Bomazi is the ancestor-god in the mythology of the Bushongo people of the Congo River area. He was a light-skinned man who came from heaven and appeared to an elderly childless couple, telling them that they would have a daughter.[1] They indeed had a daughter, and when she grew up, Bomazi married her.[1] Their five sons became the chiefs of the five Bushongo tribes.[1]


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Bushongo mythology

The Bushongo or Songora are an ethnic group from the Congo River and surrounding areas. The creation god(or chembe) in Bushongo mythology is called Bumba. He existed alone in darkness, the world consisting only of water. The god Bumba was said to appear like a gigantic man in form and white in color. The creation took place when he vomited forth the sun, moon, earth, plants and animals, and then humanity. Bomazi is the ancestor-god of the Bushongo.


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