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The Boca Raton News, owned by the South Florida Media Company, was the local community newspaper of Boca Raton, Florida. The paper began publication December 2, 1955, with a startup circulation of 1200, published by Robert and Lora Britt, and edited by Margert Olsson.[1] Initially a weekly publication, it later began daily operation.

Later self-titled The News,[2] the paper attained a daily circulation of 35,000 throughout Palm Beach County, along with its website

The paper was formerly owned by Knight Ridder, who sold the paper to Community Newspaper Holdings in 1997.[3] CNHI sold the News to Michael Martin in 1999.[4] Martin sold the paper to Neal R. Heller and Arthur Keiser in 2001.[5] Craig Swill bought the paper in 2005.[6]

On Friday, August 21, 2009, The Boca Raton News staff was informed by its publisher that it would cease print publication as of Sunday, August 23, 2009.[7][8][9] Initially it continued as an online only publication,[10] but was redirecting to a real estate site as of early 2018.

The Boca Raton Historical Society maintains a searchable digital archive of issues of The News from 1970 through 1995.[11]

Boca Raton News
Ceased publicationAugust 23, 2009 (print, online unknown)
WebsiteFormerly at


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Sources include: Florida Humanities Council, August 2004. News-Press Jan. 1, 2006, Mystery Readers Journal, Winter 1999-2000 and Fall 2003, Boca Raton News Dec. 9, 1998, Palm Beach Post Feb. 11, 2004, Springfield News Leader March 4, 2004.

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Mizner Park

Mizner Park is a lifestyle center in downtown Boca Raton, Florida. The center includes eateries Max's Grille, Racks Downtown Eatery + Tavern, Yard House, and Villagio's. The Centre for the Arts at Mizner Park is located on the north end of the development, which includes an amphitheatre, the Boca Raton Museum of Art and Carré d'artistes, part of an international network featuring over 600 emerging artists. In the fall of 2011, Lord & Taylor announced a store to open at the center. The store opened in the summer of 2013.

Cooper Carry designed Mizner as a classical Mediterranean revival town center. It is named for architect Addison Mizner, founder of Boca Raton.

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Paul M. Kimelman (born 1947) A motivational speaker in the 1980s and early 1990s, he held the Guinness World Record for the greatest weight-loss in the shortest amount of time and was featured on the book's cover in 1982. Kimelman traveled the world and spoke about his experience.

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The Union-Recorder

The Union-Recorder is a daily newspaper published Tuesday - Saturday in Milledgeville, Georgia. It is owned by Community Newspaper Holdings Inc., who purchased it from Knight Ridder in 1997.

The Village Beat

The Village Beat is the second African-American newspaper in Palm Beach County, Florida, but the first African-American newspaper to cover news county-wide.

The Village Beat, headquartered in Delray Beach, FL, in Palm Beach County, was established in the 1990s originally as a monthly newspaper. Theis a non-profit publication where articles are written by volunteers from the local community. The editorial content covers a range of subjects that include local black history, medical issues affecting the black community, financial health, education and always highlighting the local achievements of African Americans in Palm Beach County, Florida. The Village Beat has also had the mission of enhancing the minds of the African-American community by also including editorial topics that were not necessarily "Black" in subject but it is information pertinent for which the African-American community needs to become aware particularly in the areas of financial health, and arts and culture.

When the publication was initiated, the design and printing was done by the former Boca Raton News.

Presently, The Village Beat will be re-launching as a magazine.

Pre-dating The Village Beat is the Florida Photo News, which was founded by M. A. Hall Williams in 1955 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The focus of this newspaper was just the black community that was living and working in the City of West Palm Beach, unlike The Village Beat, which covers the entire County and includes national and international news pertinent to African Americans in Palm Beach County, Florida

Charlotte Gilmore Durante is the founder of The Village Beat. In 1978, she became the first African-American woman commissioner for the City of Delray Beach, Florida.

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The play focuses on Scottie Templeton, a popular actor who has spent his life shirking responsibility. When he discovers he is terminally ill with leukemia, he attempts to reconnect with his long-estranged son.

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