Carmelita (song)

"Carmelita" is a rock song written by Warren Zevon. The song was originally recorded by Canadian singer Murray McLauchlan on his self-titled album of 1972. Zevon himself recorded it four years later, in 1976, on his self titled album. Linda Ronstadt recorded a well known version in 1977, and various covers have followed.

Song by Murray McLauchlan
from the album Murray McLauchlan
GenreRock and roll
Songwriter(s)Warren Zevon


McLauchlan's original version appeared as an album track, and was not released as a single.

Zevon recorded a demo version of the song in 1974, which was released as a bonus track on the 2008 reissue of his self-titled album. Two other Zevon demo versions of "Carmelita" have also been officially released. The "master" recording appears on all versions of his 1976 self-titled album.

Linda Ronstadt recorded a slightly altered version of the song on her 1977 album, Simple Dreams. Ronstadt's version includes an alternate lyric that has Ronstadt pawning her "Smith & Wesson" as opposed to Zevon's "Smith Corona" thus creating a different persona for the protagonist. In a demo version released on Preludes - Rare and Unreleased Recordings, Zevon also sings about pawning a Smith & Wesson.

Another cover version of the song was released in 1992 by Tejano music legend Flaco Jimenez and country singer Dwight Yoakam on the album Partners.

GG Allin covered this song as well. He turned away from his typical hard hitting punk to do a rather serene cover. The song can be found on the album Carnival of Excess and in an acoustic version on the soundtrack to Todd Phillips' 1994 documentary Hated. In the film Allin can be seen playing the song solo on his western guitar. He keeps Ronstadt's lyric about the Smith & Wesson, and changes the lyrics from "playing solitaire with my pearl handled deck" to "playing Russian Roulette with my pearl-handled gun". This version was used on the finale of the third season of the Showtime series Californication, partially covered by Madeleine Martin who portrays Hank Moody's (David Duchovny) daughter.

Willy DeVille covered the song on his 2002 album Acoustic Trio Live in Berlin.

Counting Crows also released a cover version of this song as part of a Warren Zevon tribute in 1999.

Rachel Stamp covered this song on their 'Didn't I break my heart over you' single.

A 'punked up' version of the song was also featured on The Wildhearts covers album Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before Vol 1. This version, sung by Wildhearts bassist Scott Sorry, features the altered lyric "I pawned my Gibson Thunderbird".

L.A. band The Bronx covered the song as a B-side for a vinyl single in 2006.

Cross Canadian Ragweed covered the song as a hidden track on Happiness and All the Other Things. The band has also played the song live in numerous concerts.

Social Distortion plays the song live from time to time, although it has yet not been released on any album.

The Spanish band Los Secretos released a very successful version in Spanish called "Agárrate fuerte a mí, María", dedicated to the daughter of one of the members of the band.

Mariachi El Bronx covered the song numerous times on their UK tour along with Prince's I Would Die 4 U.

Widespread Panic covered the song on January 29, 2012 during the last night of a three night stand at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA during their historic, all acoustic "Wood Tour."

FIDLAR has covered the song from time to time.

Pokey LaFarge covered the song during his April 02, 2016 appearance in Boston, MA at Royale

Zevon's version was featured prominently in the 2004 film Around the Bend starring Christopher Walken, Michael Caine and Josh Lucas, and in the film Looper starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Jeff Daniels.

A version was covered by Kenny Young and the Eggplants from their 2017 album "Plantastic Voyage."


Carmelita may refer to:

Asociación Deportiva Carmelita, a Costa Rican football team

Carmelita (name), feminine given name in English and Spanish

Carmelita Airport, a small airport in Guatemala

Carmelita, Belize, settlement in the Orange Walk District of Belize

Carmelita, Petén, settlement in the municipality of San Andrés, Petén Department of Guatemala

Carmelita, California, former settlement in Fresno County

Carmelita Hinton (1890-1983), American progressive educator

Carmelita Fox, fictional character in the Sly Cooper video games

Carmelita Spats, character from the children's series A Series of Unfortunate Events

Carmelita (baseball), a Cuban baseball team

Carmelita (song), song by Warren Zevon from his 1976 solo album

"Carmelita", song by Rick Recht from his 1999 album Tov

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