Boing (Italy)

Boing is an Italian TV channel marketed at children and teenagers, produced and broadcast in Italy by Boing S.p.A, a joint venture of Fininvest's Mediaset (through its RTI subsidiary, which dubs the Italian versions and broadcasts the channel) and AT&T's WarnerMedia (through its Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia subsidiary which supplies the programming, the former Turner Broadcasting System was divided and WarnerMedia had already begun to remove references to Turner Broadcasting System Italia[2]) [3]. It is available on digital terrestrial television and digital satellite television. The French, Spanish and African versions of Boing also launched. Boing Italy rebranded using a brand new graphics package developed by Lumbre on March 7, 2016.[4]

Boing S.p.A.
Società per azioni
IndustryMass media
HeadquartersRome, Italy
television broadcasting
Television Production
OwnerR.T.I. (51%)
Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia (49%)
ParentMediaset (51%)
WarnerMedia (49%)
Logo Boing
LaunchedNovember 20, 2004
Owned byBoing S.p.A.
(Mediaset 51%, WarnerMedia (AT&T) 49%)
Picture format576i (SDTV)
Audience share1.07% (July of 2018, [1])
SloganInsieme è meglio (Better together)
Broadcast areaItaly
Sister channel(s)WarnerMedia
CNN International
Turner Classic Movies
Cartoon Network
Warner TV
Canale 5
Rete 4
DigitalChannel 40
TivùsatChannel 40
Infostrada TVChannel unknown
Alice Home TVChannel 677


Share 24h

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Average per year
2010 0,99% 1,00% 6,48% 7,40% 1,07% 1,36% 1,55% 1,51% 1,27% 1,05% 1,08% 1,01% 2,14%
2011 0,94% 1,08% 1,07% 1,08% 1,14% 1,47% 1,39% 1,59% 1,31% 1,11% 0,89% 0,97% 1,05%
2012 1,05% 0,92% 0,89% 0,98% 0,93% 1,25% 1,44% 1,10% 1,06% 0,80% 0,74% 0,74% 0,99%
2013 0,64% 0,68% 0,74% 0,68% 0,76% 1,05% 1,12% 1,18% 1,02% 0,77% 0,83% 0,90% 0,86%
2014 0,85% 0,82% 0,91% 1,00% 0,95% 1,18% 1,25% 1,29% 1,11% 0,87% 0,83% 0,86% 0,99%
2015 0,75% 0,74% 0,71% 0,76% 0,88% 1,06% 1,13% 1,20% 1,02% 0,79% 0,70% 0,79% 0,86%
2016 0,82% 0,86% 0,87% 0,92% 0,90% 1,05% 1,20% 1,15% 1,16% 0,86% 0,78% 0,88% 0,94%
2017 0,79% 0,81% 0,80% 0,79% 0,84% 0,96% 0,93% 1,05% 1,04% 0,87% 0,77% 0,82% 0,87%
2018 0,80% 0,78% 0,74% 2,18% 1,15% 1,15% 1,15% 6.57% 2,18 % 7,00 % 2,01%


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Boing (Spanish TV channel)

Boing is a Spanish free-to-air television channel, owned by a joint venture between Mediaset España and Warner Bros. through its Spain unit, which was launched in 2010. When Cartoonito and Cartoon Network were shut down in 1st July 2013, many Cartoon Network programmes were moved to Boing, alongside new Boomerang programmes. The shows on the channel are also available in English via a second audio feed, whereas Doraemon uses the original Japanese audio track.

Additional Boing feeds are available in Italy, France and Sub-Saharan Africa, with Cartoon Network and Boomerang also being available in those territories.

Boing (TV channel)

Boing is the name of various children's television channels owned by Warner Bros. with versions in Italy, France, Spain, Nigeria and South Africa.

Boomerang (French TV channel)

Boomerang is a French-English television channel broadcasting programmes to children in France and Belgium. The channel was launched on 23 April 2003. The channel is owned by Warner Bros. France.

Boomerang (German TV channel)

Boomerang was a German pay television channel broadcasting kids programming. It was launched on 1 June 2006 and it was owned by Turner Broadcasting System Germany.

Boomerang (Portuguese TV channel)

Boomerang is a Portuguese pay television channel that was launched on 21 April 2015 and is owned by Warner Bros. Europe. Currently, it is available in Angola, Mozambique and Portugal.

Boomerang (Scandinavian TV channel)

Boomerang(Danish: Boomerang (Danmark),Norwegian: Boomerang (Norge),Swedish: Boomerang (Sverige)) is a television channel targeting the Nordic countries. It broadcasts a different selection of cartoons from its sister channel Cartoon Network.

CNN Türk

CNN Türk is a Turkish pay television news channel, launched on 11 October 1999 as the localised variant of American channel CNN. It broadcasts exclusively for Turkey and it is owned by the WarnerMedia News & Sports and Demirören Group. Its headquarters are in Istanbul.

Cartoon Network (Dutch TV channel)

Cartoon Network is a Dutch TV channel which primarily airs animated programming in the Netherlands and Belgium. This version is available in the Dutch and English languages. Some providers offer the Dutch language only.

Cartoon Network (France)

Cartoon Network is a television channel available in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. It launched on August 23, 1999 and is owned by Warner Bros. France.

Cartoon Network (Germany)

Cartoon Network is a German pay television channel broadcasting cartoons, based in Munich. Cartoon Network Germany is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Cartoon Network (Turkey)

Cartoon Network Turkey is a cable/satellite channel that mainly broadcasts cartoons and was launched on January 28, 2008 and is owned by Doğan Yayın Holding under license from Warner Bros. Europe.

Children's interest channel

Children's interest channels are television specialty channels that present children's interest content.

Popular children's interest channels include:

ABC 4 Kids (Australia)

ABC Spark (Canada)

Ajyal (Middle East)

Baraem (Middle East)

BBC Kids (Canada)

BiBi (Vietnam)

Boing (France)

Boing (Italy)

Boing (Spain)

Boomerang (worldwide)

Canal Panda (Iberia)

Canal Super3 (Catalonia)

Carousel (Russia)

Cartoon Network (worldwide)

Cartoonito (worldwide)

Clan (Spain)

Cúla 4 (Ireland)

Canal J (France)

CBBC Channel (UK)

CBeebies (Worldwide)


Chutti TV (South India)

CCTV-14 (China)

DeA Kids (Italy)

Discovery Kids (US)

Disney Channel (US and various other countries)

Disney XD (US and other countries)

DR Ramasjang (Denmark)

DR Ultra (Denmark)

DreamWorks Channel

E-Junior (United Arab Emirates)

Frisbee (Italy)

Family (Canada)

Gloob (Brazil)

Gulli (France)

Hungama TV (India)

HTV3 (Vietnam)

Junior (Germany)

JeemTV (Middle East)


KiKa (Germany)

K2 (Italy)

LittleBe (UK)

MiniMini+ (Poland)

Neox Kidz (Spain)

Nickelodeon (worldwide)


Nick Jr. (worldwide)

Once Niños (Mexico)

Pop (UK)

Pop Max (UK)

Pooya TV (Iran)

Rai Gulp (Italy)

RTÉjr (Ireland)

SAM (Vietnam)

SaoTV (Vietnam)

Super RTL (Germany)

Spacetoon (Indonesia)

Tiny Pop (UK)

TiJi (France)

TeenNick (US)

Teletoon & Télétoon (Canada)

Télétoon+ (France)

Teletoon+ (Poland)

Treehouse TV (Canada)

TRT Çocuk (Turkey)

TVP ABC (Poland)

VRAK.TV (Canada)

Yoopa (Canada)

YTV (Canada)

Zaro tv (Kurdistan)

ZeeQ Kids Channel (India)

List of programmes broadcast by Boing (Italy)

This is a list of television programs broadcast by Boing in Italy.

Mezzo TV

Mezzo is a French television channel devoted to classical music (including opera and ballet), jazz and world music. It was formed in 1992 and was called France Supervision until 1998. In 2010 it added a sister channel, Mezzo Live HD.

In January 2008 it introduced a new filler feature, Divertimezzo, renamed Intermezzo in 2011, consisting of video clips fashioned from its programmes, with the usual wide range of music.

In the Scandinavian region the channel is distributed by Scandinavian television broadcaster NonStop Television, part of Turner Broadcasting. In Portugal it is available in basic cable, RF output in FTTH services and as a digital channel across platforms.

TNT Africa

Turner Network Television (TNT) is a European-managed pay television channel centred towards movies. This version of the channel is available in Africa and the Arab world. In the Arab world, TNT has a unique schedule, it broadcasts in 4:3, and Arabic subtitles are optional.

TNT MENA started broadcasting on January 1, 2016, the date when it separated from TNT Africa and became an independent feed. TNT Middle East is exclusively available on BeIN. In Africa, TNT is exclusively available on DStv and Black.

TNT Comedy

TNT Comedy is a German pay television channel launched on 8 May 2012 as Glitz. It is owned by Turner Broadcasting System.In August 2013, SES Platform Services won an international tender by Turner Broadcasting System, to provide playout services for Glitz, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, TNT Film and TNT Serie for the German-speaking market, digitisation of existing Turner content, and playout for Turner on-demand and catch-up services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland the Benelux region, from November 2013.On 1 April 2014 the channel was renamed TNT Glitz and started broadcasting via satellite on Sky Germany. The slogan Here shines the sun ("Hier scheint die Sonne") was changed to ' 'We are pink ("Wir sind pink").

TNT Film

TNT Film is a German television channel owned by Turner Broadcasting System Europe. The channel broadcasts movies both in their original language and dubbed into German.

The channel launched on the Arena satellite platform with a full 24-hour schedule in December 2006 as TCM. It has later become available from other distributors, including Premiere from September 2007.

On July 4, 2009, the channel was overhauled and changed its name to TNT Film. After the change, the channel features recent films more prominently. The channel also switched to the 16:9 widescreen format.

TNT Serie

TNT Serie is a German pay television channel dedicated to broadcast television series.

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