Brian Stableford

Brian Michael Stableford (born 25 July 1948) is a British science fiction writer who has published more than 70 novels. His earlier books were published under the name Brian M. Stableford, but more recent ones have dropped the middle initial and appeared under the name Brian Stableford.[1] He has also used the pseudonym Brian Craig for a couple of very early works, and again for a few more recent works. The pseudonym derives from the first names of himself and of a school friend from the 1960s, Craig A. Mackintosh, with whom he jointly published some very early work.[2]

Brian Stableford à la remise du prix Actu SF aux 13emes Rencontres de l’Imaginaire de Sèvres le 26 novembre 2016 - 02
Brian Stableford receiving the award of ActuSF at the 13th Rencontres de l'Imaginaire in Sèvres, France, 26 November 2016


Born at Shipley, Yorkshire, Stableford graduated with a degree in biology from the University of York in 1969 before going on to do postgraduate research in biology and later in sociology. In 1979 he received a Ph.D. with a doctoral thesis on "The Sociology of Science Fiction". Until 1988, he worked as a lecturer in sociology at the University of Reading. Since then he has been a full-time writer and a part-time lecturer at several universities for classes concerning subjects such as creative writing. He has been married twice, and has a son and a daughter by his first marriage.

Awards and honours




  1. The Days of Glory (Ace 1971)
  2. In the Kingdom of the Beasts (Ace 1971)
  3. Day of Wrath (Ace 1971)
  1. The Halcyon Drift (DAW November 1972 / J. M. Dent 1974); also available as an ebook, listed at 58,069 words
  2. Rhapsody in Black (DAW June 1973 / J. M. Dent 1975); also available as an ebook, listed at 51,279 words
  3. Promised Land (DAW February 1974 / J. M. Dent September 1975); also available as an ebook, listed at 49,848 words
  4. The Paradise Game (DAW June 1974 / J. M. Dent 1976); also available as an ebook, listed at 50,303 words
  5. The Fenris Device (DAW December 1974 / Pan 1978); also available as an ebook, listed at 49,782 words
  6. Swan Song (DAW May 1975 / Pan 1978)

All 6 novels are also available in a special omnibus volume: Swan Songs (Big Engine April 2002 / SFBC April 2003)

  1. The Florians (DAW September 1976 / Hamlyn 1978)
  2. Critical Threshold (DAW February 1977 / Hamlyn 1979)
  3. Wildeblood's Empire (DAW October 1977 / Hamlyn 1979)
  4. The City of the Sun (DAW May 1978 / Hamlyn 1980)
  5. Balance of Power (DAW January 1979 / Hamlyn 1984)
  6. The Paradox of the Sets (DAW October 1979)
  1. Asgard's Secret (Five Star October 2004); revised and expanded from 2 earlier versions:
    • Journey to the Center (DAW 1982)
    • Journey to the Centre (NEL October 1989)
  2. Asgard's Conquerors (Five Star December 2004); revised and expanded from an earlier version:
    • Invaders from the Centre (NEL January 1990)
  3. Asgard's Heart (Five Star February 2005); revised and expanded from an earlier version:
    • The Centre Cannot Hold (NEL June 1990)
  1. The Orfeo Trilogy:
    • Zaragoz (GW Books November 1989) (as by "Brian Craig")
    • Plague Daemon (GW Books April 1990) (as by "Brian Craig")
    • Storm Warriors (GW Books March 1991) (as by "Brian Craig")
  2. The Wine of Dreams (Black Library October 2000) (as by "Brian Craig")
  3. Warhammer 40000: Pawns of Chaos (Black Library April 2001) (as by "Brian Craig")
  1. The Werewolves of London (Simon & Schuster UK July 1990)
  2. The Angel of Pain (Simon & Schuster UK August 1991)
  3. The Carnival of Destruction (Pocket UK October 1994)
  1. Ghost Dancers (GW Books May 1991) (as by "Brian Craig")
  1. Serpent's Blood (Legend May 1995)
  2. Salamander's Fire (Legend May 1996)
  3. Chimera's Cradle (Simon & Schuster UK March 1997)

The first six volumes are considered the main sequence and were published out of series order; preferred reading order shown below is established from the author's introduction to volume 6, The Omega Expedition. This series is also related to, though not always entirely consistent with, the 8 collections and 3 novels subtitled "Tales of the Biotech Revolution", see below.

The term "emortality", intended to indicate near-immortality as opposed to absolute immortality, is acknowledged by Stableford (in the acknowledgments to volume 3, Dark Ararat) to have been coined by Alvin Silverstein in his 1979 book, Conquest of Death.

In the introduction to his 2007 collection, The Tree of Life and Other Tales of the Biotech Revolution, Stableford describes this series as "tracking the potential effects of possible developments in biotechnology on the evolution of global society. [It can be considered] a modified version of the future history mapped out in The Third Millennium: A History of the World AD 2000-3000 (Sidgwick & Jackson 1985, written in collaboration with David Langford).

"The broad sweep of this future history envisages a large-scale economic and ecological collapse in the 21st-century brought about by global warming and other factors, followed by the emergence of a global society designed to accommodate human longevity (although that is not necessarily obvious in stories set in advance of the Crash)."

  1. The Cassandra Complex (Tor March 2001); revised and expanded from:
    • "The Magic Bullet" (nv), Interzone #29 1989
  2. Inherit the Earth (Tor September 1998); revised and expanded from:
    • "Inherit the Earth" (na), Analog July 1995
  3. Dark Ararat (Tor March 2002)
  4. Architects of Emortality (Tor September 1999); revised and expanded from:
    • Les Fleurs du Mal (na) Asimov's October 1994; also, see Collection 19, below
  5. The Fountains of Youth (Tor May 2000); revised and expanded from:
  6. The Omega Expedition (Tor December 2002); revised and expanded from:
    • "And He Not Busy Being Born..." (ss) Interzone #16 Summer 1986
  7. The Dragon Man: A Novel of the Future (Borgo Press 2009); a stand-alone "Young Adult" novel; also available as an e-book, listed at 65,401 words
  1. The Wayward Muse (Black Coat Press September 2005) ISBN 1-932983-45-7
    • Introduction (in) *
    • "The Secret Exhibition" (nv), Weird Tales Fall 1999; revised here, per the author's introduction
    • "The Incubus of the Rose" (ss), Weird Tales Summer 2000; revised here, per the author's introduction
    • "The Arms of Morpheus" (short novel) *
  2. Eurydice's Lament (Black Coat Press Nov. 2015)
  3. The Mirror of Dionysius (Black Coat Press Dec. 2016)
  4. The Pool of Mnemosyne (Black Coat Press April 2018)
  1. The Shadow of Frankenstein (Black Coat Press December 2008) ISBN 978-1-934543-63-4; a fix-up of the following:
  2. Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (Black Coat Press November 2009) ISBN 978-1-934543-89-4; a fix-up of the following:
    • "The Return of Frankenstein" (na) Tales of the Shadowmen, Volume 4: Lords of Terror, ed. Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier, Black Coat Press 2008
    • "The Vampire in Paris" (na) Tales of the Shadowmen, Volume 5: The Vampires of Paris, ed. Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier, Black Coat Press 2009
  3. Frankenstein in London (Black Coat Press January 2011) ISBN 978-1-935558-78-1; a fix-up of the following:
    • "Where Zombies Armies Clash By Night" (na) Tales of the Shadowmen, Volume 6: Grand Guignol, ed. Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier, Black Coat Press 2010
    • "The Necromancers of London" (na) Tales of the Shadowmen, Volume 7: Femmes Fatales, ed. Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier, Black Coat Press 2011
  1. "The Legacy of Erich Zann" (na), see Collections 21 & 23, below
  2. The Mad Trist / Valdemar's Daughter (Borgo Press October 2010); billed as "Wildside Double #10"
    • "Valdemar's Daughter: A Romance of Mesmerism" (na) *; also available as an ebook, listed at 30,405 words
    • "The Mad Trist: A Romance of Bibliomania" (na) *; also available as an ebook, listed at 32,787 words
  3. The Quintessence of August: A Romance of Possession (Borgo Press January 2011)
  4. The Cthulhu Encryption: A Romance of Piracy (Borgo Press March 2011)
  5. Journey to the Core of Creation: A Romance of Evolution (Borgo Press November 2011)
  6. Yesterday Never Dies: A Romance of Metempsychosis (Borgo Press January 2013)

Other novels

  • Cradle of the Sun (Ace Double 1969 / Sidgwick & Jackson October 1969)
  • The Blind Worm (Ace Double 1970 / Sidgwick & Jackson March 1970)
  • To Challenge Chaos (DAW May 1972)
  • The Realms of Tartarus (DAW July 1977); a trilogy of short novels, the first of which is slightly revised from the following:
    • The Face of Heaven (Quartet Books February 1976)
  • Man in a Cage (John Day 1975); also available as an e-book, listed at 75,907 words; loosely based on the following story:
    • "Meeting at Eternity" (vi), Proteus #3 1966
  • The Mind-Riders (DAW May 1976 / Fontana 1977)
  • The Last Days of the Edge of the World (Hutchinson 1978 / Ace September 1985)
  • The Walking Shadow (Fontana 1979 / Carroll & Graf July 1985)
  • Optiman (DAW October 1980) / a.k.a. War Games (Pan UK July 1981)
  • The Castaways of Tanagar (DAW April 1981)
  • The Gates of Eden (DAW February 1983)
  • The Empire of Fear (Simon & Schuster UK October 1988); revised and expanded from:
    • "The Man Who Loved the Vampire Lady" (nv), F&SF August 1988
  • Young Blood (Simon & Schuster UK September 1992); also available as an e-book, listed at 129,274 words
  • Firefly: A Novel of the Far Future, (Borgo Press 1994 / Cosmos Books May 2009); also available as an e-book, listed at 52,589 words; revised and expanded from:
    • "Beyond Time's Aegis" (nv), Science Fantasy November 1965 {with Craig A. Mackintosh, as by "Brian Craig"}
  • The Hunger and Ecstasy of Vampires (Mark V. Ziesing March 1996) - first published in somewhat abridged form in the following:
    • "The Hunger and Ecstasy of Vampires" (na), Interzone January 1995 (+1)
  • Year Zero (Sarob Press June 2000 / Five Star April 2003); a fix-up and expansion of the following 3 stories:
    • "When Molly Met Elvis" (ss), Interzone April 1997 (as by "Francis Amery")
    • "Molly and the Angel" (ss), Interzone July 1999 (as by "Francis Amery")
    • "Molly and the Men in Black" (nv), Interzone September 1999 (as by "Francis Amery")
  • The Eleventh Hour (Cosmos Books 2001); also available as an e-book, listed at 106,225 words
  • Curse of the Coral Bride (Immanion Press UK November 2004); loosely based on the following:
    • "The Light of Achernar" (nv), The Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique, ed. John Pelan, ShadowLands Press 1999
  • Kiss the Goat (Prime Books September 2005)
  • The Stones of Camelot (Black Coat Press March 2006) ISBN 1-932983-69-4; revised and expanded from:
    • "The Architect of Worlds" (na), Camelot Fantastic, ed. Lawrence Schimel & Martin H. Greenberg, DAW July 1998
  • Streaking: A Novel of Probability (PS Publishing June 2006 / Borgo Press September 2011)
  • The New Faust at the Tragicomique (Black Coat Press April 2007) ISBN 978-1-932983-91-3
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of Eternity (Black Coat Press January 2009) ISBN 978-1-934543-06-1; book version of the following linked novellas:
    • "The Hunger and Ecstasy of Vampires" (na), Interzone January 1995 (+1) / (text restored) Mark V. Ziesing 1996, see above
    • "The Black Blood of the Dead" (na), Interzone January 1997 (+1)
    • "The Gateway of Eternity" (na), Interzone January 1999 (+1)
  • The Moment of Truth, (Borgo Press March 2009); loosely based on the following:
    • "The Face of an Angel" (nv), Leviathan 3, ed. Forrest Aguirre & Jeff VanderMeer, Ministry of Whimsy 2002
  • Prelude to Eternity: A Romance of the First Time Machine (Borgo Press August 2009)
  • The World Beyond: A Sequel to S. Fowler Wright's The World Below (Borgo Press September 2009)
  • Alien Abduction: The Wiltshire Revelations (Borgo Press September 2009); "A Comedy of Aliens"
  • Luscinia: A Romance of Nightingales and Roses (Borgo Press August 2010); also available as an e-book, listed at 62,555 words
  • The Plurality of Worlds: A 16th-century Space Opera (Borgo Press 2010); book version of the following linked novellas:
    • "The Ethership" (na), Asimov's August 2006 (as "The Plurality of Worlds")
    • "Doctor Muffet's Island" (na), Asimov's March 2007
    • "The Philosopher's Stone" (na), Asimov's July 2008
    • "The Great Armada" (na), Asimov's April/May 2009; text slightly restored here
  • Zombies Don't Cry: A Tale of the Biotech Revolution (Borgo Press February 2011)
  • Xeno's Paradox: A Tale of the Biotech Revolution (Borgo Press February 2011) (sequel to "Hidden Agendas", see Collection 9)
  • Nature's Shift: A Tale of the Biotech Revolution (Borgo Press September 2011); loosely based on the following:
    • "The Growth of the House of Usher" (nv), Interzone #24 1988
  • Echoes of Eternity (Chambrion Books Feb. 2016)
  • Vampires of Atlantis: A Love Story (Wildside Press April 2016); revised and expanded from the following:
    • "Sheena" (na), The Vampire Sextette, ed. Marvin Kaye, SFBC 2000 / Ace 2002
  • The Darkling Wood: A Scientific Fantasy (Wildside Press May 2016); revised and expanded from the following:
    • "Tenebrio" (nv), Vanishing Acts, ed. Ellen Datlow, Tor 2000
  • The Devil in Detail (Wildside Press May 2016); loosely based on the following related stories:
    • "Chacun sa Goule" (biography & introduction), Dancing with the Dark, ed. Stephen Jones, Vista 1997
    • "The Haunted Bookshop" (nv), Dark Terrors 5: The Gollancz Book of Horror, ed. Stephen Jones & David Sutton, Gollancz UK 2000
    • "Beyond Bliss" (nv), The Haunted Bookshop and Other Apparitions, Borgo Press Sep. 2007
  • Portals of Paradise (Wildside Press Nov. 2016)
  • Tangled Web of Time (Wildside Press Nov. 2016)
  • Further Beyond: A Lovecraftian Science Fiction Novel (Wildside Press Aug. 2017)
  • The Death of Broceliande: A Tale of Faery (Wildside Press Feb. 2018); revised and expanded from the following:
    • "Chanterelle" (nv), Black Heart, Ivory Bones, ed. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, Avon 2000
  • Spirits of the Vasty Deep (Snuggly Books March 2018)
  • The Alchemy of Blood (Wildside Press May 2018); revised and expanded from the following:
    • "The Path of Progress" (nv/na), The Return of the Djinn and Other Black Melodramas, Borgo Press Aug. 2009


  • The Cosmic Perspective/Custer's Last Stand (Chrim Drumm 1985); collection of 2 original novelettes
  • Slumming in Voodooland (Pulphouse Short Story Paperback #26 July 1991); an original short story
  • The Innsmouth Heritage (Necronomicon Press March 1992); an original short story, inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's fiction [4]
  • Fables and Fantasies (Necronomicon Press October 1996); a collection:
    • "Three Versions of a Fable" (vi), Bats and Red Velvet #14 1995
    • "Nephthys" (ss), Peeping Tom #13 1994
    • "The Annual Conference of the Prophets of Atlantis" (vi), Reminiscon 40 Souvenir Programme 1992
    • "The Requiem Masque" (ss), Albedo One #3 1993
    • "Kalamada's Blessing" (vi), Scheherazade #8 1993
    • "Aphrodite and the Ring" (ss), Scheherazade #11 1995
    • "How the Dragons Yetzirah and Alziluth Lost the Knowledge of a Million Lifetimes" (vi) *; revised from Star Roots #1 1989
    • "The Shepherd's Daughter" (ss), Fear! September 1990
    • "The Sleeping Soul" (vi) *
    • "The Dream" (vi) *


Stableford's prodigious output of short fiction has allowed him to put together the following 22 collections with only one case of overlapping stories between them: "The Legacy of Erich Zann" in both Collections 20 & 22. Collections 1, 3, 6, 8, 13, 16, 19 & 21 are subtitled "Tales of the Biotech Revolution" and are related to, though not always entirely consistent with, his "Emortality" novels, see above.

  1. Sexual Chemistry: Sardonic Tales of the Genetic Revolution (Simon & Schuster UK February 1991); reprinted, sans the concluding article, as Sexual Chemistry and Other Tales of the Biotech Revolution (Borgo Press 2012)
    • Introduction (in) *
    • "Bedside Conversations" (ss), Asimov's December 1990
    • "Sexual Chemistry" (nv), Interzone #20 1987 (a.k.a. "A Career in Sexual Chemistry")
    • "Cinderella's Sisters" (ss), The Gate #1 1989
    • "The Magic Bullet" (nv), Interzone #29 1989 (later expanded into The Cassandra Complex, see above)
    • "The Invertebrate Man" (nv), Interzone #39 1990
    • "The Furniture of Life's Ambition" (ss/nv), Zenith 2, ed. David S. Garnett, Orbit UK 1990
    • "The Fury That Hell Withheld" (ss/nv), Interzone #35 1990
    • "The Engineer and the Executioner" (ss), Amazing May 1975; revised
    • "The Growth of the House of Usher" (nv), Interzone #24 1988 (later expanded into Nature's Shift: A Tale of the Biotech Revolution, see above)
    • "And He Not Busy Being Born..." (ss), Interzone #16 1986 (later expanded into The Omega Expedition, see above)
    • "Mankind in the Third Millennium" (article), Social Biology and Human Affairs v54 #1 1988; originally published in Japanese in Japan Research and Technology #249 1988
  2. Complications and Other Stories (Cosmos Books September 2003)
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    • "Skinned Alive" (ss), Weekend's Fiction Extra September 1978
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  3. Designer Genes: Tales of the Biotech Revolution (Five Star March 2004)
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  6. The Cure for Love and Other Tales of the Biotech Revolution (Borgo Press June 2007)
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As editor

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External links

Albert Robida

Albert Robida (14 May 1848 – 11 October 1926) was a French illustrator, etcher, lithographer, caricaturist, and novelist. He edited and published La Caricature magazine for 12 years. Through the 1880s he wrote an acclaimed trilogy of futuristic novels. In the 1900s he created 520 illustrations for Pierre Giffard's weekly serial La Guerre Infernale.

Amazing Stories Quarterly

Amazing Stories Quarterly was a U.S. science fiction pulp magazine that was published between 1928 and 1934. It was launched by Hugo Gernsback as a companion to his Amazing Stories, the first science fiction magazine, which had begun publishing in April 1926. Amazing Stories had been successful enough for Gernsback to try a single issue of an Amazing Stories Annual in 1927, which had sold well, and he decided to follow it up with a quarterly magazine. The first issue of Amazing Stories Quarterly was dated Winter 1928 and carried a reprint of the 1899 version of H.G. Wells' When the Sleeper Wakes. Gernsback's policy of running a novel in each issue was popular with his readership, though the choice of Wells' novel was less so. Over the next five issues, only one more reprint appeared: Gernsback's own novel Ralph 124C 41+, in the Winter 1929 issue. Gernsback went bankrupt in early 1929, and lost control of both Amazing Stories and Amazing Stories Quarterly; his assistant, T. O'Conor Sloane, took over as editor. The magazine began to run into financial difficulties in 1932, and the schedule became irregular; the last issue was dated Fall 1934.

Authors whose work appeared in Amazing Stories Quarterly include Stanton A. Coblentz, Miles J. Breuer, A. Hyatt Verrill, and Jack Williamson. Critical opinions differ on the quality of the fiction Gernsback and Sloane printed: Brian Stableford regards several of the novels as being important early science fiction, but Everett Bleiler comments that few of the stories were of acceptable quality. Milton Wolf and Mike Ashley are more positive in their assessment; they consider the work Sloane published in the early 1930s to be some of the best in the new genre.

Beyond Singularity

Beyond Singularity is a science fiction anthology edited by American writers Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois. It was published in 2005, and includes stories on the theme of "beyond singularity" that were originally published from 1960 to 2004, though mostly from the last few years of that range. It is the 33rd book in their anthology series for Ace Books.

The book itself, as well as each of the stories, has a short preface by the editors. The preface to the book discusses Vernor Vinge's role in popularizing the concept of the technological singularity, and credits Charles Stross with "[what] may be the most complete vision yet of life beyond the Singularity". Authors they credit with writing convincingly about the singularity who are not included in this book, are Brian Stableford, Stephen Baxter, Bruce Sterling, Greg Bear, Iain Banks, Nancy Kress, Alastair Reynolds, Peter F. Hamilton, Ian McDonald, and Vernor Vinge.

Conte cruel

The conte cruel is, as The A to Z of Fantasy Literature by Brian Stableford states, a "short-story genre that takes its name from an 1883 collection by Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, although previous examples had been provided by such writers as Edgar Allan Poe. Some critics use the label to refer only to non-supernatural horror stories, especially those that have nasty climactic twists, but it is applicable to any story whose conclusion exploits the cruel aspects of the 'irony of fate.' The collection from which the short-story genre of the conte cruel takes its name is Contes cruels (1883, tr. Sardonic Tales, 1927) by Villiers de l'Isle-Adam. Also taking its name from this collection is Contes cruels ("Cruel Tales"), a two-volume set of about 150 tales and short stories by the 19th-century French writer Octave Mirbeau, collected and edited by Pierre Michel and Jean-François Nivet and published in two volumes in 1990 by Librairie Séguier.

Some noted writers in the conte cruel genre are Charles Birkin, Maurice Level, Patricia Highsmith and Roald Dahl, the latter of whom originated Tales of the Unexpected. H. P. Lovecraft observed of Level's fiction in his essay Supernatural Horror in Literature (1927): "This type, however, is less a part of the weird tradition than a class peculiar to itself—the so-called conte cruel, in which the wrenching of the emotions is accomplished through dramatic tantalizations, frustrations, and gruesome physical horrors".Brian M. Stableford has observed that, by the 1980s, the conte cruel was the standard narrative form of soft science fiction, in particular the works of Thomas M. Disch and John Sladek.

Dark fantasy

Dark fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy literary, artistic, and cinematic works that incorporate darker and frightening themes of fantasy. It also often combines fantasy with elements of horror or has a gloomy, dark (or grimdark) atmosphere, or a sense of horror and dread.A strict definition for dark fantasy is difficult to pin down. Gertrude Barrows Bennett has been called "the woman who invented dark fantasy". Both Charles L. Grant and Karl Edward Wagner are credited with having coined the term "dark fantasy"—although both authors were describing different styles of fiction. Brian Stableford argues "dark fantasy" can be usefully defined as subgenre of stories that attempt to "incorporate elements of horror fiction" into the standard formulae of fantasy stories. Stableford also suggests that supernatural horror set primarily in the real world is a form of "contemporary fantasy", whereas supernatural horror set partly or wholly in "secondary worlds" should be described as "dark fantasy".Additionally, other authors, critics, and publishers have adopted dark fantasy to describe various other works. However, these stories rarely share universal similarities beyond supernatural occurrences and a dark, often brooding, tone. As a result, dark fantasy cannot be solidly connected to a defining set of tropes. The term itself may refer collectively to tales that are either horror-based or fantasy-based.

Some writers also use "dark fantasy" (or "Gothic fantasy") as an alternative description to "horror", because they feel the latter term is too lurid or vivid.

Fantasy literature

Fantasy literature is literature set in an imaginary universe, often but not always without any locations, events, or people from the real world. Magic, the supernatural and magical creatures are common in many of these imaginary worlds.

Fantasy is a subgenre of speculative fiction and is distinguished from the genres of science fiction and horror by the absence of scientific or macabre themes, respectively, though these genres overlap. Historically, most works of fantasy were written, however, since the 1960s, a growing segment of the fantasy genre has taken the form of films, television programs, graphic novels, video games, music and art.

A number of fantasy novels originally written for children, such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Hobbit, also attract an adult audience.

Infinity Plus

Infinity Plus (sometimes stylized as infinity plus and infinityplus) was a science fiction webzine active from 1997 to 2007, specializing in reviews, interviews, and professionally-written fiction. It was founded by Keith Brooke (who took a "deliberately elitist approach"); Nick Gevers and Paul Barnett were associate editors. As of 2018, it continues to exist as a small press.

Brian Stableford declared it to be the "leading sf site in the United Kingdom", and SF Signal called it "informative and insightful".

J.-H. Rosny aîné

J.-H. Rosny aîné was the pseudonym of Joseph Henri Honoré Boex (17 February 1856 – 11 February 1940), a French author of Belgian origin who is considered one of the founding figures of modern science fiction. Born in Brussels in 1856, he wrote in the French language, together with his younger brother Séraphin Justin François Boex under the pen name J.-H. Rosny until 1909. After they ended their collaboration Joseph Boex continued to write under the name "Rosny aîné" (Rosny the Elder) while his brother used J.-H. Rosny jeune (Rosny the Younger).

Jane Gaskell

Jane Gaskell is a British fantasy writer. She was born on July 7, 1941, in Lancaster, England and wrote her first novel Strange Evil, when she was 14. It was published two years later and was described by John Grant as "a major work of the fantastic

imagination", comparing it to George MacDonald's Lilith and

David Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus. China Miéville lists Strange Evil as one of the top 10 examples of weird fiction whilst John Clute called it "an astonishingly imaginative piece of fantasy by any standards."Gaskell's horror novel The Shiny Narrow Grin (1964) featured a sympathetic, tormented vampire and was described by Brian Stableford as one of the first "revisionist

vampire novels", whose most successful exemplar was Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. The Shiny Narrow Grin was also listed by horror historian Robert S. Hadji

in his list of "unjustedly neglected" horror novels.Her Atlan saga is set in prehistoric South America and in the mythical world of Atlantis. The series is written from the point of view of its clumsy heroine Cija, except for the last book, which is narrated by her daughter Seka. In 1970 she received the Somerset Maugham Award for her novel A Sweet Sweet Summer

(jointly with Piers Paul Read who received it for his Monk Dawson.) A Sweet, Sweet Summer features aliens visiting a violent future Earth; Baird Searles stated the book makes "

A Clockwork Orange look like Winnie the Pooh".From the 1960s to the 1980s, Gaskell worked as a journalist on the Daily Mail. She later became a professional astrologer.

Jules Lermina

Jules Lermina (1839–1915) was a French writer. He began his career as a journalist in 1859. He was arrested for his socialist political opinions, and received Victor Hugo's support.

He published a number of Edgar Allan Poe-inspired collections, Histoires Incroyables [Incredible Tales] (1885), Nouvelles Histoires Incroyables [New Incredible Tales] (1888) and a short novel, L'Élixir de Vie [The Elixir of Life] (1890) (translated by Brian Stableford and included in Panic in Paris). Le Secret des Zippelius [The Secret of the Zippelius] (1893) (translated by Brian Stableford as The Secret of Zippelius (2011) ISBN 978-1-935558-88-0) featured the controlled disintegration of water. His two-volume La Bataille de Strasbourg [The Battle of Strasbourg] (1895) was one of the first novels on the theme of the yellow peril.

In L'Effrayante Aventure [Panic in Paris] (1910) (translated by Brian Stableford, ISBN 978-1-934543-83-2), Lermina used Bulwer-Lytton's vril-force to create a vril-powered flying machine. The novel also features the resurrection of prehistoric creatures frozen in ice in caverns under Paris. Mystère-Ville (1905) (translated by Brian Stableford as Mysteryville, ISBN 978-1-935558-27-9), written under the pseudonym of William Cobb, and illustrated by Albert Robida, was about Protestants who had fled France and created a secret, futuristic city in a hidden Chinese valley.

Lermina also penned a proto-Tarzan novel, To-Ho le Tueur d'Or (1905) (translated by Georges T. Dodds as To-Ho and the Gold Destroyers ISBN 978-1-935558-34-7, two sequels to the popular classic The Count of Monte-Cristo: Le Fils de Monte-Cristo (1881) (that in English was divided in two books: The Wife of Monte Cristo and The Son of Monte Cristo), and Le Trésor de Monte-Cristo [The Treasure of Monte-Cristo] (1885); and Les Mystères de New York [The Mysteries of New York] (1874), also written under the pseudonym of William Cobb. He also created the indomitable Toto Fouinard, whose adventures were serialized in 1908–09.

List of science fiction novels

This is a list of science fiction novels, novel series, and collections of linked short stories. It includes modern novels, as well as novels written before the term "science fiction" was in common use. This list includes novels not marketed as SF but still considered to be substantially science fiction in content by some critics, such as Nineteen Eighty Four. As such, it is an inclusive list, not an exclusive list based on other factors such as level of notability or literary quality. Books are listed in alphabetical order by title, ignoring the leading articles "A", "An", and "The". Novel series are alphabetical by author-designated name or, if there is none, the title of the first novel in the series or some other reasonable designation.

Maurice Renard

Maurice Renard (28 February 1875, Châlons-en-Champagne – 18 November 1939, Rochefort-Sur-Mer) was a French writer.

Mortimer Gray's History of Death

"Mortimer Gray's History of Death" is a science fiction novella published in 1995 by Brian Stableford. It was nominated for the 1996 Nebula Award for Best Novella. The story takes place in an updated version of Stableford's 1985 future history, The Third Millennium: A History of the World AD 2000-3000.

Necronomicon Press

Necronomicon Press is an American small press publishing house specializing in fiction, poetry and literary criticism relating to the horror and fantasy genres. It is run by Marc A. Michaud.Necronomicon Press was founded in 1976, originally as an outlet for the works of H. P. Lovecraft, after whose fictitious grimoire, the Necronomicon, the firm is named. However, its repertoire expanded to include authors such as Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Ramsey Campbell, Hugh B. Cave, Joyce Carol Oates, Brian Lumley and Brian Stableford.

Necronomicon Press published critical works by such pioneering Lovecraft scholars as Dirk W. Mosig, Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, Kenneth W. Faig, and S. T. Joshi, including Joshi's biography, H. P. Lovecraft: A Life (1996).

The firm published critical journals such as Lovecraft Studies (now superseded by Lovecraft Annual published by Hippocampus Press) and Studies in Weird Fiction, both edited by Joshi; Crypt of Cthulhu, edited by Robert M. Price; and has also published critical studies of Campbell (The Count of Thirty, edited by Joshi) and Fritz Leiber (Witches of the Mind, written by Bruce Byfield).

Necronomicon Press was awarded the World Fantasy Award in 1994 and 1996 for its contributions to small-press publishing, and the British Fantasy Award in 1995 for its publication Necrofile: The Review of Horror Fiction.

Necronomicon Press' books are mostly illustrated by Jason Eckhardt and Robert H. Knox. Some of their titles, such as Lovecraft's The Colour Out of Space, contain original artwork from the amateur writers' magazines of Lovecraft's own time. One issue of Lovecraft Studies was illustrated by Sam Gafford.

A flood in March 2010 caused a loss of more than $20,000 worth of books. The press has since reactivated its website.

Pilgrim Award

The Pilgrim Award is presented by the Science Fiction Research Association for Lifetime Achievement in the field of science fiction scholarship. It was created in 1970 and was named after J. O. Bailey’s pioneering book Pilgrims Through Space and Time. Fittingly, the first award was presented to Bailey.

1970 – J. O. Bailey (USA)

1971 – Marjorie Hope Nicolson (USA)

1972 – Julius Kagarlitski (USSR)

1973 – Jack Williamson (USA)

1974 – I. F. Clarke (UK)

1975 – Damon Knight (USA)

1976 – James E. Gunn (USA)

1977 – Thomas D. Clareson (USA)

1978 – Brian W. Aldiss (UK)

1979 – Darko Suvin (Canada)

1980 – Peter Nicholls (Australia)

1981 – Sam Moskowitz (USA)

1982 – Neil Barron (USA)

1983 – H. Bruce Franklin (USA)

1984 – Everett F. Bleiler (USA)

1985 – Samuel R. Delany (USA)

1986 – George E. Slusser (USA)

1987 – Gary K. Wolfe (USA)

1988 – Joanna Russ (USA)

1989 – Ursula K. Le Guin (USA)

1990 – Marshall Tymn (USA)

1991 – Pierre Versins (France)

1992 – Mark R. Hillegas (USA)

1993 – Robert Reginald (USA)

1994 – John Clute (UK)

1995 – Vivian Sobchack (USA)

1996 – David Ketterer (Canada)

1997 – Marleen Barr (USA)

1998 – L. Sprague de Camp (USA)

1999 – Brian Stableford (UK)

2000 – Hal W. Hall (USA)

2001 – David N. Samuelson (USA)

2002 – Mike Ashley (UK)

2003 – Gary Westfahl (USA)

2004 - Edward James (UK)

2005 - Gérard Klein (France)

2006 - Fredric Jameson (USA)

2007 - Algis Budrys (USA)

2008 - Gwyneth Jones (UK)

2009 - Brian Attebery (USA)

2010 - Eric Rabkin (USA)

2011 - Donna Haraway (USA)

2012 - Pamela Sargent (USA)

2013 - N. Katherine Hayles (USA)

2014 - Joan Gordon (USA)

2015 – Henry Jenkins (USA)

2016 – Mark Bould (UK)

2017 – Tom Moylan (Ireland)

2018 – Carl Freedman (USA)

Tales of the Shadowmen

Tales of the Shadowmen is an American annual anthology of short stories edited by Jean-Marc Lofficier and Randy Lofficier, published by Black Coat Press. The stories take place in a fictional world where all of the characters and events from adventure literature, and in particular French adventure literature, actually exist in the same universe.

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy is a 1997 reference work concerning fantasy fiction, edited by John Clute and John Grant. Other contributors include Mike Ashley, Neil Gaiman, Diana Wynne Jones, David Langford, Sam J. Lundwall, Michael Scott Rohan, Brian Stableford and Lisa Tuttle.

The book was well-received on publication. During 1998, it received the Hugo Award, World Fantasy Award, and Locus Award. The industry publication Library Journal described The Encyclopedia of Fantasy as "the first of its kind".Since November 2012, the full text of The Encyclopedia of Fantasy is available on-line, as a companion to the on-line Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. The editors of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction have stated that there are not any plans to update the Encyclopedia of Fantasy, at least for the foreseeable future, although some death dates post-1997 have been added.

Wormwood (magazine)

Wormwood: Writings about fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature is a magazine of literature and literary criticism, edited by Mark Valentine, and published semi-annually since 2003 by Tartarus Press. The first issue appeared in August 2003.As the subtitle indicates, the magazine focuses on fantasy and decadence, and especially on European authors of the past two centuries. Most of the selections are criticism articles or book reviews, although some previously unpublished fiction has recently appeared. Issues 1-14 featured a column titled "The Decadent World-View" by Brian Stableford, analyzing texts which provided particular influence on the French Decadents, particularly Charles Baudelaire.

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