Changge (simplified Chinese: 长葛; traditional Chinese: 長葛; pinyin: Chánggě) is a county-level city under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Xuchang, in the central part of central Henan Province, China. In the Han Dynasty, it was known as Changshe (长社; 長社; Chángshè). It ranges in latitude from 34° 09' to 34° 20'N and longitude from 113° 34' to 114° 08'E.[1] According to the sixth national population census in 2010, Changge's population is about 687,081.[2] It borders the province capital Zhengzhou to the north, the ancient capital Luo Yang to the west and Kaifeng to the east, the city is about 21.4 kilometers from the north and South, and 51.9 kilometers east-west.

Coordinates: 34°12′49.21″N 113°45′46.55″E / 34.2136694°N 113.7629306°E


Changge in Xuchang
Changge in Xuchang
Changge is located in Henan
Location in Henan
Coordinates: 34°12′49.21″N 113°45′46.55″E / 34.2136694°N 113.7629306°E
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityXuchang
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)


Changge is a historical city, it has a diverse culture. The name of this area Changge has been changed several time, from Changge to Changshe, and finally called as Changge in Sui Dynasty(569 AD). As the name of Changge could be found in Zuo Spring and Autumn, "鲁隐公五年,宋人代郑围长葛”,the place's name has existed since 718BC.[1] It is said that Changge is the place where a famous ancient tribe's chief Ge Tianshi lived,in order to commemorate that period of life, the generations called this region as Changge.

Administrative divisions

As a county-level city, Changge has four main streets, and administers 8 towns, 4 villages and 357 village committees.The 8 towns are He Shangqiao town(和尚桥镇), Po Hu town(坡胡镇), Hou He town(后河镇), Shi Gu town(石固镇), Lao Cheng town(老城镇), Nanxi town(南席镇), Da Zhou town(大周镇) and Dong Cun town(董村镇). Villages includes Zeng Fumiao(增福庙乡), Guan Ting(官亭乡), Shi Xiang(石象镇)and Gu Qiao(古桥乡).[3]

Geography and Climate

Changge is Warm Temperate Monsoon climate, there has abundant sunlight and the geothermal is very rich. With four distinct seasons, winters are cool and dry, summers hot and humid, spring begins early and is warm, and autumn provides a reasonable transition. The average annual temperate is about 14.3 ℃, average annual rainfall is 711.1mm, and 217 frost-free days per year. With several rivers come across Changge, its water resources is very rich.[4]

Agriculture and Industry

Changge is one of the eight pilot municipalities, it has a solid foundation of agriculture, and also has diverse industry categories.There are several large-scale enterprise groups, include Huanghe Whirlwind Company, Benma Company, Topin Group Company,etc.[4]


In Ming and Qing Dynasty, there are nearly 200 sites of private school, Confucius college and community-run schools charging with no tuition.[1] Nowadays, Changge government still treasure education industry. There are many schools here, from kindergarten to technical school.

  • Changge first senior high school
Changge first senior high school
Changge first senior high school
  • Changge second senior high school
Changge second senior high school entrance
Changge second senior high school entrance


Zhong Yao (151-230), native of Yingchuan in Yuzhou State (today's Changge), styled himself Yuanchang. He was an important minister in Kingdom of Wei of the Three Kingdoms Period. Zhong Yao was appointed as the tutor of prince, after he died the emperor gave Chenghou as his posthumous title. The most accomplished area for Zhong Yao is in calligraphy, and he was known as the bell King with Jin Dynasty calligraphy Wang Xizhi.

Zhong yao
Zhong Yao


Changge, as a city of central China, has a deep history culture. The tourism sights are mostly human landscapes which include:

  • Shi Gu Relic
  • Ge Tian Ecological Park
  • Zhong Yuan Iron Buddha
  • Fu Ergang Reservoir
  • Zhong Zhou Humanities Museum


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S88 Zhengzhou–Xixia Expressway

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Xiangfu District

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Xiayi County

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Xuchang (Chinese: 许昌; postal: Hsuchang) is a prefecture-level city in central Henan province in Central China. It borders the provincial capital of Zhengzhou to the northwest, Kaifeng to the northeast, Zhoukou to the east, Luohe to the southeast, and Pingdingshan to the southwest.

Its population was 4,307,488 inhabitants at the final 2010 census, of whom 1,952,666 lived in the built-up (or "metro") area made up of Weidu and Jian'an districts, Xuchang county and Changge City largely being urbanized. In 2007, the city was named as one of China's top ten livable cities by Chinese Cities Brand Value Report, which was released at 2007 Beijing Summit of China Cities Forum.

Xun County

Xun County or Xunxian (simplified Chinese: 浚县; traditional Chinese: 浚縣; pinyin: Xùn Xiàn) is a county in the north of Henan province, China. It is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Hebi.

Yuanhui District

Yuanhui District (simplified Chinese: 源汇区; traditional Chinese: 源匯區; pinyin: Yuánhuì Qū) is a district of the city of Luohe, Henan province, China.

Prefecture-level cities

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