Bulgarian Armed Forces Day

Bulgarian Armed Forces Day (Bulgarian: Ден на българските въоръжени сили) is a national holiday celebrated annually on May 6, commemorating the Bulgarian Armed Forces. The event is marked by military parades, fireworks and ceremonies across the country.[1][2]

Bulgarian Armed Forces Day
National Guard parade unit
Official nameДен на българските въоръжени сили
Also calledBravery Day
Observed byBulgaria
CelebrationsMilitary parades, ceremonies
DateMay 6
Next time6 May 2019


On 22 July 1878, 12 battalions of volunteer units who had participated in war, formed the Bulgarian Armed Forces. May 6 was officially pronounced as the Day of the Bulgarian Army in 1880. It became banned during the communist period but was reinstated in 1998.[3]

Notable anniversaries

UnitRU Parade
The Red Army Band marching on Prince Alexander of Battenberg Square during the parade in 2009.


The celebrations marked 5 years since Bulgaria's accession to NATO in 2004 and was the largest armed forces day celebration since its revival as a national holiday in the 1990s. It also marked the first time foreign troops took part in the annual parade, with the Hellenic Naval Band, the Central Military Band of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the United States Sixth Fleet Band taking part in the parade.


The celebrations were the largest since 2009, with more than 1,300 military personnel, aircraft and armoured vehicles being involved in the parade.[4] The Bulgarian Air Force’s MiG-29 jet fighters, SU-25s, Mi-17 and Cougar helicopters and other aircraft took part in the parade.[5][6]


Three MiG-29 jets, two Cougar Helicopters and one Mi-17 helicopter parade, which was commanded by Air Force Major General Tsanko Stojkov.[7]


Macedonian troops took part in the festivities for the first time.[8][9] This was also the first time the representative military bands of the Bulgarian Army, Air Force and Navy took part in the parade with the Representative Brass Band of the National Guards Unit of Bulgaria.[10][11][12][13][14]

Expanded summary

As Armed Forces Day is the national military holiday of Bulgaria the celebrations in Sofia thus serve as a national event to mark the holiday. The celebrations officially begin at 9am with the laying of flowers at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier by President of Bulgaria and members of government. The celebrations then continue as the parade commander (The commander is usually a Major General or Rear Admiral of the Armed Forces) arrives to take his place in the parade and receives the salutes of the Commandant, Georgi Rakovski Military Academy, reporting on the readiness of the formations at the Prince Alexander of Battenberg Square. At 10am, after a fanfare is sounded by the Guards Band of the National Guards Unit or/and the other bands within the Massed Bands of the Sofia Garrison, the President arrives and the parade commander marches towards him, informing that the parade is now ready for inspection. He then inspects the band and upon reaching the color guard of the National Guards Unit, he then pays compliments to the Flag of Bulgaria and to the massed military colours. He then inspects each of the participating parade contingents, stopping each time to greet each of the formed troops and as the inspection ends, he then approaches a makeshift saluting base at the National Art Gallery where after a fanfare has been sounded, he then makes his holiday address to the nation.

As the address concludes the parade commander shouts

To the glorious Bulgarian Armed Forces... Oorah!

While the entire parade responses with a long Oorah!, the Band then sounds the final measures of the Armed Forces Hymn Great are our Soldiers, and as the parade presents arms, Mila Rodino is then played with a 21-gun salute. The parade is then ordered to order arms and to stand at ease, and afterward the parade marches off the square in preparation for the march past as a Bulgarian Air Force helicopter commences the flypast carrying the national flag.[15] The drummers of the massed bands beat a cadence as the parade marches off the square, reforming at its southern end for the march past to begin later on led by the parade commander.

Gallery of the celebrations

BVMS Parade
BVVS Parade
UnitUA Parade
UnitIT Parade
Bulgarian sa-10 launcher
Bulgarian SA-8
Artillery of the Bulgarian army, 2006
S-300BG Parade

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Central Military Band of the Ministry of Defense of Russia

Central Military Band of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, also known as the Red Army Band is a military band unit of the Russian Armed Forces. It is a branch of the Military Band Service of the Armed Forces of Russia. The current head of the band is Colonel Sergey Durygin.

Representative Brass Band of the National Guards Unit of Bulgaria

The Representative Brass Band of the National Guards Unit of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Гвардейски представителен духов оркестър към Националната гвардейска част на България) is the official representative brass band of the National Guards Unit of the Bulgarian Armed Forces. Stationed in the capital of Sofia, the band works together with the National Guards Unit during events where the President of Bulgaria receives heads of state and government at the Largo in Sofia.

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