CAE number

In musical rights management, the CAE number was previously used to identify rights holders. The acronym "CAE" was devised by the national society of Switzerland, SUISA, and consisted of the French words Compositeur, Auteur and Editeur, for Composer, Author and Publisher. A CAE number is 9 digits long.

It is being phased out and has been replaced by the IPI code.


F. Gregory Holland

F. Gregory Holland is an American jazz guitarist, business professional, musical composer, producer and publisher based in Milwaukee. Performing predominantly as a studio artist musician, Holland has arranged and produced numerous musical compositions for distribution and licensing.


SUISA ("SUISse Auteurs") is the collecting society for Swiss songwriters, composers and music publishers. It undertakes collective rights management for its members in order to collect license fees when their musical works are performed in public, broadcast or transmitted, and to pay out performing royalties. It was formed in 1942. It is also the administrative body for the CAE number.

International numbering standards

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