Butuanon people

The Butuanon are part of the wider Visayan ethnolinguistic group, which constitute the largest Filipino ethnolinguistic group. The Butuanon are one of the smallest Visayan ethnic groups. As with the Surigaonons, the Butuanons are also previously considered as Cebuanos.

Butuanon people
Kahimunan Festival 2018 Dance Presentation (Original Work)
A dance number being presented at the annual Kahimunan Festival at the Libertad Sports Complex in Butuan City. The festival is celebrated every January.
Total population
1,420,000 (2000 census)
Regions with significant populations
Butuanon, Cebuano, Tagalog, English
predominantly Roman Catholic, others
Related ethnic groups
other Visayans, other Filipinos, other Austronesians groups (especially Indonesians, (Dayak, Malays, Meratus Dayak and other non-Muslim Pribumi)
Kahimunan tu Bayugan
A Butuanon woman holding a Sto. Niño image.


Butuanons live in the provinces of Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur. Some live in Misamis Oriental or in Surigao del Norte, all of which are in the northeastern corner of Mindanao.


Butuanons number about 1,420,000. They are the descendants of Austronesian-speaking immigrants who came from South China during the Iron Age. The native language of Butuanons is the Butuanon language, but most Butuanon nowadays primarily speak the Cebuano language, because of the mass influx of Cebuano settlers to Mindanao, and Filipino, English as second languages. Most are Roman Catholics, while some are Protestants.


Butuanon may refer to:

The Butuanon language, an Austronesian language and member of the Visayan language family, spoken in the Philippines

The Butuanon people, speakers of the Butuanon language

Butuan City and its residents, in the Agusan del Norte province of the Philippines

Ethnic groups of Southeast Asia

The ethnic groups of Southeast Asia comprise many different linguistic stocks. Apart from Negrito, which is a physical description, they are here arranged according to the family their languages belong to. The Southeast Asian population stands at 641 million (2017).

Rajahnate of Butuan

The Rajahnate of Butuan (also called as Kingdom of Butuan; Butuanon: Gingharian hong Butuan, Cebuano: Gingharian sa Butuan, Filipino: Kaharian ng Butuan/Karahanan ng Butuan, Chinese: 蒲端國, Púduānguó in Chinese records) was an Indic polity centered on present Mindanao island in the modern city of Butuan in what is now the southern Philippines. It was known for its mining of gold, its gold products and its extensive trade network across the Nusantara area. The kingdom had trading relationships with the ancient civilizations of Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Persia, Cambodia and areas now comprised in Thailand.The balangay (large outrigger boats) that have been found along the east and west banks of the Libertad river (old Agusan River) have revealed much about Butuan's history. As a result, Butuan is considered to have been a major trading port in the Caraga region during the pre-colonial era.

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