Brussels International Festival of Eroticism

The Brussels International Festival of Eroticism (Dutch: Internationaal Erotica Festival van Brussel, French: Festival International de l'Érotisme de Bruxelles) is a trade show for the European adult entertainment industry held each February in Brussels. The most notable event during the Festival is the European X Awards, a movie award for the European adult video industry.[1][2][3]

Each participating country (typically Germany, Italy, France and Spain) is given their own set of awards, including Best Movie, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress.

The first International Festival of Eroticism was held in 1993, with the European X Awards first held in 1995.

Brussels International Festival of Eroticism European X Awards

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Dimitris Sirinakis

Dimitris Sirinakis (Greek: Δημήτρης Σειρηνάκης) is a Greek erotic films director and producer. He is also the founder of Sirina Entertainment company, and the owner of Sirina TV, the first Greek TV channel featuring adult content, that broadcasts via OTE TV.

John B. Root

Jean Guilloré, known professionally as John B. Root, is a French director and producer of pornographic films, born on November 28, 1958.

Liza del Sierra

Liza del Sierra (also spelled Del Sierra, born 30 August 1985) is a French pornographic actress, film director and producer.

Nina Roberts

Nina Roberts is a French porn star, actress, author and contemporary artist (video and photo).

Roberts grew up in Créteil, near Paris. A single mother at the age of twenty, she answered an ad to appear in a porn film in order to raise some money. After a few amateur shoots, she became a full-time adult actress and took the name Nina Roberts because of her passing resemblance to Julia Roberts. In 2003, she starred in Pretty Nina, a pornographic parody of Pretty Woman. Nina Roberts quickly became one of France's most popular porn stars in the early 2000s.After two years of shooting porn films, she put her career on hold to write a book about her story in the adult industry. Titled J'assume (I take responsibility), it was published in 2004 by éditions Scali. Virginie Despentes wrote the book's preface.

In 2007, Roberts published Grosse Vache (Scali), a brutal portrait of a young woman fighting bulimia, anorexia, drugs (cocaine and speed) and finding love, which was a novel in the form of a diary. She worked on a film adaptation of Grosse Vache in collaboration with Evan Manifatori.

Roberts eventually came back to porn after a hiatus, although her onscreen appearances became increasingly rare at the end of the 2000s. Her performance in Casino No Limit won her the Ninfa Award for Best Actress at the 2008 Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival.Roberts stopped for good her career as a porn star in the early 2010s. She played bass in a punk rock band and reinvented herself as a photographer but, to make a living, kept working behind the scenes in France's porn industry, as a casting assistant and press attache for Marc Dorcel. She also made several acting appearances in non-pornographic films. She eventually got a degree in sports and dietetics and became a professional coach.

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