disney-branded property was a French-language Canadian version of the preschool children's brand Disney Junior.


iHeartMedia, Inc., formerly CC Media Holdings, Inc., is an American mass media corporation headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. It is the holding company of iHeartCommunications, Inc. (formerly Clear Channel Communications, Inc.), a company founded by Lowry Mays and B. J. "Red" McCombs in 1972, and later taken private by Bain Capital, LLC and Thomas H. Lee Partners through a leveraged buyout in 2008. As a result of this buyout, Clear Channel Communications, Inc. began to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of CC Media Holdings, Inc. On September 16, 2014, CC Media Holdings, Inc. was rebranded iHeartMedia, Inc.; and Clear Channel Communications, Inc., became iHeartCommunications, Inc. On March 14, 2018, the company filed to operate under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, dealing with a debt load in excess of $20 billion.iHeartMedia, Inc. specializes in radio broadcasting through division iHeartMedia (sans "Inc." suffix; formerly Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, Clear Channel Radio, et al.) and subsidiary iHeartMedia and Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.); the company owns more than 850 full-power AM and FM radio stations in the U.S., making it the nation's largest owner of radio stations. Additionally, the company leases two channels on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and has expanded its online presence through the iHeartRadio platform. Prior to December 2018, iHeartMedia, Inc. also did business in outdoor advertising through subsidiary Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc; Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings was then listed as a separate public company.

The name "Clear Channel" came from AM broadcasting, referring to a channel (frequency) on which only one station transmits. In the U.S., clear-channel stations have exclusive rights to their frequencies throughout most of the continent at night, when AM signals travel far due to skywave. The company's new name is intended to reflect its growing digital business. Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia, Inc., explained: "We have a company that's doing progressive stuff, and yet we're named after AM radio stations."Since 2008, iHeartMedia, Inc., struggled to pay down more than $20 billion in debt the company assumed from its leveraged buyout. Various media outlets, including Bloomberg News, Reuters, Radio Ink, and iHeartMedia's hometown newspaper the San Antonio Express-News, claimed that either bankruptcy or a major restructuring was likely. On April 20, 2017, the company warned investors that it might not survive over the following 10 months. On February 1, 2018 the company missed an interest payment, an event that started a 30-day period after which its creditors could call their debts due and force the company into bankruptcy.On March 14 and 15, 2018, the company and various affiliated companies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and claimed to have a proposed agreement to restructure $10 billion of its over $20 billion debt load.


KSWF (100.5 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a Country format. Licensed to Aurora, Missouri, United States, it serves the Springfield, Missouri, area. The station is currently owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. and licensed as Clear Channel Broadcasting Licenses. The station is the former KGMY-FM and used to brand itself as "MyCountry 100.5," but later rebranded as "100.5 The Wolf."

La Chaîne Météo

La Chaîne Météo (litt. The Weather Channel) is a French TV channel, broadcasting weather forecasts 24 hours a day.

The channel is similar to the American cable and satellite service The Weather Channel

List of radio stations in Florida

The following is a list of FCC-licensed radio stations in the U.S. state of Florida, which can be sorted by their call signs, frequencies, cities of license, licensees, and programming formats.

List of tallest structures

The tallest structure in the world is the Burj Khalifa skyscraper at 829.8 m (2,722 ft). Listed are guyed masts (such as telecommunication masts), self-supporting towers (such as the CN Tower), skyscrapers (such as the Willis Tower), oil platforms, electricity transmission towers, and bridge support towers. This list is organized by absolute height. See List of tallest buildings and structures, List of tallest freestanding structures and List of tallest buildings and List of tallest towers for additional information about these types of structures.

MTV (Finnish TV channel)

MTV Finland is a music channel broadcasting to the Finnish speaking market. The channel replaced MTV Nordic on September 18, 2005.


Muz-TV (Муз-ТВ, from Музыкальное телевидение - Music Television) is a Russian music TV channel, broadcasting since 1996. It is largely modelled after western MTV and predates launching of MTV Russia in 1998. Muz TV was founded by Sergey Lisovskiy. The general director of Muz-TV is Arman Davletarov. Today Muz-TV is owned by UTH Russia, which is, in turn, 49% owned by The Walt Disney Company.Muz-TV's format is Russian pop music videos, although international pop, hip-hop and contemporary R&B can be occasionally seen as well. There are charts for both local and international acts, voted via channel's website.

Much like MTV, in late 2000's Muz-TV became more an entertainment channel broadcasting reality shows, rather than a music channel. After the re-branding of 16 September 2012 "Muz-TV" has moved to a new frequency, changing the concept back to the "musical" On its old frequency, a new youth entertainment channel "U", which consists of programs previously aired on the Muz-TV (except musical programs), as well as new programs and series, both purchased and own production.

Nick Jr. (Germany)

Nick Jr. Germany is a German TV television channel broadcasting to children in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The channel was launched on September 12, 2005 as a programming block on the relaunched version of Nickelodeon. The channel now broadcasts 24/7 from March 31, 2009. Before the channel launched, some programs were broadcast on Super RTL and Disney Channel.

Nickelodeon (Russia and CIS)

Nickelodeon (Russia) is a children's channel broadcasting in Russia that was launched on November 15, 1998. The channel is broadcast in Russian.

The high-definition simulcast started broadcasting on October 4, 2011, becoming the first kids channel throughout the CIS countries to broadcast in HD.

Nickelodeon Junior

Nickelodeon Junior is a French version of American channel Nick Jr. and is a separate 24-hour Pan European digital television channel broadcasting to the following French speaking European countries. Unlike all the other versions, and like its sister networks, it is not shortened to Nick Jr.The Belgium version with the French language is called simply Nick Jr.


WBLJ-FM (95.3 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a Country music format. The station is licensed to Shamokin, Pennsylvania, United States. The station is currently owned by Clear Channel Broadcasting Licenses, Inc. It is simulcast on WBYL in Salladasburg.

Zee 24 Ghanta

Zee 24 Ghanta (formerly known as 24 Ghanta) is an Indian news channel broadcasting in Bengali. It was launched in 2006 and it is owned by Zee Media, a subsidiary of Essel Group.


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