Catalunya Ràdio

Catalunya Ràdio (Catalan pronunciation: [kətəˈluɲə ˈraði.u]) is Catalonia's public radio network. With headquarters in Barcelona, it is part of the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA), owned by the Generalitat de Catalunya. Catalunya Ràdio broadcasts exclusively in Catalan and is the major Catalan-language network today, although Ràdio 4 from Radio Nacional de España (founded in 1976) was the first post-Franco Era station to broadcast in the language.

Catalunya Ràdio began broadcasting on 20 June 1983.[1] Over the years, it has expanded to encompass four separate stations:

  • Catalunya Ràdio - The first station, and the one that gave the network its name. A generalist station that broadcasts 24 hours a day and is the third largest radio station in Catalonia by audience size.
  • Catalunya Música - Founded on 10 May 1987, Catalunya Música concentrates on classical and contemporary music, plus specialized music programmes. It broadcasts 24 hours a day.
  • Catalunya Informació - Created on 11 September 1992, Catalunya Informació was Spain's first all-news station. It broadcasts 24 hours a day.
  • iCat fm - Launched on 23 April 2006, this a multi-media radio station closely linked to the Internet and promoting both traditional and contemporary culture.[2]

Catalunya Ràdio has grown significantly since its inception, and is currently available in Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Northern Catalonia, La Franja, and Andorra.

Catalunya Ràdio

Main programs

Catalunya Ràdio

Programs here dedicated to news, magazines, entertainment.

  • Alguna pregunta més?
  • Amb mal peu
  • Catalunya Migdia
  • Catalunya Vespre
  • El Cafè de la República
  • El lloro, el moro, el mico i el senyor de Puerto Rico
  • El matí de Josep Cuní
  • El suplement
  • Els optimistes
  • En guàrdia
  • Generació digital
  • L'internauta
  • L'ofici de viure
  • L'orquestra
  • La transmissió d'en Puyal
  • La tribu de Catalunya Ràdio
  • El matí de Catalunya Ràdio
  • Les mil i una nits de Maria de la Pau Janer
  • La nit dels ignorants
  • El secret
  • Tarda Tardà
  • Tot gira
  • Els viatgers de la Gran Anaconda

Catalunya Informació

As Spain's first all-news station, Catalunya Informació has a strong focus on local news, traffic, weather and information. News bulletins is aired around the clock. At the half past, the station will summary what have been said in 30 minutes ago and what will be said in 30 minutes next. At :33, Catalunya Informació tells listeners the day's three most important news, also local traffic updates from Catalunya Transit Service and the latest weather forecasts for the coming hours at :15 and :45. Weather summaries can also be heard during the headlines.

This is its hourly news blocks:

  • :00 - Headlines
  • :03 - News
  • :15 - Traffic and Weather
  • :18 - News
  • :25 - Sports
  • :30 - Summary and content next half-hour
  • :33 - Day's 3 most important news
  • :40 - Details of day's 3 most important news, plus news that wasn't told at :00
  • :45 - Traffic and Weather
  • :48 - News
  • :55 - Sports

Traffic updates are only broadcast between 6:30 and 22:30 (also on headlines during rush hours).

This 60-minute format has been used since 7/4/2015, at 12:00.

When a local event is happening, the station will interrupt this news wheel to provide continuous coverage of that event.

Catalunya Música

It focused on local songs, music festivals, and music historical sites.

  • Preludi
  • Tonalitats
  • La setmana de...
  • Els concerts
  • Només hi faltes tu
  • Notes de clàssica
  • Els gustos reunits
  • Guia d'orquestra
  • El violí vermell
  • El Gran Segle
  • Una tarda a l'òpera
  • Qui té por del segle XX?
  • Espais Oberts
  • Via Jazz
  • Històries de l'òpera
  • Solistes
  • Blog de nit


Here, with music, it also keeps a watchful eye on culture. This also has some smaller stations: TotCat (local music), iCatMón (world music), iCatjazz (jazz) and iCatTrònica (electronic music).

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  2. ^ CCMA site: Catalunya Ràdio Archived 29 April 2009 at the Wayback Machine (in English)

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Alguna Pregunta Més?

Alguna Pregunta Més? (Catalan for "Any more questions?") often referred to by its initials APM? is a Catalan comedy show aired on the autonomous community's main public TV station TV3 since 2004, being the longest-running humor show in the channel. APM? has also gained nationwide exposure and popularity thanks to YouTube.

The program consists of a humorous recall of the news in Catalonia and the rest of Spain mixing scenes from television shows, documentaries, adverts and films.

Andreu Mayayo i Artal

Andreu Mayayo i Artal (Samper de Calanda, Aragon, 1959) is a professor of Modern History and vice-dean of the Faculty of Geography and History at the University of Barcelona. He is the editor-in-chief of the Segle XX. Revista Catalana d'Història journal, member of the editorial boards of the Catalan journals L'Avenç, Sàpiens and El Contemporani. He is also a member of the Board of the Democratic Memorial of the Government of Catalonia and a regular contributor to media debates at RAC 1, Debat de La 1 of Televisión Española, RNE Ràdio 4, Catalunya Ràdio and Barcelona TV.As a historian, his research has been directed towards the local history, rural areas, social movements and the Spanish transition to democracy.

Politically, he has held several posts within the parties Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia and Initiative for Catalonia Greens. He has been the mayor of Montblanc, Tarragona twice, between 1991–1993 and 1995–1999. In 1998 he was charged with perversion of justice.

Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals

The Catalan Media Corporation (Catalan: Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, CCMA; IPA: [kurpuɾəsiˈo kətəˈlanə ðə miˈdʒanz ˌawði.uβizuˈals]) is the public radio and television company in Catalonia owned by Generalitat de Catalunya.

The CCRTV is a public corporation created by the Generalitat de Catalunya by a Founding Act that passed the Parliament of Catalonia on May 18, 1983. It answers to the Parliamentary Control Commission and to the Catalan Audiovisual Council. It is funded through the Generalitat's General Budget as well as by income and yield from CCRTV's own activities. Its subsidiaries can partly finance themselves through advertising, sponsorship and the sale of merchandise and programming.Catalunya Ràdio started broadcasting on June 20, 1983, while its first television channel, TV3, started its trial broadcast on September 11 of the same year.

On September 2006, CCRTV received the EFQM Excellence Award for its organisational gestion.

Empar Moliner

Empar Moliner Ballesteros (Catalan pronunciation: [əmˈpaɾ muliˈne]; Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, Barcelona,1966) is a Spanish writer and journalist.

She works for the newspapers El País, Avui, and appears in several TV and radio programs as Minoria Absoluta (RAC 1), El matí de Catalunya Ràdio and Els matins (TV3).


The Federation of Regional Organizations of Radio and Television (Spanish: Federación de Organismos de Radio y Televisión Autonómicos, FORTA) is the association of the public broadcasting networks from 12 autonomous communities of Spain.

Jaume Fàbrega

Jaume Fàbrega i Colom (Fontcoberta, Girona, 1948) is a Spanish gastronomy writer, journalist, historian and professor at some universities. He has written more than fifty gastronomy and cooking books, he has won five times the Gourmand World Cookbook Award and he has made Ferran Adrià known over the world as a Catalan chef. He takes part of some international cultural associations as for example AICA and FIJET.

He has worked as journalist for all the most important journals in Catalonia and Spain, as La Vanguardia, Avui, El Temps, El Món, El Punt, Diari de Girona, etc. and in radio channels as Catalunya Ràdio. Also in cultural or gastronomic publications over the world, as la Gazeta del Arte, Batik, Mesa y más, Descobrir cuina, etc.

He is a very prolific writer who has written some gastronomy encyclopaedic books which have been translated in English and other languages. Some of them are La cuina. Gastronomia tradicional sana, La cuina catalana, etc. He has redacted, for example, El Gran Llibre de la Cuina Catalana for Josep Lladonosa or El Bulli, El sabor del Mediterráneo for Ferran Adrià.

Joaquim Maria Puyal

Joaquim Maria Puyal i Ortiga (born March 24, 1949) is a Catalan journalist known for his work in television and radio.

Josep Alsina

Josep Alsina Calvés (born in Ripoll, 1954), is an activist for Spanish Nationalism. Former president of far-right organisation Somatemps and director of the magazine Nihil Obstat. He also was one of the founders of Catalan Civil Society (SCC, Societat Civil Catalana).He has graduated in Biology at University of Barcelona, did a Master degree in History of Sciences and obtained a PhD in Philosophy at Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has worked as a secondary school teacher of Natural Sciences. Other intellectual work involves publications related to Natural History, biotechnology, philosophy and politics.In 2015 Josep Alsina participated in a debate at Catalunya Ràdio with Jordi Borràs. In the debate Josep Alsina ideology and activism are discussed as well as Borràs investigation tasks. Alsina claimed that Borràs does tabloid journalism, while Borràs showed photographs of Alsina participating in events with people aligned with the far-right. Alsina's political past was also explained, talking about his membership to different far-right political parties. Nihil Obstat Holocaust denial was also discussed. Alsina defends that the magazine recognises it existed, but that it has been mystified because it has not been a unique event. Alsina stated that in history have existed many genocides. He also said that Hitler had the intention of creating a Jew State in Madagascar, that nazism did not think at first to commit extermination, but total migration (Madagascar Plan), extermination was not a must. During the debate Alsina denied that Juan Antonio Llopart, administrator of the publisher of Nihil Obstat, had been guilty of making Holocaust apology. Alsina alleged that after Llopart's condemn to two and half years by the Barcelona Court, he was absolved by the Supreme court of Spain. However, the supreme court alleged that the diffusion of ideas by Nihil Obstat justifying the Holocaust is only punishable if the text encouraged to commit them.In 2016 he received the award Ramiro de Maeztu.In May 2018 he received the award Pascual Tamburri Bariain to the best short essay, given by the publication Revista Razón Española and Asociación Cultural Ruta Norte.

Josep Pedrals i Urdàniz

Josep Pedrals i Urdàniz (Barcelona, 13 January 1979) is a Catalan poet and rhapsodist. He is a personality in the world of poetry reading in the Catalan Countries. He has also contributed to various mass media, including the Avui newspaper, Catalunya Ràdio or the magazines El Temps, Paper of Vidre and Bossa Nova. In the music dimension, in 2007 he carried through the hip-hop show Endoll, along with Guillamino. Before he had acted with "Explosión Bikini" and he is currently working with the band Els Nens Eutròfics.

José Domingo Domingo

José Domingo Domingo (Barcelona, March 3, 1959) is a politician and Catalan lawyer, a member of the Parliament of Catalonia in the eighth term.

Miquel Calçada

Miquel Calçada Olivella (Catalan pronunciation: [miˈkɛl kəlˈsaðə]; born 13 August 1965 in Sabadell, near Barcelona) is a Catalan communicating entrepreneur.

Mònica Terribas i Sala

Mònica Terribas i Sala (Barcelona, January 16, 1968) is a Catalan journalist, professor at the University Pompeu Fabra. Between 2008 and 2012 she was director of Televisió de Catalunya and the following year, councillor delegated and publisher of the Ara newspaper. Since 2 September 2013 she has directed El matí de Catalunya Ràdio.

Pere Tàpias

Pere Tàpias (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈpeɾə ˈtapiəs]; 19 May 1946 – 22 April 2017) was a singer and a food writer in Catalonia, Spain. He resided in Vilanova i la Geltrú at the time of his death in April 2017. He was the host of the Catalunya Ràdio program, Tàpies Variades. He was the 2005–2006 Ambassor of Xató.

Pius Alibek Hermez

Pius Alibek Hermez (Ainkawa, Iraqi Kurdistan, 1955) is an Iraqi philologist and restaurateur of Assyrian ethnicity. He studied English philology in Baghdad, and continued his studies afterwards in London. He has focused his career on comparative historical linguistics and the origin and evolution of languages. He arrived in Barcelona in 1981.

He has dedicated himself to the teaching of languages, giving classes in schools and in the university; to translations for El Periódico de Catalunya; and also to the program for the European Community program Manumed, which is dedicated to safeguarding the written heritage of the eastern Mediterranean. He is fluent in Aramaic, English, Arabic, Kurdish, Catalan, and Spanish.

Since 1997 he has operated the restaurant Mesopotamia, specializing in Iraqi cuisine, on Carrer de Verdi street in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain. He collaborates in the program "The Travelers of the Grand Anaconda" (Catalan: "Els Viatgers de la Gran Anaconda") of Catalunya Ràdio, where he hosts the segment "Travelling Words" (Catalan: "Paraules Viatgeres"), which explores how words were born and how they have evolved, especially words of Eastern provenance.

During the anti-war protests of 2003 he became a familiar figure in the struggle for peace. In 2004 he received the Medal of Honor of Barcelona (Catalan: Medalla d'Honor de Barcelona). He translated "The Yacoubian Building" by Egyptian author Alaa Al-Aswany into Catalan, and is the author of the book "Nomad Roots", published in Catalan by La Campana (Barcelona, 2010).

Ramon Barnils i Folguera

Ramon Barnils i Folguera (Sabadell, Vallès Occidental, Catalonia, October 13, 1940 - Reus, Baix Camp, Catalonia, March 14, 2001) was a Catalan journalist and translator. He worked for different media like Tele/eXpres, El Noticiero Universal, Agència EFE, El Temps and La Vanguardia; he helped to publish back the satirical magazine El be negre amb potes rosses; he also made possible to publish Ajoblanco, Solidaridad Obrera and participated in Catalunya Ràdio from the day of its foundation.

He worked as a teacher of future journalists at university from 1976 to 1985, where he focused on the importance of previous research in order to write good articles. From that position, he was able to write the history of the Iberian Liberation Movement.

Ramon Solsona i Sancho

Ramon Solsona i Sancho (Barcelona, February 7, 1950) is a Catalan writer and publicist. He has a degree in Romance Philology and he is also a high school teacher on leave. Notable for his ironic style and numerous collaborations with print media (Avui, Diari de Barcelona, La Vanguardia) and radio (Catalunya Ràdio, RAC 1), he is a currently collaborator of a radio program (El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio with Mònica Terribas, section "Entre paraules").

Ràdio 4

Ràdio 4 is a Barcelona-based radio station broadcasting to the Catalan-speaking population of the provinces of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona in northeastern Spain. It is part of the country's national public radio and television service, RTVE.

RNE Ràdio 4 was launched in 1976 during the Spanish transition to democracy, and was integrated into a regional countrywide Radio 4 network in 1988 after the closure of the state-owned but commercially funded Radiocadena Española in that same year. The integrated regional countrywide Radio 4 network was shut down in 1991 due to poor ratings, and RNE Ràdio 4 once again became a standalone radio station.

In 2006 however, RNE Ràdio 4 was itself threatened with the prospect of closure due to a very low audience share (only 8,500 listeners in Catalonia out of a population of 7.5 million people). This sparked a campaign against closure of the station, which eventually proved successful after Santiago Gonzalez, the then newly appointed director of RNE (Radio Nacional de España), decided against closing Ràdio 4.

Vicent Partal

Vicent Partal (Valencian pronunciation: [viˈsɛm paɾˈtal]; born 1960 in Bétera, Valencia) is a Spanish journalist, founder and manager of VilaWeb. He also worked in El Temps, Diari de Barcelona, TVE, Catalunya Ràdio, El Punt, and La Vanguardia, among others. He is considered an Internet pioneer.

In 1994, he created the self-styled "first news Internet system in Catalonia" named El Temps Online. In 1995, founded Partal, Maresma & Associats, a company devoted to Internet Consulting and access. From that initiative, La Infopista catalana appeared in 1996, which later became VilaWeb.

Xavier Bosch i Sancho

Xavier Bosch i Sancho, publicly known as Xavier Bosch (Barcelona, July 21, 1967) is a Catalan writer and journalist.

He was the creator, together with Antoni Bassas of the humorous program Alguna pregunta més? at Catalunya Ràdio, for which he received an Ondas award. Specializing in sports journalism, he worked at La Vanguardia, TV3, RAC 1 and was director of the newspaper Avui from 2007 to 2008. In 2010 he has been one of the initiator of a new daily newspaper in Catalan language, Diari Ara. Regarding his career as a novelist, he has written a trilogy starred by journalist Dani Santana, which first book Se sabrà tot received a Sant Jordi Award in 2009. Second and third novels were Homes d'honor (2012) and Eufòria. His last novel Algú com tu (Someone like you) (2015), is winner of the Ramon Llull 2015 award.

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