Captain (Canadian army and air force)

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Captain is a rank in the Canadian military.

In the Canadian Army, the rank insignia of an army captain is three pips. In the Royal Canadian Air Force, the rank insignia of an air force captain is two wide bars. In the Royal Canadian Navy, the rank of Captain(N) actually corresponds to that of Colonel. When the naval rank captain is written or typed, it is followed by the letter (N) to indicate that it is a naval rank to distinguish it from army and air force captains. The equivalent rank in the Royal Canadian Navy is Lieutenant(N). Its insignia is two stripes with the executive curl on the top stripe.

Prior to the unification of the Canadian Forces in 1968, the Royal Canadian Air Force used the rank of flight lieutenant.

Canadian Army OF-2
(Canadian Army)
Canadian RCAF OF-2
(Royal Canadian Air Force)
Canadian RCN OF-2
Lieutenant (N)
(Royal Canadian Navy)
NATO rank code Student Officer OF-1 OF-2 OF-3 OF-4 OF-5 OF-6
Royal Canadian Navy NCdt A/SLt SLt Lt(N) LCdr Cdr Capt(N) Cmdre RAdm VAdm Adm
Not used
Canadian Army OCdt 2Lt Lt Capt Maj LCol Col BGen MGen LGen Gen Not used
Royal Canadian Air Force OCdt 2Lt Lt Capt Maj LCol Col BGen MGen LGen Gen Not used

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