Bombing of Tallinn in World War II

The German Luftwaffe and Soviet Long Range Aviation bombed the Estonian capital Tallinn several times during World War II. The first instance was during the Summer War of 1941 (part of Operation Barbarossa). A number of bombing missions followed in 1942–43. The largest of the bombings occurred in March 1944 in connection with the Battle of Narva and is known as March bombing (Estonian: märtsipommitamine). Thousands of Soviet bombs set the town on fire, killed 757 people, of whom 586 were civilians and 75 prisoners of war, wounded 659, and left 25,000 people without shelter in the spring thaw.

TLA 1465 1 973 Varemetes Harju tänav, vasakul Kuld Lõvi varemed 1944
The old town of Tallinn after bombed by the Red Air Force in March 1944
Estonia threatre after bombing
Estonia Theatre after bombing by Red Air Force in March 1944

Luftwaffe raids in 1941

The Soviet Union took control of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia in 1940 gaining control over the naval bases in the Baltic Sea, including Tallinn.[1] The German invasion quickly progressed eastward towards the Baltic states where they began to destroy Soviet naval bases.[1] By August 1941, the Soviet’s most westward naval base was in Tallinn making it a main target for the German forces.[1] Luftwaffe commenced bombing of Tallinn from the first days of the war in June, and this intensified in August due to the Soviet attempts to evacuate the city's residents, elements of the Baltic Fleet, formations of the 8th Army, and industrial assets important for war production. The Soviet forces lost control of Estonia in the summer of 1941, when the Germans began to gradually occupy the country.[2]

Red Air Force raids, 1942-43

Tallinn was bombed on several occasions during May and September, 1942. During 1943, several bombing missions were performed by the Red Air Force on Tallinn in February, March, May, August, and September. With German forces now occupying Estonia's capital Tallinn, the Soviet air force began bombing the city which it formerly controlled.[2]

Red Air Force raids in 1944

In February 1944, Germans began storing provisions, supply depots, and reserve units for the front lines in Estonia.[3] Tallinn’s harbor became a main terminal for the German’s transportation of goods that were supplying the front lines.[3] Due to the increase of German activity in Tallinn, the Soviet air force began targeting the city for bombings in an effort to debilitate Germany.[3]

The heaviest of the air assaults was on 9 March. A week before, the Mayor of Tallinn had given an order to the city dwellers to leave the town, but the evacuation failed. The extent of the attack was beyond the expectations of the local people and the headquarters of the Army Group North. A bombing run consisting of 300 aircraft dropping 3068 bombs, 1725 of them explosive and 1300 incendiary, inflicted heavy damage to the city.[4][5] The first attack began at 6:30 p.m. on the night of the ninth, lasting two and a half hours.[3] Bombers hit the capital again at 2 a.m. for an additional hour and a half the same night.[3] The fire brigades were scarce on water, as Soviet saboteurs had blown up the city pumping station before the air raid. Military damage was minor, with a few military installations and supply stores destroyed. The major military loss was the burning of a million litres of fuel in the fuel depot. Of the enterprises with some military importance, the "Luther" plywood factory and the Urania-Werke-run cable factory were destroyed. Most of the bombs fell on the dwellings and public buildings, including the Estonia Theatre, St. Nicholas Church, the city synagogue, four cinemas, and the Tallinn City Archives.[6] A large part of the wooden suburbs burnt down and the city centre suffered major damage. It was reported that about twenty percent of the buildings in Tallinn were burnt down.[3]

According to the official report, 757 people were killed, of whom 586 were civilians, 50 were military personnel, and 121 were prisoners-of-war. 213 had serious injuries, 446 had minor injuries. Amongst the injured were 65 military servicemen and 75 prisoners-of-war. Later, more victims were found, with the number of deaths estimated at up to 800.[5] More than 20,000 people were left without a shelter in the spring thaw, while the military objects were almost untouched.[4][7] Immediately after the bombing raid Finnish air force bombers followed returning Soviet bombers to three military airbases near Leningrad and bombed them.[8] During the attack, about twenty-five Soviet airplanes were shot down in Tallinn with an additional ten destroyed by the Finnish air force later the same night.[3]

Regarding the high number of civilian casualties and low damage to military and strategic installations in the cities, the Soviet bombing raids were conducted primarily in order to destroy the morale of local civilians opposed to a return of Soviet occupation forces.[5][7][9] Regardless of Soviet intentions, the high civilian casualty toll of the raids had significantly increased the hostility of the Estonian public towards the Soviet army. On 27 February, a Soviet air raid had hit children playing in the school yard of Luunja Parish, killing four. The date of their burial was turned into a national memorial day, accompanied by the poem "Uus Herodes" ("Modern Herod") published by Henrik Visnapuu.[10][11] More Estonians felt an urge to fight against the Soviet advance.[9][12] A slogan:[11]

Varemeist tõuseb kättemaks! (Vengeance Will Rise from the Ruins!)

was written on the ruins of the Estonia Theatre. The slogan became the title of the newspaper of the 20th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Estonian).[11]

The last Red Air Force bomb raid to Tallinn was commenced at night before 22 September 1944. The Soviet Union annexed Estonia as one of its republics for a second time in September 1944.[2]


The last ruins—along the Harju Street in the Old Town—served as a memorial to the victims of the raid; but the ruins were filled in 2007 and a park built over them after careful archaeological work.


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Battle of Tallinn

Battle of Tallinn may refer to:

Battle at the Iron Gate, a possible 1032 Novgorod failed naval attack near the Estonian stronghold.

Battle of Lindanise, a 1219 Danish conquest of the Estonian stronghold in the Livonian Crusade.

Siege of Tallinn, a 1221 failed Estonian siege of the Danish stronghold in the Livonian Crusade.

Siege of Lindanise, a 1223 failed Estonian siege of the Danish stronghold in the Livonian Crusade.

Siege of Lindanise, a 1223 failed Russian and Estonian siege of the Danish stronghold in the Livonian Crusade.

Battle of Lindanise, a 1227 Livonian Brothers of the Sword capture of the Danish stronghold in the Livonian Crusade.

Battle of Sõjamäe, a 1343 Livonian Order attack on Estonian forces near the town in the St. George's Night Uprising.

Battle of Jerusalem Hill, two 1560 de facto independent Reval attacks against Muscovite forces near the town in the Livonian War.

Battle of Reval, a 1569 Danish and Lübecker naval bombardment and sack of Reval Harbour in the Livonian War.

Siege of Reval, a 1570–1571 failed "Livonian" and Muscovite siege of the Swedish town in the Livonian War.

Siege of Reval, a 1577 failed Muscovite siege of the Swedish town in the Livonian War.

Battle of Reval, a 1602 Polish-Lithuanian attack on Swedish forces near the town in the Polish–Swedish War (1600–11).

Siege of Reval, a 1710 Russian siege to capture the Swedish town.

Battle of Reval, a 1790 failed Swedish naval attack on the Russian town in the Russo-Swedish War (1788–1790).

Bombing of Tallinn in World War II, 1941–1944 German and Soviet aerial bombing raids of the city.

Two battles during the Summer War of World War II:

Battle of Tallinn, a 1941 German capture of the city from Soviet forces.

Soviet evacuation of Tallinn, a 1941 naval evacuation of the city and the Gulf of Finland.

Tallinn Offensive, a 1944 offensive to retake the city from German forces in World War II.

Attempt to restore independence, a 1944 failed Estonian attempt to recapture the city from German forces and to hold it against Soviet forces.

Battle of Tallinn, the final battle of that offensive.

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Breton nationalism and World War II

Breton Social-National Workers' Movement

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British 51st (Highland) Infantry Division (World War II)

British anti-invasion preparations of World War II

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British Army Groups in WWII

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Bugs & Daffy: The Wartime Cartoons

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Bulgarian resistance movement during World War II

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Burma Campaign

Bény-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery

List of World War II battles

This is a list of World War II battles.

St. Nicholas' Church, Tallinn

Not to be confused with St Nicholas' Church, Tallinn (Russian Orthodox).St. Nicholas' Church (Estonian: Niguliste kirik) is a medieval former church in Tallinn, Estonia. It was dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the patron of the fishermen and sailors. Originally built in the 13th century, it was partially destroyed in Soviet Bombing of Tallinn in World War II. It has since been restored and today houses a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia, focusing mainly on ecclesiastical art from the Middle Ages onward. The former church is also used as a concert hall.

Tallinn Town Hall

The Tallinn Town Hall (Estonian: Tallinna raekoda) is a building in the Tallinn Old Town, Estonia, next to the Town Hall Square. It is the oldest town hall in the whole of the Baltic region and Scandinavia.The building is located in the south side of the ancient market square and is 36.8 metres long. The west wall is 14.5 metres in length, and the east is 15.2 meters. It is a two-storey building with a spacious basement.The vane Old Thomas (Estonian: Vana Toomas) on the top of the Town Hall's tower, that has been there since 1530, has become one of the symbols of Tallinn. The height of the tower is 64 metres. Tallinn Town Hall is located on the Town Hall Square, where the streets Kullassepa street, Dunkri street and Vanaturu kael lead. One of the shortest streets of Tallinn is Raekoja tänav, which is located behind the Town Hall.

The town hall was built by what was then the market square. The town hall square got its current length in the 1370s. Covered with a board roof in 1374, the town hall was probably a single-decked stone building with a basement. The attic was used as a storeroom. The facade of this long and narrow building is now a rear wall of the arcade, where you can still see some of the simple statuary framed windows from this time.A Town Hall with a huge meeting room was firstly mentioned in a Real Estate book in 1322 as a "consistorium", which had a giant warehouse (cellarium civitatis) for that time. Some walls in the eastern part of the modern town hall and seven windows in the basement and on the ground floor have remained from that time. In 1364, it was called a playhouse (teatrum) and in 1372 a town hall (rathus).The Town council controlled the town's political, economic and partly even parlour action. The Town Hall was often a courthouse and a place to introduce goods; sometimes it was even used as a room for theatre, as you can conclude from the word "teatrum". Therefore, it was very important to be placed in the heart of the town and to look representative.Although the city power worked in the Town Hall until 1970, it still holds the role of a representational building of a city administration and welcomes visitors as a concert venue and a museum, where you can get to know the centuries-long historical and architectural value of the Tallinn Town Hall. In conjunction with the Tallinn Old Town, the Town Hall has been on the UNESCO world Heritage Sites list since 1997. In 2004, Tallinn Town Hall celebrated its 600th birthday.In 2005, the Tallinn town hall received a high recognition – 2nd prize, in the category of conservation of Architectural Heritage for the revival of the last surviving Gothic Town Hall in Northern Europe and the exemplary revealing of all the historical layers of this icon of the great European tradition of municipal power. The prize was presented to Elvira Liiver Holmström, the director of Tallinn Town Hall by Queen Sofía of Spain at the European Heritage Awards Ceremony which was held on 27 June 2006 at the Palacio Real de El Pardo, Madrid. Europa Nostra medal was presented to Tallinn Town Hall at the ceremony on 15 September 2006 by Siim Kallas, Vice President of the European Commission, and Thomas Willoch, Europa Nostra board member.

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