Bohemia (newspaper)

Bohemia was a German newspaper published in Prague from 1828 to 1938.

1909-09-29 Bohemia
Title page, 29 September 1909, with Franz Kafka's article "Die Aeroplane in Brescia" ("The Aeroplanes at Brescia") below the fold

History and profile

The paper started as a supplement of the weekly Prager Zeitung from 1828 to 1835 under various names: first as Unterhaltungsblätter, in 1830 as Bohemia oder Unterhaltungsblätter für gebildete Stände, in 1832 as Bohemia ein Unterhaltungsblatt, and finally in 1918 as Deutsche Zeitung Bohemia (German newspaper Bohemia). Famous writers for the newspaper included Franz Kafka, Egon Kisch, Hans Heinz Stuckenschmidt, and Johannes Urzidil.

The newspaper was printed by several companies:

  • Gottlieb Haase & Sons (1828–1872)
  • Bohemia Aktiengesellschaft (1872–1877)
  • Frantisek Klutsack (1878)
  • Andreas Haase (1879–1919)
  • Alfred Korn (1919–1920)
  • Verlag Deutsche Zeitung-Aktiengesellschaft (1920–1933)
  • Rota-Aktiengesellschaft für Zeitung- und Buchdruck (1933–1938)

The newspaper was terminated in 1938. The archives can be found in the National Library of the Czech Republic.

Since 2000

From 2000, a German-Czech newspaper (Czech: Česko-Německé noviny Bohemia) took the name Bohemia, continuing the Deutsch-Tschechische Zeitung für gute Nachbarschaft (German-Czech newspaper of good neighbourhood).

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