Bistupur is a residential and commercial area of the city of Jamshedpur in the state of Jharkhand, India. It is one of the popular regions of Jamshedpur.

Neighbourhood of Jamshedpur
Skyline of Bistupur
Coordinates: 22°47′29″N 86°10′50″E / 22.79139°N 86.18056°ECoordinates: 22°47′29″N 86°10′50″E / 22.79139°N 86.18056°E
Time zoneGMT + 0530
Commercial area of the city

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Genius Inter College, Bistupur

Genius Inter College, Bistupur is an intermediate college in Jharkhand, India, with courses in arts, sciences, and commerce.

Keenan Stadium

Keenan Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium and an International Cricket Stadium in Jamshedpur, India. It is currently used mostly for cricket and football matches. It is also known as a venue for archery.

The stadium is named after John Lawrence Keenan a former general manager of the Tata Steel. The stadium is situated in Northern Town area of Bistupur & is owned by Tata Steel. It has a capacity of 19,000 people.

Since being built in 1939 the ground has hosted Ranji Trophy matches for the Bihar now Jharkhand cricket team. The venue staged its first international match in December 1983 when West Indies beat India in a One Day International.

The ground has staged a further 9 One Day Internationals out of which India has won only 1, the most recent in April 2006 when England beat India by five wickets.This stadium became infamous, for crowd turning violent and throwing crackers on field during India against West Indies match in 2002/03.

Sourav Ganguly scored a 100 to help India win its only match here. Former Indian captain MS Dhoni has played many matches for Jharkhand in this stadium. He has spent a lot of time in this stadium in his early days when JSCA stadium was not built in Ranchi, and also featured in M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, the biopic on Dhoni.

List of educational institutes in Jamshedpur

This is a list of educational institutes in (jamshedpur)


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Sakchi was the village in north eastern India territory of Singhbhum which was selected by Jamsetji Tata to be the location of a planned steel city, which in 1919 became Jamshedpur. Sakchi is now part of the city between the Tata Steel site and the river Subarnarekha. Then it was known as Kalimati. Due to the presence of iron ore, river water and sand, Jamsetji Tata decided to establish TISCO (Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited) there. The company is now known as Tata Steel Ltd.

Even today running through Sakchi is the Kalimati Road. During British India, a railway line connecting Jamshedpur to Howrah(Calcutta) was started. Jamshedpur is in the Indian mineral-rich state of Jharkhand which was earlier in Bihar as South Bihar.

As Tata Steel was established the first planned urban settlement started in Sakchi Area and it included businessmen (Gujaratis, Parsis, Punjabis), servicemen (People from Bihar, Bengalis, Oriyas, Telugus, Tamils, Malayalis). Many people who then migrated from West Bengal, East Bengal (now Bangladesh), Gujarat, Assam are now permanent residents of Jamshedpur city and their ancestral homes were either lost or sold after separation of East Pakistan (Bangladesh). Old houses of Bengalis, Parsis, Anglo-Indians and Gujaratis can still be seen in Aambagan, Hill Cart Road, Kalimati Road, Pennar road, Sakchi Bazar areas of Sakchi. A few such homes are also present in Bistupur.

According to some people who have seen Tatanagar 80-90 years back as a child, today where we have Aambagan maidan near the Present Masjid, there used to be a single line railway track which used to carry sand for the factory. It does not exist anymore.

Mode of transport in the Jamshedpur city were Buggy and Taxis. There were single lane roads with old British style street lamps. Mostly the roads between Sakchi and Bistupur were surrounded by jungles.

The city is unique because it is a very small town even today with extreme ends being covered within maximum 45 minutes (including traffic) and is not a metro city but still it has demography of a metro town as in people from all ethnicities live here as permanent residents. Sakchi is located in the centre of the city, on its west side lies Bistupur which is also one of famous place of the city, Kadma, Sonari.On the east side lies Baradwari,Kasidih,Bhalubasa,Sitaramdera,Agrico,Sidhgora. On its north lies Mango which is also one of the busiest place of the city and down south lies Burmamines, Tatanagar station, Jugsalai and Parsudih.

Sakchi area of Jamshedpur town today has numerous cinema halls, sakchi bazaar which holds Mangla Market (Tuesday market) every Tuesday on footpath. Sakchi Market (or Sakchi Bazaar) is the oldest market in the city.

Tatanagar Junction railway station

The Tatanagar Railway Station station code TATA, is the main railway station serving the city of Jamshedpur in the Indian state of Jharkhand.

Tatanagar is a Junction station and is located on the Howrah-Chakradharpur-Mumbai line of the Indian Railways. It has 5 platforms and handles around 100 trains each day.

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