Blitar is a city in East Java, Indonesia, about 73 km from Malang and 167 km from Surabaya. The area lies within longitude 111° 40' - 112° 09' East and its latitude is 8° 06' South. The city of Blitar lies at an altitude on average 167 metres above sea level.[1]

The city is noted as the location of the grave of Sukarno, the first President of Indonesia, five kilometers from the city plaza. The Istana Gebang (Gebang palace) where Sukarno lived as a child is nearby and has been converted into a museum. containing numerous items commemorating Sukarno's place in Indonesian history.[2] In addition, the very active Kelud volcano is located just over 20 kilometers north of Blitar.

Former Vice President of Indonesia, Dr. Boediono, and the commander-in-chief of the Indonesian military, Admiral Agus Suhartono, were born in Blitar. Both of them are the alumni of SMP Negeri 1 Blitar and SMA Negeri 1 Blitar.

Makam BK di Blitar
RA 3420014
Istana gebang
Candi Plumbangan 1
Clockwise, from top left : Sukarno Mausoleum, Penataran Temple, Plumbangan Temple, Former house of Sukarno
Official seal of Blitar

Kridha Hangudi Jaya
Location within East Java
Location within East Java
Blitar is located in Java
Location in Java and Indonesia
Blitar is located in Indonesia
Blitar (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 8°06′S 112°09′E / 8.100°S 112.150°ECoordinates: 8°06′S 112°09′E / 8.100°S 112.150°E
Country Indonesia
Province East Java
CityApril 1, 1906
 • MayorMuhammad Samanhudi Anwar
 • Vice MayorSantoso
 • Total32 km2 (8.29 sq mi)
167 m (548 ft)
 • Total132,018
Time zoneUTC+7 (Indonesia Western Time)
Area code(+62) 342
Vehicle registrationAG

Local economic governance

Based on the survey conducted between August 2010 and January 2011, Blitar was rated number one in Indonesia for local economic governance, being considered particularly good in infrastructure, interaction between local administrations and businesses, business licensing, and regional head capacity and integrity.[3]

People from Blitar

KITLV 87880 - Isidore van Kinsbergen - Bathing location near Tjandi Panataran near Blitar - Before 1900
Bathing place near Temple Panataran, near Blitar

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2017 Liga 3

The 2017 Liga 3 Indonesia season was the 3rd season of lower-tier and the inaugural season of the third-tier competition in Indonesia with the new name Liga 3.Persatu Tuban, winner of the 2014 Liga Nusantara are the defending champions, as the 2015 Liga Nusantara was not held and the 2016 ISC Liga Nusantara was not counted as an official league.

Blitar United won the title after a 2–1 win over Persik Kendal in 2017 Liga 3 Final at Gelora Bumi Kartini Stadium, Jepara on 17 December 2017.

2017 Liga 3 Final

The 2017 Liga 3 Final is a football match to determine the winner of the 2017 Liga 3 between Persik Kendal and Blitar United. The match will held in 17 December 2017 at Gelora Bumi Kartini Stadium, Jepara.

2019 Liga 2

The 2019 Liga 2 will be the third season of the Liga 2 under its current name, and the tenth season under its current league structure.

Blitar Regency

Blitar Regency is a regency in East Java, Indonesia. Since 2010, its capital is located in Kanigoro after sharing the same capital with Blitar for more than a century.

Blitar United F.C.

Blitar United Football Club is an Indonesian football club based in Blitar, East Java that competes in Liga 2. They nicknamed The Black Cats and play their home match at Gelora Supriyadi Stadium.

Blitar railway station

Blitar Station is a railway station in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia. It was opened in 1882 by the Dutch East Indies government, making it one of the oldest railway station in East Java. There are locomotive depot (still used) and ex-turntable at this station.


Boediono (EYD: Budiono, pronounced [budiˈjono] (listen); born 25 February 1943) is an Indonesian economist. He was the Vice President of Indonesia from 2009 to 2014. He became Vice President after winning the 2009 presidential election together with the then-incumbent President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Charis Yulianto

Charis Yulianto (born 11 July 1978 in Blitar, East Java) is a retired Indonesian footballer. He normally plays as a central defender and his height is 183 cm. He is former player for Indonesia national football team and last played for Arema Indonesia (ISL).

Marsheilla Gischa Islami

Marsheilla Gischa Islami (born 25 March 1997) is an Indonesian badminton player.

Muhammad Reza Pahlevi Isfahani

Muhammad Reza Pahlevi Isfahani (born 6 August 1997) is an Indonesian badminton player from the Jaya Raya badminton club. He was born in Blitar and in 2015, he won the boys' doubles title at the Indonesia Junior International Challenge tournament.

PSBI Blitar

Persatuan Sepak Bola Blitar Indonesia, commonly known as PSBI Blitar is an Indonesian football club based in Blitar Regency, East Java with have great supporter called Freedom Gate. Club played in Liga 3. PSBI Blitar have a nickname The Cruel Lion (Singo Lodro). PSBI stadium named Gelora Panataran. Its location was in downtown Blitar.

PSBK Blitar

Persatuan Sepak Bola Blitar Kota, commonly known as PSBK Blitar, is an Indonesian football club based in Blitar, East Java. Club played in Liga Indonesia Premier Division. PSBK Blitar have a nickname The Cruel Dogs (Macan Lodro) and have a nickname Indonesian Dogs. PSBK stadium named Gelora Supriyadi Stadium. Its location was in downtown Blitar.


Penataran or Panataran (Indonesian: Candi Penataran) is one of the largest Hindu temple ruins complex in East Java, Indonesia. It is located roughly 12 km northeast of Blitar, with the closest airport being farther away at Malang. Believed to have been constructed between the 12th century to the 15th century, the temple played a significant role in the Majapahit Kingdom, especially under King Hayam Wuruk. He considered his favorite sanctuary. Penataran dates from the Kediri era.

Candi Panataran is a Shiva (Siwa) temple. It is notable for including one the largest Indonesian collection of reliefs showing life stories of Hindu god Vishnu in different avatars. In particular, the temple site include the Rama story in the Javanese version of the epic Ramayana, as well Krishna story as depicted Triguna's Krishnayana epic poem. Comparative studies of reliefs related to Hindu epics at Penataran and Prambanan temple (Yogyakarta) complexes have attracted the attention of archaeologists.

Putri Raemawasti

Gracia Putri Raemawasti (born December 5, 1986 in Blitar, East Java) is Indonesian public figure and journalist. She was the winner of Puteri Indonesia (Miss Indonesia Universe) 2007 from East Java. She has attended the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, majoring in industrial engineering.

Second Javanese War of Succession

The Second Javanese War of Succession was a struggle between Sultan Amangkurat IV of Mataram supported by the Dutch East India Company (Dutch: Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie; VOC) against the rebellion of rival Princes who contested his right for the throne.In 1719, Pakubuwana I died and his son Amangkurat IV took the throne in 1719, but his brothers, Princes Blitar and Purbaya contested the succession. They attacked the palace in June 1719. When they were repulsed by the cannons in VOC’s fort, they retreated south to the land of Mataram. Their uncle, Prince Arya Mataram, ran to Japara and proclaim himself king, thus began the Second War of Succession. Before the year ended, Arya Mataram surrendered and was strangled in Japara by the Sultan's order and Blitar and Purbaya were dislodged from their stronghold in Mataram in November. In 1720, these two princes ran away to the still rebellious interior of East Java. Luckily for VOC and the young king, the rebellious regents of Surabaya, Jangrana III and Jayapuspita died in 1718–20 and Prince Blitar died in 1721.

In May and June 1723, the remnants of the rebels and their leaders surrendered, including Surengrana of Surabaya, Princes Purbaya and Dipanagara, all of whom were banished to Ceylon, except Purbaya, who was taken to Batavia to serve as “backup” to replace Amangkurat IV in case of any disruption in the relationship between the king and VOC since Purbaya was seen to have equal "legitimacy" by VOC. It is obvious from these two Wars of Succession that even though VOC was virtually invincible in the field, mere military prowess was not sufficient to pacify Java.

State University of Malang

The State University of Malang (Indonesian: Universitas Negeri Malang, abbreviated as UM), formerly the Institute of Teacher Education and Educational Sciences of Malang (Indonesian: Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Malang, abbreviated as IKIP Malang), is one of the state universities in Indonesia. Located in Malang and Blitar, East Java, UM was established in October 18, 1954 as PTPG Malang, as School of Education of Airlangga University, making it one of the oldest teaching institutes in Indonesia. UM was separated from Airlangga University on 20 May 1964 to become IKIP Malang. In 1999, IKIP Malang formally changed its status from an institute to a state university.In 2010, UM ranked 6th as the best university in Indonesia by Webometrics, but sank to 16th in 2015. However, also in 2015, UM was accredited as an A-class university by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT) with a score of 372 points, just below UGM (378) and IPB (375).


Sukarni (14 July 1916 – 7 May 1971) was an activist who demanded independence for Indonesia during the Dutch colonial era and the Japanese occupation, and was the chairman of the Murba Party until his death.


Supriyadi, older spelling Soeprijadi (born 13 April 1923; disappeared 14 February 1945), was an Indonesian national hero who rebelled against the occupying Japanese in 1945.

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