Brian Thomsen

Brian Michael Thomsen (April 13, 1959 – September 21, 2008) was an American science fiction editor, author and anthologist.

Brian Thomsen
Brian Thomsen and SF/Fantasy Book Cover Model, Lisa Feerick Pollison at the 1994 ABA Book Expo in Downtown Los Angeles.
Brian Thomsen and SF/Fantasy Book Cover Model, Lisa Feerick Pollison at the 1994 ABA Book Expo in Downtown Los Angeles.
BornBrian Michael Thomsen
April 13, 1959
DiedSeptember 21, 2008 (aged 49)
Brooklyn, New York, United States


Thomsen was raised in the New York City neighborhood of Rockaway Beach and attended Regis High School in Manhattan.[1]

He was a founding editor of Warner Books' Questar Science Fiction line,[2] in which position he was nominated for the 1988 Hugo Award for Best Professional Editor.[3] Thomsen served as managing fiction editor at TSR, Inc.; he also wrote over 30 short stories, and collaborated with Julius Schwartz on Schwartz's autobiography.[4] He also worked as the publisher for TSR's Periodicals Department at one point.[5] He was a consulting editor at Tor Books.[2]

He died on September 21, 2008, at his home in Brooklyn, New York at the age of 49.[2] He was survived by his wife, Donna.[2]



  • Once Around the Realms, 1995
  • The Mage in the Iron Mask, 1996



Short stories

  • "Gloria Remembers," Alternate Kennedys, 1992
  • "The Missing Thirty-Fifth President," Alternate Kennedys, 1992
  • "Paper Trail," Alternate Presidents, 1992
  • "Reunion," Grails: Quests of the Dawn, 1992
  • "The Case of the Skinflint's Specters," Christmas Ghosts, 1993
  • "A Sense of Loyalty, a Sense of Betrayal," Alternate Warriors, 1993
  • "Bigger Than U.S. Steel," Alternate Outlaws, 1994
  • "Iguanacon, Too," Alternate Worldcons, 1994
  • "A Night on the Plantation," By Any Other Fame, 1994
  • "Infallibility, Obedience & Acts of Contrition," Alternate Tyrants, 1997
  • "Oscar Night at Swifty's," Alternate Skiffy, 1997
  • "Bloodstained Ground," Alternate Generals, 1998
  • "Dearest Kitty," Legends: Tales from the Eternal Archives, 1999
  • "Mouse the Magic Guy," Merlin, 1999
  • "Fragment of the Log of Captain Amasa Delano," Oceans of Space, 2002
  • "The Grand Tour," Sol's Children, 2002
  • "It's a Wonderful Miracle on 34th Street's Christmas Carol," A Yuletide Universe, 2002


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