Brother Studios

Brother Studios (later renamed Crimson Sound[1]) was the name of a recording studio located at 1454 5th St, Santa Monica, California established by brothers Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson, co-founders of the Beach Boys.

Coordinates: 34°0′58.91″N 118°29′35.73″W / 34.0163639°N 118.4932583°W

Brother Studios
The front of Brother Studios in the mid-1970s. The front door was not used for access, the back alleyway was the preferred entrance.


Brother Studios was named after the Beach Boys' record label, Brother Records and officially opened for public use in May 1974. The studio was functional as early as January 1974 as certain high-profile artists such as Elton John had begun using the facility.[2] Brother Studios served as the primary recording base of the Beach Boys until it was sold to engineer Hank Cicalo and jazz musician Tom Scott in 1978 who subsequently renamed it Crimson Sound.[3]

Sessions at Brother Studios

Date(s) Artist Album Note(s)
1974 Elton John Caribou [2]
1975 Elton John Blue Moves
1975 Jim Dutch Untitled (unreleased)
1975–76 The Beach Boys 15 Big Ones
1976 The Quick Mondo Deco
1976 Ricci Martin Beached
1976 The Runaways Queens of Noise
1976 Helen Reddy Ear Candy
1976 Lisa Hartman Lisa Hartman
1975–77 Dennis Wilson Pacific Ocean Blue
1976–77 The Beach Boys Love You
1977 Crane Crane
1977–78 Dennis Wilson Bambu (unreleased)
1978 The Paley Brothers The Paley Brothers [4]
1978 Terry Reid Rogue Waves [5]
1979 Mink DeVille Le Chat Bleu [1]
1979 Tom Scott Street Beat [6]
1979 Ben Sidran The Cat and the Hat [5][7]
1979 Donna Summer/Barbra Streisand No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) [8]
1979 Nielsen/Pearson Nielsen/Pearson [9]


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15 Big Ones

15 Big Ones is the 20th studio album by American rock group The Beach Boys released in July 1976. It comprises cover versions of rock and roll and rhythm and blues standards, along with a few new originals. The album was met with mixed reviews, but the highest sales the band had for a new studio album in many years, peaking at number 8 on the weekly Billboard albums chart. Three singles were issued: a cover of Chuck Berry's "Rock and Roll Music" and the originals "It's O.K." and "Everyone's in Love with You". The first two charted on the Billboard Hot 100 at numbers 5 and 29, respectively, and ultimately became their only top 10 hit during the 1970s.

With Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar having left the Beach Boys following their preceding album Holland (1973), 15 Big Ones was recorded at a time when the group was struggling with their creative direction. Responding to the unexpected success of the greatest hits compilation Endless Summer (1974), Brian Wilson, who had not received a solo producing credit for any of the band's albums since Pet Sounds (1966), was brought in to oversee the 15 Big Ones sessions. Although the band had begged for him to return, they resisted his desire for an underproduced sound. Upon its release, brothers Carl and Dennis Wilson voiced disappointment with the album, calling it "unfinished" and "a bruising process".

American Spring

American Spring (known as Spring from 1971 to 1972) were a pop music duo formed in Los Angeles, composed of sisters Diane Rovell and Marilyn Wilson, who had earlier been members of girl group the Honeys. As with the Honeys, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys (Marilyn's then-husband) played an integral role with American Spring, producing some of their recorded material.

Bambu (album)

Bambu is an unfinished studio album by American songwriter-musician Dennis Wilson, co-founder of the Beach Boys, intended as the follow-up to his debut Pacific Ocean Blue. In 2008, recordings from the album were compiled as bonus tracks for the first CD issue of Pacific Ocean Blue. In 2017, the same track selection was given a dedicated release, titled Bambu (The Caribou Sessions).

Beach Boys Studio

Beach Boys Studio, also known as Brother Recording Studio, was a private recording studio owned by the Beach Boys that was located within Brian Wilson's home at 10452 Bellagio Road, Los Angeles, California. Six of the band's albums were recorded there in addition to his "Bedroom Tapes".

The studio was built in 1967 to eliminate the inconvenience of booking time at another studio. Because the other Beach Boys took much of the recording equipment with them when they left for concert tours, Wilson was not typically allowed to use the studio unless the band was present. Band engineer Stephen Desper said that the studio was funded and intended for use by everyone in the group, not Brian alone, and disputed its characterization as "Brian's studio".In 1972, the studio was dismantled and later succeeded by Brother Studios in Santa Monica, California.

Bedroom Tapes

The Bedroom Tapes are a collection of studio and home recordings by the Beach Boys' co-founder Brian Wilson from the late 1960s and early 1970s. After the group constructed a recording studio in Wilson's home, he amassed a large body of work which was left mostly unreleased. The material approximately covers the years 1968–74, beginning after his retreat from the Beach Boys and ending shortly before his admittance under Eugene Landy's twenty-four-hour therapy program.

The moniker was the invention of writer Brian Chidester, who explained that the material which comprises the Bedroom Tapes is "superfluous" and does not refer to tracks cut by Wilson strictly at his home studio. According to Chidester, the name "represents the whole era and not a specific project conceived of by Wilson himself, it is important to acknowledge that cut-off lines of delineation can easily blur." Band engineer Stephen Desper also stated that the studio was funded and intended for use by everyone in the group, not Wilson alone, and disputed its characterization as "Brian's studio".

Dreamworld Studios

Dreamworld Studios is an auditorium with production facilities located at the Dreamworld theme park on the Gold Coast, Australia. It is notable for being the location of Big Brother Australia’s live shows.

Emeril Lagasse

Emeril John Lagassé III ( EM-ə-rəl lə-GAH-see; born October 15, 1959) is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, television personality, cookbook author, and National Best Recipe award winner for his ‘Turkey and Hot Sausage Chili’ recipe in 2003. He is a regional James Beard Award winner, known for his mastery of Creole and Cajun cuisine and his self-developed "New New Orleans" style.

He has appeared on a wide variety of cooking TV shows, including the long-running Food Network shows Emeril Live and Essence of Emeril. On those shows he pioneered several catchphrases he is associated with, including "Kick it up a notch!" and "Bam!" Lagasse's portfolio of media, products, and restaurants generates an estimated US$150 million annually in revenue.

Good Timin' (The Beach Boys song)

"Good Timin’" is a song written by brothers Brian and Carl Wilson for the American rock band the Beach Boys. It was the second single released from the album L.A. (Light Album) (1979); the B-side was "Love Surrounds Me".

Had to Phone Ya

"Had to Phone Ya" is a song written for the American rock band the Beach Boys. It was released on their 1976 album 15 Big Ones, and was the b-side to the single "It's O.K.".

I Wanna Pick You Up

"I Wanna Pick You Up" is a song written by Brian Wilson for American rock band The Beach Boys. It was initially demoed during the 15 Big Ones sessions as "Pick Ya Up at 8" but was subsequently reworked and released on their 1977 album The Beach Boys Love You.

It's Alive! (The New Cars album)

It's Alive! is the only album released by The New Cars. The album features fifteen live tracks, twelve of which are songs known as being performed by the original Cars. The remaining two, "I Saw the Light" and "Open My Eyes", were popularized by New Cars member Todd Rundgren ("Open My Eyes" was originally performed by Rundgren's original group, Nazz). The album ends with three new studio tracks, recorded especially for this release.

Pacific Ocean Blue

Pacific Ocean Blue is the debut album by American songwriter-musician Dennis Wilson, co-founder of the Beach Boys, and the only one to be released in his lifetime. When released in August 1977, it was warmly received critically, and noted for outselling the Beach Boys' contemporary efforts. Two singles were issued from the album, "River Song" and "You and I", which did not chart.

The album remains a focal point of Wilson's legacy, being referred to as a "classic". Wilson intended to record a follow-up, entitled Bambu, but the album was left unfinished at the time of his death in December 1983.

Record producer

A record producer or music producer oversees and manages the sound recording and production of a band or performer's music, which may range from recording one song to recording a lengthy concept album. A producer has many, varying roles during the recording process. They may gather musical ideas for the project, collaborate with the artists to select cover tunes or original songs by the artist/group, work with artists and help them to improve their songs, lyrics or arrangements.

A producer may also:

Select session musicians to play rhythm section accompaniment parts or solos


Propose changes to the song arrangements

Coach the singers and musicians in the studioThe producer typically supervises the entire process from preproduction, through to the sound recording and mixing stages, and, in some cases, all the way to the audio mastering stage. The producer may perform these roles themselves, or help select the engineer, and provide suggestions to the engineer. The producer may also pay session musicians and engineers and ensure that the entire project is completed within the record label's budget.

Sandra Lynne Becker

Sandra Lynne Becker (April 5, 1947 - May 15, 2015) was born in Covina, California. She competed in many beauty pageants during her senior year of high school, and in 1965 became the youngest woman ever to receive the Miss California crown. After winning the crown, Becker traveled with Bob Hope to Vietnam with the USO tour. She also performed with many young American singers at the time, including Perry Como, Angela Lansbury, and Tennessee Ernie Ford. During a 5-year contract with Warner Brother Studios she appeared in several films and TV shows, including Bewitched, Marcus Welby, M.D., and Here Come the Brides.

Solar System (song)

"Solar System" is a song written by Brian Wilson for the American rock band The Beach Boys. It was released on their 1977 album The Beach Boys Love You with a lead vocal by Brian Wilson.

Startup U

Startup U is an American reality television series that premiered on August 11, 2015 on Freeform (then ABC Family). The show is about students in an entrepreneur mentoring program in Silicon Valley.Startup U is based on Draper University, a 7-week residential program in entrepreneurship.

The Beach Boys Love You

The Beach Boys Love You is the 21st studio album by American rock band the Beach Boys, released on April 11, 1977. Originally planned as a Brian Wilson solo outing named Brian Loves You, the album is almost entirely written and performed by Wilson and was penned during a process of mental and drug rehabilitation for him. Synthesizers are featured heavily in its arrangements, while the lyrics tend to be autobiographic or conversational. It was initially received with a sharp divide between fans and critics, peaking at number 53 on US record charts. One single was issued from the album: "Honkin' Down the Highway" backed with "Solar System".

Love You has been recognized as a work of "proto-synth pop," a forerunner to new wave experiments, and an idiosyncratic and creative oddity in the Beach Boys' canon. After being asked where somebody should begin with the Beach Boys discography, Wilson answered: "Pet Sounds first, then listen to The Beach Boys Love You." A follow-up album, Adult/Child, was completed by the group, but left unreleased. Love You would remain the last album written and produced by Wilson for the next 11 years – his debut solo LP Brian Wilson (1988) marked his comeback.

Ugly Brother Studios

Ugly Brother Studios is an American television production company focusing on unscripted, docs-series and specials. The company is based in Los Angeles and was founded by brothers Mike and Tim Duffy in 2014.Before teaming up, Mike and Tim made television for fifteen years. Tim began his career as a Production Manager at Dick Clarke productions and GSN (Game Show Network) before transitioning into writing, producing and eventually network Development at Spike (TV network). Tim was responsible for several of Spike’s early hits including Manswers, Pros vs. Joes and Deadliest Warrior. In 2010, Tim was promoted to Senior VP of Original Series.Mike was a Managing Director of Branded Content for Ben Silverman at Electus where he was responsible for developing family-friendly content for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including NBC’s annual holiday special A Michael Bublé Christmas and Bet on Your Baby for ABC. After Electus, Mike served as Executive Vice President at T Group where he oversaw Invention USA (History), Mystery Diners (Food Network), Storage Hunters, Swamp Hunters and Container Wars (truTV).In 2017, the company's culinary travel show Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse received two Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Culinary Program and Outstanding Single Camera Editing.

Warm Waters

Warm Waters is an album by jazz saxophonist Charles Lloyd recorded in 1971 and released on the Kapp label featuring performances by Lloyd with John Cipollina, Dave Mason, Tom Trujillo, Woodrow Theus II, Ken Jenkins, Bill Wolff, James Zitro, Jesse Ed Davis, and Michael Cohen with guest vocalists Mike Love, Al Jardine, Billy Cowsill, Michael O'Gara, Brian Wilson, Eric Sherman, Carl Wilson and Rhetta Hughes. The album appeared in Europe the same year on the MCA label in West Germany (MAPS 4961) with the same track listing.

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