Chak 111/1L, Rahim Yar Khan

Chak No 111/1.L Punjab, Pakistan is a village located about 18 kilometres towards south of Rahim Yar Khan. This village is situated in Union Council 45 Rahim Yar Khan District, Khanpur.

Chak No 111/1L
Chak No 111/1L is located in Pakistan
Chak No 111/1L
Chak No 111/1L
Coordinates: 28°10′N 70°42′E / 28.167°N 70.700°ECoordinates: 28°10′N 70°42′E / 28.167°N 70.700°E
Country Pakistan
DistrictRahim Yar Khan
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)


Mostly there are Mangrio Family and also some other castes live here like Chania Mahar, Kamboh Punjabi and Meer. Some non-Muslim Thori also exist here. Numberdar of this village belong to Mangrio family. The previous Number Dar of this chak was Hazor Buksh and now his son Mehr Dein . Haji Shah Muhammad, LaL Bukhsh, Peer Buksh, Khair Dein, Allah Buksh,Imam Dein, Allah Dein,Muhammad Murad, Ruken Dein, Faqeer Buksh, Ghulam Sarwar and Ghulam Nabi and Most senior persons of this village Muhammad Imran Mangrio.They are totly landlord and businessman.


The village culture is Sindhi and Punjabi. As people are Muslim by birth and faith.


The village has one government and two private schools. There is also a religious institute and a mosque in this village.

Crops and irrigation

The main crops of the village are Sugar cane, Cotton, Oil Seeds and Pulses while wheat being the major food crop. There are also Malta (orange) and Mango farms in the village.


About 90 percent of the village's population form whom agriculture is the main occupation to earn their living. The remainder one are serving in Government institutions,forces,technical and Business sector.

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