Château de Ville-sur-Saulx

The Château de Ville-sur-Saulx (commonly referred to locally as the Château de Gilles de Trèves after its first owner) is a Renaissance château located in Ville-sur-Saulx in the French department of Meuse that was built in 1550. It was admitted into the Monument historique registration on March 6, 1995.[1]

Château de Ville-sur-Saulx
Château de Trèves 4783
Château de Ville-sur-Saulx
General information
Architectural styleRenaissance
Address7-9 Route de Lisle 55000
Town or cityVille-sur-Saulx


The original château was built on a square base by Ligier Richier in 1550 on order of the local lord, Gilles de Trèves. The domain was expanded by the purchase of a paper mill and a mill attested from the 14th century over the Saulx river near the village of Lisle-en-Rigault.

Acquired in 1892 by the Claudel family, an English garden was built on the grounds. Today, the garden is classified[2], along with the Cast iron bridge on the Saulx[3]. It was here where Paul Claudel wrote one of his greatest plays called "Le Partage de Midi".

A part of the park is located within the municipality of Lisle-en-Rigault.


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