Captain Battle

Captain Battle is a fictional hero and one of the features in Lev Gleason's Silver Streak Comics, from the period known as "Golden Age of Comic Books."

Captain Battle
Silverstreak 001
Art by Don Rico
Publication information
PublisherLev Gleason Publications
Image Comics
First appearanceSilver Streak Comics #11 (May 1941)

Publication history

His first appearance was Silver Streak Comics #11,[1] and his final appearance was Silver Streak Comics #23, when that series was cancelled.

Captain Battle is one of the four features in the second issue of Image Comics' Next Issue Project, Silver Streak Comics #24.[2]

Fictional character biography

Injured during the first World War, Jonathan Battle uses his jetpack, called a luceflyer, and a series of fantastic inventions to prevent World War II from taking place. During his run he had three sidekicks: Hale, Kane and Captain Battle, Jr. (his son, William Battle).


In 2013, the film Captain Battle: Legacy War was released.[3]


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