Cartagena Naval Base

Cartagena Naval Base, also known as Arsenal of Cartagena, is a military base and arsenal of the Spanish Navy located in the city of Cartagena, Spain. It is one of the oldest naval bases in Spain, having been created in the 18th century. It is also the main Spanish base in the Mediterranean.

Cartagena Naval Base
Arsenal de Cartagena
Arsenal de Cartagena
TypeMilitary base
Site information
Owner Spain
Controlled byEmblem of the Spanish Navy.svg Spanish Navy
Site history
Built bySebastián Feringán (1732-1762)
Mateo Vodopich (1762-1782)
In use1782 –present
Garrison information
Vice admiral Aniceto Rosique Nieto
OccupantsSee Ships


Cartagena Arsenal 1799
The Naval Base of Cartagena in 1799

The port of Cartagena, first founded by the Carthaginians in the 2nd century BC, occupies a strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea. It remained a commercial port until the reign of Philip V, when it was redeveloped as a major naval base alongside the expansion of the Spanish Navy.

Construction of the arsenal began in late 1731, and was completed in 1782, during the reign of Charles III. The final cost came to 112 million reales. The Cartagena naval base was a major industrial complex by the 18th century, with shipyards and workshops, carrying out carpentry, rigging and blacksmithing, as well as crafts and fine arts workshops to produce ship ornamentation and decoration. In the second half of the 18th century, 21 ships, 17 frigates and more than fifty brigs, xebecs, hulks, galleys, etc. were built there, as well as a large number of smaller vessels. The Arsenal employed several thousand people in the construction and the maintenance of the units of the Spanish Navy.

The Naval Base was enlarged during the reign of Isabel II in 1849. In 1889, electricity was introduced into the arsenal. In 1918, the moats of the dry docks built by Feringán were developed as submarine docks, in which role they still serve.[1]


Formentor P-82
  • Segura-class minehunters
    • Segura
    • Sella
    • Tambre
    • Turia
    • Duero
    • Tajo
Infanta Elena (P-76) 080416-N-9855D-116
Infanta Elena
Naval vessel in Cartagena in Spain 2016 - Holmstad
Diana (previously M-11) in Cartagena
    • Infanta Elena
    • Infanta Cristina
  • Toralla-class patrol vessels
    • Toralla
    • Formentor
  • Submarine rescue ships
    • Neptuno


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Coordinates: 37°36′04″N 0°59′33″W / 37.6012°N 0.9926°W

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