CNBC-e was a hybrid business/financial and entertainment channel operated in Turkey by CNBC Europe and the NTV Group. The channel shares its name with a co-owned magazine about CNBC-e. The economy-related morning and afternoon programmes of CNBC-e are in Turkish and are dedicated mainly to the global and Turkish financial markets such as the Istanbul Stock Exchange, while the evening programmes are mostly American TV series, films, talk shows and animations in English (with Turkish subtitles.)

The channel also produces a weekly 15-minute programme in English, Business Turkey, which airs at weekends on CNBC Europe and is one of the few CNBC programmes still using the channel's 2000 on-air identity, though only for its opening titles.

The schedule contains education, culture, drama, entertainment, music and sports programs and news with commercial breaks.

The channel was sold to Discovery Communications and replaced with TLC Türkiye on November 6, 2015.[1]

Launched16 November 2000
Closed5 November 2015
Owned byDoğuş Holding (franchise)
Picture format16:9 (576i, SDTV) (4:3 plus Stock Ticker during the business day
LanguageTurkish, English (with Turkish subtitles.)
Broadcast areaTurkey
Replaced byTLC Türkiye
Sister channel(s)e2
Kral TV
NTV Spor
Star TV

Turkish broadcasting

The channel's business day programmes used the same on-air look like CNBC Europe.

During the day, the channel operated as the Turkish-language version of CNBC Europe. The channel broadcast five main business day shows which are corresponding programmes of CNBC Europe, but were dedicated mainly to the Turkish financial markets:

Also it aired a business day show from BBC Turkish.

All series


Past series

CNBC-e Ticker

CNBC-e used a ticker similar to CNBC Europe and this ticker was only shown throughout the business day. The ticker was continuously shown on commercial breaks, only during the business day. Normally, the ticker was three-line, except when it was a Turkish business day with no ISE session. Then, ticker was two-line. Unlike CNBC Europe, CNBC-e ticker was not sponsored, but CNBC-e business day shows and programs were. Ticker contained as follows: (times were Turkish official standard/summer time)

  • Squawk Box(6:00–8:30): Upper Band: Worldwide Markets Middle Band: ISE Stocks (in alphabetical order) Lower Band: Business News separated by NBC logo
  • ISE Pre-Market (8:30–9:30): Upper Band: Futures, Bonds Middle Band: ISE Stocks(in alphabetical order). Lower Band: Business News separated by NBC logo
  • ISE Market Hours (9:30–12:30, 13:30–18:00): Upper Band: Futures, Bonds, Most Actives, Winners and Losers Middle Band: ISE Stocks (in alphabetical order). Lower Band: Business News separated by NBC logo.
  • ISE Lunch Break (12:30–13:30): Upper Band: Worldwide Markets Middle Band: ISE Stocks (in alphabetical order) Lower Band: Business News separated by NBC logo

The disclaimer translated into English:

All the data broadcast under the ISE trademark are subject to copyright and may not be rebroadcast or republished. ISE is a trademark of Istanbul Stock Exchange.


  1. ^ "TLC to begin airing in Turkey instead of CNBC-e". Daily Sabah. Retrieved 2015-11-05.

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