Celebrity Big Brother (UK series 22)

Celebrity Big Brother 22, also known as Celebrity Big Brother: Eye of the Storm, was the twenty-second and final series of the British reality television series Celebrity Big Brother. It launched on 16 August 2018 on Channel 5 and ended after 26 days on 10 September 2018.[1][2] It was the fifteenth celebrity series and twenty-second series of Big Brother overall to air on Channel 5. For the first time since 2011, the celebrity edition aired before the main series with Big Brother 19 launching after the final in September 2018. Celebrity Big Brother 22 was the final celebrity series in the three-year contract which was announced on 19 March 2015.[3] Emma Willis returned as host of the series, while Rylan Clark-Neal continued to present Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side.

On 10 September 2018, Ryan Thomas was announced as the winner of the series, with Kirstie Alley as the runner-up.

On 14 September 2018, it was confirmed that this was the final series of Celebrity Big Brother to air on Channel 5 after their decision to axe the show.[4][5]

Celebrity Big Brother (UK series 22)
Celebrity Big Brother 22 (UK) Eye
Series twenty-two logo
Presented byEmma Willis
No. of days26
No. of housemates13
WinnerRyan Thomas
Runner-upKirstie Alley
Companion showBig Brother's Bit On The Side
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes27
Original networkChannel 5
Original release16 August –
10 September 2018
Series chronology


The official logo was released on 18 July 2018 (18 years after the first episode of Big Brother aired on Channel 4) and featured an eye consisting of neon lights including lightning bolts coming out of a stormy background.[6]

Creative team

Endemol confirmed that a new creative team had been formed ahead of the series. Paul Osborne, executive producer of Big Brother 7, returned to overlook the new series as Creative Director. Tamsin Dodgson was also announced to return as Executive Editor.[7] Trevor Boris was also later hired as a senior producer after co-producing Big Brother Canada since its inception.[8]


On 15 August 2018, the official house pictures were released. The house is inspired by Californian design, and has been dubbed "a house within a house". The technical layout of the building has also undergone a revamp since the previous series, and the entry staircase has been closed-off for the first time since Channel 5 took over the Big Brother format, in order to "keep the outside out" according to the creative director Paul Osbourne.

There is also an outdoor lounge at the bottom of the garden, similar to the one in Big Brother 10, compared to Channel 5's usual choice to incorporate the lounge within the main living area. The new living area has a large circular dining table at the centre, with a kitchen counter at one side. There is a leaf-print decor, complimented by palm-style plants and additional seating.

There is one bedroom, located behind the kitchen, with the palm theme continued with blue beds and pink accents. Adjoined to the sleeping quarters is the spare bathroom, which features a roll-top bath and vanity table. In the garden, the snug has been replaced by a "pool room", a plush pink haven where the housemates can relax on padded loungers. The nearby sliding doors open up onto a dual swimming pool and hot tub deck, with which a mini cocktail bar is nearby.[9][10]

Stormy Daniels

In the months prior to the live launch, there was wide speculation that adult film star Stormy Daniels would enter the house, with reports saying that she would be paid £750,000 for just one week in the house — making her the highest paid housemate in the show's history.[11] Despite the reports, she did not enter the house on launch night.[12]

A Big Brother statement issued the following day read: "Stormy Daniels was booked to appear on the show several months ago and hours before the show was due to go live, informed the production team that she no longer wished to enter the house as previously agreed. Producers discussed a variety of options with her but were unable to agree any acceptable conditions for her entering the house. Our focus is now on making a brilliant series with our fantastic celebrities."[13][14]

Daniels claimed that she offered to appear on the show during the live launch to explain her absence, but was turned down by producers. She also claimed that an interview on Loose Women where she was due to explain her side of the story was blocked by Channel 5.[15]

On the 17 August edition of Bit on the Side, Clark-Neal explained that just five hours before the first live show, Daniels said she only wanted to appear on launch night and then leave. Big Brother tried to agree to a compromise, but nothing came of it. Clark-Neal also insisted that money was not a factor and there was no attempt from producers to try to manipulate Daniels to achieve a specific outcome.[16]


On Day 1, thirteen housemates entered the house during the launch.

Celebrity Age on entry Notability Day entered Day exited Status
Ryan Thomas 34 Actor 1 26 Winner
Kirstie Alley 67 Actress 1 26 Runner-up
Dan Osborne 27 Reality TV star 1 26 3rd Place
Nick Leeson 51 Rogue trader 1 26 4th Place
Sally Morgan 66 Psychic 1 26 5th Place
Gabby Allen 26 Reality TV star 1 26 6th Place
Hardeep Singh Kohli 49 Comedian and presenter 1 23 Evicted
Jermaine Pennant 35 Footballer 1 19 Evicted
Roxanne Pallett 35 Actress 1 17 Walked
Ben Jardine 37 Reality TV star 1 16 Evicted
Chloe Ayling 21 Model 1 13 Evicted
Rodrigo Alves 35 Media personality 1 10 Ejected
Natalie Nunn 33 Reality TV star 1 9 Evicted

Ben Jardine

Ben Jardine is a British reality television personality and millionaire property tycoon, best known for his appearance on Channel 4's reality show Married at First Sight in 2017.[17] He entered the house on Day 1. He was the third housemate to be evicted on Day 16.

Chloe Ayling

Chloe Ayling is an English glamour model, best known for her abduction in Italy in 2017 by an individual claiming to be a member of a criminal organisation called the Black Death Group.[18] During her ordeal she claimed to have been injected with ketamine, put in a holdall bag and put in the trunk of a car to be taken to a farm. She was released after six days.[19] She entered the house on Day 1. She became the second housemate to be evicted on Day 13.

Dan Osborne

Dan Osborne is an English reality television personality, best known for starring in the ITVBe semi-reality programme The Only Way Is Essex from the eighth series in 2013. He was axed from the show during the fourteenth series when a threatening video he made surfaced online.[20] He is also the husband of former EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa.[21] He entered the house on Day 1. He left the house on Day 26 in third place.

Gabby Allen

Gabby Allen is a British reality television personality and fitness instructor, best known for being a cast member in the third series of ITV2 dating reality show Love Island in 2017.[22] She entered the house on Day 1. She left the house on Day 26 in sixth place.

Hardeep Singh Kohli

Hardeep Singh Kohli is a Scottish comedian and presenter.[23] He entered the house on Day 1. He was the fifth housemate to be evicted on Day 23.

Jermaine Pennant

Jermaine Pennant is an English professional footballer. Starting his career at Notts County in 1998, he then went on to play for Arsenal, Liverpool and Stoke City. In 2005, Pennant gained notoriety after playing a football match with an electronic tag following his arrest for drink-driving.[24] He entered the house on Day 1. He became the fourth housemate to be evicted on Day 19.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley is an American Emmy Award and Golden Globe winning Hollywood actress, known for her role as Rebecca Howe in NBC sitcom Cheers between 1987 and 1993. As well as this, she has starred in films such as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Look Who's Talking and Drop Dead Gorgeous. She has also taken part in the American dance television series Dancing with the Stars for its twelfth and fifteenth all-star series.[25] She entered the house on Day 1. She left the house on Day 26 after coming runner-up.

Natalie Nunn

Natalie Nunn is an American reality television personality, best known for her appearances in Oxygen's reality show Bad Girls Club on and off between 2009 and 2015.[26] She entered the house on Day 1. She became the first housemate to be evicted on Day 9.

Nick Leeson

Nick Leeson is an English former derivatives broker, best known for his time at Barings Bank, the United Kingdom's oldest merchant bank.[27] From 1992, Leeson made unauthorised speculative trades, where his actions led directly to the 1995 collapse of Barings Bank, for which he was sentenced to prison.[28] He entered the house on Day 1. He left the house on Day 26 in fourth place.

Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves is a Brazilian-born British media personality, best known for his body transformation and his plastic surgeries. In the media, he is known as "The Human Ken Doll".[29] Earlier in the year, he appeared as a guest in the fifteenth Italian series of Big Brother, Grande Fratello. He entered the house on Day 1. On Day 2, he received a formal and final warning for repeatedly using racist language the night before. He was removed from the house in the early hours of Day 10, following a “further incident”.

Roxanne Pallett

Roxanne Pallett is a British actress and singer, known for playing Jo Sugden in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale between 2005 and 2008. Since then she has appeared in Waterloo Road and Casualty, and has starred in films such as Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort and Devil's Tower. She won Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes in 2006, and took part in the fourth series of Dancing on Ice in 2009.[30] She entered the house on Day 1. On Day 17, Roxanne voluntarily left the house.[31]

Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas is a British actor, known for playing Jason Grimshaw in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street between 2000 and 2016.[32] Since then he has appeared as Rafael Humphreys in Australian soap opera Neighbours, and took part in Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls in 2017. He is the brother of Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas, and Love Island contestant Scott Thomas.[33] He entered the house on Day 1. On Day 26, it was announced that Ryan had won the series.

Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan is a British television and stage artist, who claims to have psychic abilities.[34] She entered the house on Day 1. She left the house on Day 26 in fifth place.


Day 1 Entrances
  • Kirstie, Ryan, Jermaine, Chloe, Rodrigo, Dan, Gabby, Hardeep, Ben, Roxanne, Sally, Natalie and Nick entered the house.
  • After entering the house, Kirstie became President of the Big Brother house. Ryan was then voted by viewers as Vice-President. They were to live in The White House, separate from the other housemates, and take charge of the house as well as getting special privileges. Three housemates were to receive "presidential decrees" as decided by Kirstie and Ryan. Dan was only allowed to consume veggie shakes until further notice, Rodrigo lost his suitcase, and Ben was only allowed to have cold showers.
Day 2
  • Rodrigo was given a formal and final warning for using unacceptable and racist language in a conversation the night before.
Day 3 Tasks
  • President Kirstie instructed her fellow housemates to build a wall, and then, lead by Nick, to defend "Green Cards" whilst multiple intruders tried to climb the wall and steal them. Each green card stolen would occur a fail. At the end of the task they were told they had failed overall, and therefore received a basic shopping budget.
Day 4
Day 5 Nominations
  • President Kirstie was given the power to award one housemate with a "Presidential Pardon", granting them immunity from nominations, which took place later that day. She chose Jermaine. As Hardeep and Natalie received the most nominations, they face the first eviction.
Day 7 Tasks
  • In "Truth Hunter", Sally was given a statement about each of her fellow housemates and had to decide whether it was true or false using her intuition. As Sally guessed the majority of statements correctly, she won the task and a plate of jellied eels as her reward.
  • Natalie was given a formal warning for threatening and intimidating behaviour following an argument with Chloe.[35]
Day 8 Tasks
  • Rodrigo was given a secret task from "Wendy the Washing Machine", where he had to get some gossip from another housemate and spill some cereal on their duvet. He was successful in this task and received a reward.[36]
Day 9 Exits
  • Natalie became the first housemate to be evicted.[37]
Day 10 Exits
  • Rodrigo was removed from the house in the early hours of the morning for unspecified reasons.[38]
  • The housemates were set their next shopping task from "The Public Eye", where they each had to perform on cue for the viewers to give their reactions to online. To pass the task, the housemates had to get no more than five fails.[39]
Day 11
  • As punishment for discussing nominations, Hardeep and Nick were banned from using the bathroom until further notice.
  • The housemates nominated for the second time, this time everyone was eligible to be nominated. As Chloe and Hardeep received the most nominations, they face the second eviction.[40]
Day 12 Punishments
  • Despite passing their weekly shopping task, the housemates were told they would been given a basic shopping budget for breaking the rules regarding writing implements.[41]
  • Kirstie took part in a British themed quiz.
Day 13 Tasks
  • Nick was given a secret task from "Wendy the Washing Machine", where he had to tell some home truths to two housemates of his choice, then spill some beans on them. He was successful in this task and was rewarded with the opportunity to send his son a birthday card.[42]
  • Chloe became the second housemate to be evicted.[43]
Day 14 Tasks
  • Housemates were asked to choose the dirtiest housemate, the cleverest housemate, and the hottest housemates to take part in a number of games. Big Brother then rewound and made them take part in them again, and again.
  • Ryan was given a formal warning following an altercation with Roxanne.[44]
Day 16 Exits
  • Ben became the third housemate to be evicted following a house vote.[45] (See twists)
  • The housemates learnt that Ben and Jermaine received the fewest votes in a public vote, and therefore face potential eviction. The remaining housemates each entered the Diary Room to vote for which of the two they would like to evict. At the end, as the voting was a tie, Big Brother gave the housemates one last chance to come to a decision. They ultimately decided to evict Ben.[46]
Day 17 Exits
  • In the early hours of the morning, Roxanne decided to voluntarily leave the house.[47]
  • The housemates were set their next weekly shopping task, where Dan, Gabby, Jermaine, Nick and Sally became the house pets, and Hardeep, Kirstie and Ryan became their owners. To pass the task, the animals were given individual rules to follow, and were only permitted to eat food prepared for them by their owners.[48]
  • The housemates nominated for the third time. As Hardeep and Jermaine received the most nominations, they face the next eviction.[49]
Day 19 Exits
  • Jermaine became the fourth housemate to be evicted.
Day 20 Nominations
  • Housemates were told for this week’s nominations that they would all be making one killer nomination, with any housemate receiving one nomination automatically facing the public vote. Hardeep and Sally received the most nominations, meaning they gave the next eviction.
Day 23 Exits
  • Hardeep became the fifth housemate to be evicted.
Day 26 Exits
  • Gabby finished in sixth place, followed by Sally in fifth. Nick finished fourth, Dan finished third. Ryan was announced as the winner of the series, leaving Kirstie as the runner-up.

Nominations table

Day 5 Day 11 Day 16 Day 17 Day 20 Final
Day 26
Ryan Chloe,
Ben Hardeep,
Hardeep Winner
(Day 26)
Kirstie Natalie,
Ben Hardeep,
Hardeep Runner-up
(Day 26)
Dan Natalie,
Jermaine Hardeep,
Hardeep Third place
(Day 26)
Nick Kirstie,
Sally Fourth place
(Day 26)
Sally Hardeep,
Ben Hardeep,
Hardeep Fifth place
(Day 26)
Gabby Natalie,
Jermaine Nick,
Hardeep Sixth place
(Day 26)
Hardeep Natalie,
Ben Sally,
Sally Evicted
(Day 23)
Jermaine Natalie,
Nominated Nick,
(Day 19)
Roxanne Hardeep,
Jermaine Walked
(Day 17)
Ben Natalie,
Nominated Evicted
(Day 16)
Chloe Nick,
(Day 13)
Rodrigo Gabby,
(Day 10)
Natalie Hardeep,
(Day 9)
Notes 1 none 2 none 3 4
public vote
Ejected none Rodrigo none
Walked none Roxanne none
Evicted Natalie
Fewest votes
to save
Fewest votes
to save
5 of 8 votes
(out of 2)
to evict
Fewest votes
to save
Fewest votes
to save
Fewest votes
(out of 6)
Fewest votes
(out of 3)
Fewest votes
(out of 5)
Fewest votes
(out of 2)
Fewest votes
(out of 4)
Most votes
to win


  • ^Note 1 : On Day 5, Kirstie (as House President) was able to award immunity to one housemate of her choice. She chose Jermaine.
  • ^Note 2 : Following Chloe's eviction, viewers were given the power to nominate. A free poll on the Big Brother app allowed viewers to pick their favourite housemate. The two housemates with the fewest votes – Ben and Jermaine – were "nominated", and the remaining housemates were called to the diary room one-by-one to select which of the two housemates they would like to evict. After an initial tie of 4-4, Big Brother asked the housemates to vote again face-to-face by a show of hands. Nick switched his vote, and Ben was subsequently evicted on Day 16.
  • ^Note 3 : This week the housemates made one nomination, rather than two. Any housemate who received a nomination faced eviction.
  • ^Note 4 : For the final three days, the public were voting for who they wanted to win, rather than save.


Official ratings are taken from BARB.[50] From 27 August 2018, for the first time, catch-up service totals were added to the official ratings.[51]

Official viewers (millions)
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Saturday 1.83 1.78 2.22 1.53
Sunday 1.67 1.84 1.96 1.74
Monday 1.89 1.88 2.23 2.02
Tuesday 1.85 1.75 2.17
Wednesday 1.87 1.97 2.19
Thursday 2.51 1.84 2.22 2.14
Friday 2.13 1.87 2.18 1.80
Weekly average 1.94 1.95 1.96
Running average 1.94 1.95 1.95
Series average 2.0
Blue-coloured boxes denote live shows.


Racist language

Ofcom received over 1,000 complaints following Rodrigo Alves saying "nigger" twice on the first night.[52] When describing fellow housemate Dan Osborne he said that he was "too white for [his] taste", and he would prefer to have a "nigger boy". Rodrigo was given a formal and final warning by Big Brother regarding this incident, but Big Brother and Channel 5 were criticised by fans, with some of them questioning why he was not removed from the house immediately, using the example of Emily Parr's removal from the 2007 series to justify their reasons, and for the airing of the word on the highlights show.[53] However on Day 10, Rodrigo was removed from the house, after an unaired "further incident".[54]

Roxanne Pallett assault claim

Another controversy on the series however came from Roxanne Pallett, who claimed that Ryan Thomas "deliberately" punched her like a "boxer punches a bag", despite the footage showing differently.[55] She later slept in the spare bedroom, after she claimed that she felt uncomfortable sleeping in the same room as him. Following the incident, Ryan was given a warning, and maintained that he did it with "no malice". Roxanne later branded him a "liar", and a "woman beater".

Following this, 21 Emmerdale actors criticised Roxanne for her behaviour, with Charley Webb branding her as "Outrageous" [56], as well as Sammy Winward tweeting that it was "a long time coming".[57] Kelvin Fletcher, who played her on-screen husband Andy Sugden in the soap said that the incident was "calculated and manipulative beyond belief" whilst also showing support for Ryan.[58][59] Within four days, Ofcom received over 25,000 complaints, making this the most complained incident regarding any Big Brother show since the race row in 2007.[60] Furthermore, a petition launched to get her removed from panto work scheduled for Christmas reached over 4,000 signatures within two days.[61] In the early hours of Day 17, Roxanne decided to voluntarily leave the house.[62] Two days after her departure, on 3 September 2018, she returned for an interview with Willis, which was shown during that night's eviction show, where she apologised, stating she had made a "horrible mistake" but also stated she wanted to be "forgiven" for her actions.[63] This incident been called "punchgate" by the press.[64][65][66]


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