Bungku language

Bungku is an Austronesian language (one of the Celebic languages) of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is quite close to Wawonii. It was a local lingua franca before independence.

Native toIndonesia
Native speakers
27,000 (2000 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3bkz


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Further reading

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Bungku people

Bungku people (Bungku: To Bungku or To Bunggu) are an ethnic group who mostly resides in North Bungku, South Bungku, Central Bungku, and Menui Islands districts di Morowali Regency, in Central Sulawesi province of Indonesia. This ethnic group is divided into several sub-groups, namely Lambatu, Epe, Ro'tua, Reta, and Wowoni. Bungku people have their own language, called Bungku language, which is one of their characteristic and serves as a means of communication between themselves. They generally embrace Islam or Christianity.Bungku people used to have their own small kingdom, called Bungku Kingdom, which was also called Tambuku or Tombuku Kingdom in Dutch report. The kingdom, along with other small kingdom in the eastern shore of Central Sulawesi, fell under the Dutch Colonial Empire since the middle of 19th century.

Wawonii language

Wawonii (Wowoni) is an Austronesian language (one of the Celebic languages) of the Wawonii (Konawe Kepulauan Regency, Southeast Sulawesi) and Menui (in Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi) islands of Indonesia. The language is quite close to the Bungku language.

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