Borås (UK: /bʊˈrɔːs/ buu-RAWSS, US: /buːˈrɔːs, buːˈroʊs/ boo-RAWSS, boo-ROHSS,[3][4] Swedish: [bʊˈroːs] (listen)) is a city (officially, a locality) and the seat of Borås Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden. It had 66,273 inhabitants in 2010.[1]

Borås railway station
Borås railway station
Coat of arms of Borås

Coat of arms
Borås is located in Västra Götaland
Borås is located in Sweden
Coordinates: 57°43′16″N 12°56′25″E / 57.72111°N 12.94028°ECoordinates: 57°43′16″N 12°56′25″E / 57.72111°N 12.94028°E
CountyVästra Götaland County
MunicipalityBorås Municipality
 • Total31.40 km2 (12.12 sq mi)
143 m (469 ft)
 • Total66,273
 • Density2,111/km2 (5,470/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
501 xx
Area code(s)(+46) 33
WebsiteOfficial website
Borås and the river Viskan in winter.
Suecia 3-043 ; Borås
Borås circa 1700, in Suecia antiqua et hodierna.
Boras Krokshallstorget
A view from Krokshall square onto Caroli church with Viskan in front.


Borås is located at the point of two crossing railways, among them the railway between Gothenburg and Kalmar, and is often considered the Swedish city gaining the most from the nationwide railway system laid between 1870 and 1910.


The city of Borås received its privileges in 1621 by King Gustav II Adolf. The reason was to give local pedlars a legal place for vending their merchandise (and for the government the ability to collect taxes on this trade). The city developed soon after it was founded. After a century it had increased to over 2,000 inhabitants. Borås has been ravaged by fires four times: in 1681, 1727, 1822 and 1827. The Caroli church is the oldest of Borås's buildings, and has withstood all fires.

In its 2017 report, Police in Sweden placed the Norrby, Hässleholmen and Hulta districts in the most severe category of urban areas with high crime rates.[5]


The city arms depicts two pairs of sheep shears, a tribute to the vast number of smiths in the town in early history. It currently holds the Swedish record in the number of established mail-order firms.

The company Swedac is based in the city, as well as Ericsson, which has a large manufacturing plant where Mini-Link microwave radios are manufactured. Worldwide clothing retailer H&M have their worldwide Online office based in the city as well.

Outside the city in the industrial park of Viared, there are many companies specializing in logistics. Industries in Borås have close collaboration with the University College of Borås as well as the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, the largest technical research institute of Sweden, both located in Borås. Besides being the home of the official Swedish Kilogram-weight and the atomic clock that sets the national time, SP conducts various testing and research to promote consumer safety.



Borås is a railway junction. The Coast-to-Coast Line from Gothenburg to Kalmar runs through the city centre. At the Borås Railway Station it meets the Älvsborg Line (heading north to Herrljunga and Uddevalla) and the Viskadal Line (going south to Varberg). Continuous passenger trains often run through the city along the two latter lines.

As of 2019 SJ runs 3-4 daily trains in each direction between Gothenburg and Kalmar. The regional traffic agency Västtrafik runs frequent trains between Borås and Gothenburg, Herrljunga, and Varberg. All passenger trains stop at Borås railway station. Trains on the northern line to and from Herrljunga also stop at Knalleland halt within the city.


The most successful sports team is the football team IF Elfsborg, six times Swedish champions (1936, 1939, 1940,1961, 2006 and 2012) and three times winner of the Swedish cup (2001, 2003 and 2014). Elfsborg was founded in 1904, but received its current name in 1906. The team's home arena, since 2005, is Borås Arena (formerly Ryavallen Stadium) in Borås, with a capacity of 16000. Elfsborg play in yellow and black.

Other teams are Borås Hockey Club, M7 (a basketball team that worked with Magic Johnson for a short while) and Borås Rhinos which is an American football team.

The table tennis club, Mariedals IK, currently has three players in the Swedish youth team: Hampus Soderlund, Mattias Översjö and Jimmy Ojakangas.

Other sports that can be practiced in Borås are: archery, track and field, rowing, handball, table tennis, tennis, skiing, orienteering, sport shooting, swimming, golf, equestrian, bowling, cheerleading and various martial arts. Borås Judoclub has tried to create a national center for judo. Members from the club that have participated in the olympics include Per Kjellin and Lars Adolfsson (who competed twice).

Boråshallen is the largest indoor sports hall in Borås, where the Mariedal cup, an indoor football competition, is held annually in October or November. The competition started in 1978 in its current form.

Borås hosted the water polo events of the XIII FINA World Masters Championships 2010, from July 28 to August 6.[6]

Other sports clubs located in Borås include:


  • Hemvärnets Musikkår Borås – a marching and sitting orchestra
  • Borås kulturskola – School of the Arts (for young people).
  • Borås kulturhus – theater, library, museum of art
  • Borås Tidning – the local newspaper.
  • Textilmuseet – a museum about textile manufacturing and clothes.
  • Borås djurpark – The local zoo. They have successfully raised a number of different animals and even exported lions to other zoos.
  • Åhaga – A renovated building previously used to maintain and repair locomotives. Now used for conferences and concerts.

Every summer, a number of free outdoor concerts are held on the town square on Thursday evenings.

The city has lately been recognized as a city of outdoor sculptures, such as Catafalque by Sean Henry, Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd's knotted non-violence pistol and a huge bronze version of Pinocchio called Walking to Borås by the American pop artist Jim Dine.

During the holiday All Saints' Day, there is an annual gaming convention called Borås Spelkonvent, where people, mostly youths, meet to play various board games, Warhammer 40k and Magic: The Gathering among other games.


Borås has a cold oceanic climate, influenced by Atlantic trade winds travelling without major obstacles over the land, with low mean temperatures, compared to coastal areas and the more urban metropolis, Gothenburg, near to the west. Considering it being inland and quite far south, summer temperatures are rather subdued by Swedish standards, whilst winter average highs hover just above freezing. Being inland still enables severe extremes to sometimes occur, such as a 36 °C (97 °F) reading from July 1901, the warmest July temperature on record in Sweden, although not a national record (38 °C (100 °F) set on two different June dates and years on other stations). The coldest extreme was set in February 1966 with −34.1 °C (−29.4 °F), a severely cold temperature for southern Sweden.

By Swedish standards, the climate of Borås is very wet, with a precipitation average of 975 millimetres (38.4 in). This is also due to marine airflows coming from the Atlantic and easily being transported over lowland areas, where the precipitation eventually falls. This renders heavy solid or wet snowfall in winter and the freeze-thaw cycle is normally dominant, with irregular snow cover.


Municipal subdistrict Göta
  • Göta
  • Kristineberg
  • Dammsvedjan
  • Hedvigsborg
Municipal subdistrict Sjöbo
Municipal subdistrict Brämhult
Municipal subdistrict Norrby
  • Norrby
  • Byttorp
  • Tullen
  • Hestra
  • Ekås
Municipal subdistrict Centrum (city)
  • Centrum
  • Salängen
  • Lugnet
  • Villastaden
  • Bergdalen
  • Norrmalm
Municipal subdistrict Sandhult



Ramnaparken lake in winter

Borås stadspark

City park

Boras Radhus

Municipal court

Borås Stad.jpeg

Winter panorama

Borås vattentorn

Water tower

Pensionat Lyckebo

The old Pensionat Lyckebo


Catafalque by Sean Henry in Winter.

Notable people


See also University of Borås

High schools

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External links

1958 FIFA World Cup

The 1958 FIFA World Cup, the sixth staging of the World Cup, was hosted by Sweden from 8 to 29 June. The tournament was won by Brazil, who beat Sweden 5–2 in the final in the Stockholm suburb of Solna for their first title. The tournament is also notable for marking the debut on the world stage of a then 17-year-old Pelé.

2014–15 EuroChallenge Group C

Group C of the 2014–15 EuroChallenge consisted of Okapi Aalstar, Bakken Bears, Fraport Skyliners, and Borås Basket. Play began on 4 November and ended on 16 December 2014.

2019 European Athletics U20 Championships

The 2019 European Athletics U20 Championships are the 25th edition of the biennial European U20 athletics championships. They are held in Borås, Sweden from 18 July to 21 July.


Basketligan, or simply Ligan, is the premier league for professional basketball in Sweden. The league was originally established in 1992 as Basketligan and was known as that prior to the season of 2006–07, but when the Swedish company Obol Investment signed an agreement with the Swedish Basketball Federation in early October 2006, the league was renamed Obol Basketball League (OBL). In January 2007 the name was changed to Ligan, meaning simply the League.

Björn Rehnquist

Björn Rehnquist (born January 5, 1978 in Borås, Sweden) is a professional Swedish tennis player.

Borås AIK

Borås AIK is a Swedish football club located in Borås.

Borås Arena

The Borås Arena is a football stadium in Borås, Sweden. It is the home ground of IF Elfsborg and Norrby IF and was opened in 2005. Borås Arena has an artificial turf pitch, GreenFields MX by GreenFields, and has a capacity of 14,500–17,800 depending on usage. Both clubs presently using the stadium previously had Ryavallen as their home ground. Until recently it was the only stadium in Allsvenskan built in the last 40 years. The arena is located in Knalleland and is very close to the newly built athletics hall Ryahallen.

The first game at Borås Arena was IF Elfsborg vs Örgryte IS on 17 April 2005 in the top Swedish league, Allsvenskan. The game ended in a 1-0 victory for Elfsborg, Daniel Mobaeck scoring the goal. The current record attendance is 17,070 and was set 4 July 2005 in a game between IF Elfsborg and Kalmar FF which marked the return of both Anders Svensson and Mathias Svensson.

The stadium was originally scheduled to be a tournament site for the 2009 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship, but a sponsorship conflict with Max fast food chain's location at the stadium and official UEFA sponsor McDonald's, plus a contractual requirement for official sponsors to have a monopoly over the stadium's area, and a refusal to close the restaurant led to it losing its status as a site for the tournament.

Borås Arena didn't only open a new era for IF Elfsborg but also for other clubs in Allsvenskan, Elfsborg was the first club to build a new arena owned by their investment company. Many other clubs have built new arenas copying the model Elfsborg set up, trying to own their arena which gives big economic resources.

Borås Basket

Borås Basket is a professional basketball club based in the Swedish town of Borås. The club was founded in 1952 and currently plays in the Basketligan, the country's premier league.

Borås has played in European competitions multiple times in its history; in 1995, 1996 and 2000 it played in the FIBA Korac Cup. In 2014 Borås returned to Europe when it entered the EuroChallenge.

Borås HC

Borås HC is a Swedish professional ice hockey club, based in Borås, currently playing in the Swedish league division 2.

The club played constantly in the second-tier league HockeyAllsvenskan between 2007 and 2012, but due to economical problems the Board of HockeyAllsvenskan announced on 27 June 2012 that they would not grant Borås HC elite license for the 2012–13 season and the club was therefore relegated to Division 1. They appealed the decision to the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, but the appeal was effectively turned down on 6 July 2012.

Borås Municipality

Borås Municipality (Borås kommun) is a municipality in Västra Götaland County in western Sweden. Its seat is located in the city of Borås.

In 1971 the City of Borås was made a municipality (kommun) when the unitary type of local government unit was introduced in Sweden. Three years later a lot of surrounding municipalities were amalgamated with Borås. In 1995 the western part was split off, creating Bollebygd Municipality.

In the 1990s the municipal assembly (kommunfullmäktige) decided to use the name Borås stad or City of Borås whenever possible, for the whole municipality, including rural areas. This decision is purely nominal and has no effect on the legal status of the municipality.

Christer Björkman

Christer Samuel Björkman (born 25 August 1957) is a Swedish singer and television producer. He represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1992 with the song "I morgon är en annan dag" after winning Melodifestivalen 1992.Since 2002, he has been a producer of Melodifestivalen, and remained an important figure in Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest. He will step down from his position in 2021.

Christina Sandberg

Christina Sandberg (born 11 January 1948) is a former professional Swedish tennis player. She reached the quarter finals of the 1970 Australian Open in both the singles and doubles. She played for Sweden in the Federation Cup in 25 matches, and is famous for beating Virginia Wade in the first round of the 1968 Wimbledon Championships - Women's Singles.

EuroBasket 2003

The 2003 FIBA European Championship, commonly called FIBA EuroBasket 2003, was the 33rd FIBA EuroBasket regional basketball championship held by FIBA Europe, which also served as the Europe qualifier for the 2004 Summer Olympics, giving a berth to the top three teams in the final standings. It was held in Sweden between September 5 and September 14 2003. Sixteen national teams entered the event under the auspices of FIBA Europe, the sport's regional governing body. The cities of Borås, Luleå, Norrköping, Södertälje and Stockholm hosted the tournament. Lithuania won its third FIBA European title by defeating Spain with a 93–84 score in the final. Lithuania's Šarūnas Jasikevičius was voted the tournament's MVP.

IF Elfsborg

Idrottsföreningen Elfsborg, more commonly known as IF Elfsborg or simply Elfsborg (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈɛlfsbɔrj]), is a professional football club based in Borås, Sweden, and is affiliated to the Västergötlands Fotbollförbund. They play in the Allsvenskan and have spent most of their history in the top tier of Swedish football. Their homeground is Borås Arena, where they have played since 17 April 2005.The club was founded in 1904 by a group of 19 youngsters which all were 14–15 years old. Borås Fotbollslag was formed in Ordenshuset at Landala (today Knalleland) on 26 June 1904. The main protagonist in the formation, Carl Larson, who in addition to football also practiced athletics and wrestling. Claimed the reason was that the main sports club in the city, Borås Athletic and Sports Society, would not exert football in their program.Carl Larson, however, found that there were too many clubs containing the city name Borås which contributed to the name change in 1906 by Riksidrottsförbundet to the current, IF Elfsborg. The name is derived from Älvsborg County where instead of making use of the modern spelling Älvsborg, they used out of the older spelling with an E. The same goes for the club colours, reflected in their crest and kit, yellow and black. Colors that are taken from Älvsborg Regiment, Elfsborg would not only represent a city but a whole region. A recurring motto of the club is "Vi Tillsammans" (We together).The club's homeground Borås Arena is also called Elfsborg Fortress, since Elfsborg is Allsvenskan home strongest team in the 2000s (decade). It is also the only team in Allsvenskan that has won against the Swedish national football team with 2–1 in the opening ceremony of Ryavallen and one of only two teams to win Allsvenskan as newcomers in 1961, the other team was Östers IF in 1968. Elfsborg have repeatedly participated for the qualifier to Champions League, Europa League and was as late as 2007 in 2007–08 UEFA Cup and was an overall winner in 2008 UEFA Intertoto Cup the following year.

The club have won six national championships, the latest in 2012, and three national cups.

KFUM Borås

KFUM Borås is a Swedish multi-sport club based in Borås. The club's basketball team, known as Borås Basket, play in the Swedish top division Basketligan in 2017–18.The club's handball team were promoted to the highest league, Allsvenskan, in 1964. The team that won promotion mainly consisted of local players. A major reason for their success was the physical shape of the players. Coach Arne Eriksson, a former Swedish military pentathlon champion, made the players regularly practise long-distance running. This gave the team an advantage over technically more skilled opponents. In their debut season in the top-flight, Borås finished second, a single point behind champions Redbergslids IK. They did this with largely the same team that had won promotion. They had an average attendance around 2400 during the season. However, the club was relegated in the following season and never returned to the top division. During this time, the team played their home matches in Boråshallen, the same arena that is currently used by the basketball team. In 1984, KFUM Borås's handball department merged with three other clubs to form Borås HK 84. In 2017, Borås HK 84 discontinued its men's first team.The club used to have a tennis department. In 2012 it merged with two other clubs and the organisation that operates the courts to form Elfsborg Tennis.

Norrby IF

Norrby IF is a Swedish football club from Borås. The club was founded 27 April 1927.


Ryavallen is a multi-purpose stadium in Borås, Sweden. From its inauguration in 1941 to 2004, it was the home of IF Elfsborg who now play at Borås Arena. During the 1958 FIFA World Cup, it hosted the matches between USSR and Austria, and between England and Austria.

The record attendance is 22,654 spectators, when IF Elfsborg played IFK Norrköping in 1961. After Elfsborg had left the arena, the north stand was replaced by an indoor athletics hall. Ryavallen is currently used mostly for athletics.

Sven Davidson

Sven Davidson (13 July 1928 – 28 May 2008) was a Swedish tennis player who became the first Swede to win a Grand Slam title when he won the French Championships in 1957, beating Ashley Cooper and Herbert Flam.

University of Borås

The University of Borås (UB) is a Swedish university college in the city of Borås. It was founded in 1977 and has around 11 000 students.

Climate data for Borås (2002–2018; extremes since 1901)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 10.0
Mean maximum °C (°F) 6.8
Average high °C (°F) 0.9
Daily mean °C (°F) −1.5
Average low °C (°F) −3.9
Mean minimum °C (°F) −14.8
Record low °C (°F) −29.0
Average precipitation mm (inches) 106.4
Source #1: SMHI[7]
Source #2: SMHI Monthly Data 2002–2018[8]
Municipal seats


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