Carl Erickson (illustrator)

Carl Erickson (1891–1958), was a fashion illustrator and advertising artist who was well known for his work with Vogue magazine and Coty cosmetics. He worked for Vogue from 1916 to 1958 when he died; most likely from complications due to alcoholism.[1] He was commonly known as "Eric," a name he used to sign his work, which was given to him by fellow students at the Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago.[2] Along with fashion illustration, Erickson was also an accomplished portrait artist. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth II, Frank Sinatra, and Gertrude Stein are a few of the public figures who sat for him.[3] During his early career he lived in New York City, and later moved Senlis, France, with his wife, the fashion illustrator Lee Creelman. They had one child, a daughter named Charlotte.

Carl Erickson
Carl Oscar August Erickson

Joliet, Illinois, USA
Died1958 (aged 66–67)
EducationAcademy of Fine Arts, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Known forFashion illustration


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Carl Erickson

Carl Erickson may refer to:

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Carl Erickson (illustrator), fashion illustrator and advertising artist

Carl Erickson (screenwriter), screenwriter

Erickson (surname)

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Carl Erickson (illustrator) (1891–1958), American fashion and advertising illustrator

Dennis Erickson (born 1947), American former coach of the National Football League's San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks

Edwin Erickson (1938-2019), American politician

Ethan Erickson (born 1973), American actor

Hank Erickson (1907–1964), American Major League Baseball catcher for the Cincinnati Reds

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John Erickson (historian) (1929–2002), British World War II historian

John C. Erickson, American founder of Erickson Retirement Communities

John E. Erickson (Montana politician) (1863–1946), American governor of Montana

John E. Erickson (Wisconsin politician) a former National Basketball Association Milwaukee Bucks general manager and 1970 Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate

John R. Erickson (born 1942), American author

Keith Erickson (born 1944), former American basketball player

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LeRoy Erickson (1926 – 1997), North Dakota politician

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Millard Erickson (born 1932), American Evangelical theologian

Milton H. Erickson (1901–1980), American psychiatrist specializing in medical hypnosis

Nick Erickson (1870–1931), American United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient for action in the Spanish–American War

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