Centennial Fountain (Seattle University)

Centennial Fountain is a fountain at the Seattle University campus by George Tsutakawa, in Seattle, Washington.[1] The fountain was installed in 1989.[2]

Central fountain of Seattle University シアトル大学の中央噴水 - panoramio
The fountain in 2012

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George Tsutakawa

George Tsutakawa (February 22, 1910 – December 18, 1997) was an American painter and sculptor best known for his avant-garde bronze fountain designs.

Born in Seattle, Washington, he was raised in both the United States and Japan. He attended the University of Washington, where, after serving in the U.S. Army during World War Two, he became a teacher. He rose to international prominence as a fountain designer in the 1960s and 1970s. During his long career more than 70 of his distinctive fountains - many of them still extant - were placed in public spaces.

Tsutakawa is often associated with the progressive 'Northwest School' of artists, and is among the major, influential figures of modern Asian-American art.

List of public art in Seattle

Seattle, Washington, has more than 400 permanent pieces of public artwork throughout the city, supported by private collections and the municipal Percent for Art program, which directs one percent of funding for capital improvement projects into artwork. In 2013, the collection's permanent and portable works were valued at a total of $39 million.

Loo Wit

Loo Wit is an outdoor 1975–1976 sculpture by James Rosati, currently installed at the Seattle University campus in Seattle, Washington.

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