Bishop of Stockport

The Bishop of Stockport is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Chester, in the Province of York, England.[1] The title takes its name after the town of Stockport in Greater Manchester.

The see is currently vacant, following the confirmation of Libby Lane as the eighth Bishop of Derby on 11 February 2019.

Libby Lane was consecrated as the Bishop of Stockport by the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, in York Minster on 26 January 2015, succeeding Robert Atwell and becoming the first woman to be consecrated a bishop of the Church of England.[2][3]

List of bishops

Bishops of Stockport
From Until Incumbent Notes
1949 1950 Frank Okell
1951 1965 David Saunders-Davies
1965 1984 Gordon Strutt
1984 1994 Frank Sargeant
1994 2000 Geoffrey Turner
2000 2007 Nigel Stock [4] Translated to St Edmundsbury and Ipswich
2008 2014 Robert Atwell [5]
2015 2019 Libby Lane First woman consecrated as a bishop in the Church of England[2]


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Billy Atwell, American musician, drummer with th' Inbred

Bradley Atwell (?–2012), American Marine killed in the September 2012 Camp Bastion raid

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David Atwell, Las Vegas real estate broker

Hayley Atwell (1982– ), English actress

Hugh Atwell (?–1621), English actor

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Joe Atwell (1919–1988), North American construction investor and builder

Sir John Atwell (1911–1999), Scottish engineer

Malcolm Atwell (1936– ), Australian football player

Philip Atwell, American video director

Robert Ronald Atwell (1954– ), Anglican Bishop of Stockport

Roy Atwell (1878–1962), American actor, comedian and composer

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Bishop at Lambeth

The Bishop at Lambeth is a position within the hierarchy of the Church of England. It is a non-diocesan appointment in which an experienced bishop acts as head of staff to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Boston Grammar School

The Boston Grammar School is a selective grammar school and sixth form college for boys aged 11 to 18 and girls attending the sixth form aged 16–18 located in Boston, Lincolnshire, England.

Cranmer Hall, Durham

Cranmer Hall is a Church of England theological college based at Durham, England. Cranmer Hall forms part of St John's College, Durham which is a recognised college of Durham University. It stands in the Open Evangelical tradition.

Cranmer Hall currently trains ordinands for the Church of England and the wider Anglican Communion.

David Saunders-Davies

David Henry Saunders-Davies (1894 – 12 August 1975) was the second Bishop of Stockport from 1951 until 1965.Educated at Liverpool College and Queens' College, Cambridge, he held Curacies at St John, Birkenhead and St John, Reading and incumbencies at Hollingworth and Mobberley before wartime service with the RAFVR. When peace returned he was appointed Rural Dean and then Suffragan Bishop of Stockport. He was consecrated a bishop by Cyril Garbett, Archbishop of York, on 2 February 1951 at York Minster. After retiring, he was an Assistant Bishop within the Diocese of Worcester

Diocese of Chester

The Diocese of Chester is a Church of England diocese in the Province of York covering the pre-1974 county of Cheshire and therefore including the Wirral and parts of Stockport, Trafford and Tameside.

Frank Okell

Frank Jackson Okell (3 February 1887 – 7 October 1950.) was the inaugural Bishop of Stockport whose 11-month tenure from November 1949, until October 1950, was one of the shortest in the Anglican Communion.

He was educated at Rugby School and Trinity College, Oxford. Ordained in 1914 he was a curate at Bolsterstone before wartime service as a temporary chaplain. Following the Armistice he was a Minor Canon at Sheffield Cathedral then Rector of Bangor Monachorum. A sideways move to Eccleston, Cheshire led to promotion to be Rural Dean of Malpas and finally, before his appointment to the episcopate, Archdeacon of Macclesfield. He was ordained and consecrated a bishop on All Saints' Day (1 November) at York Minster.

Frank Sargeant (bishop)

Frank Pilkington Sargeant (born 12 September 1932) is a retired Anglican bishop.

Educated at Boston Grammar School, the University of Durham and Cranmer Hall, he was ordained in 1961 and began his ministry with a curacy at Gainsborough. Following this he was priest in charge of St Martin’s Grimsby, Vicar of North Hykeham, a residentiary canon of Bradford Cathedral, then Archdeacon of Bradford before ordination to the episcopate as Bishop of Stockport. His last post was as Bishop at Lambeth, a non-diocesan appointment to be head of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s staff. In retirement he is an honorary assistant bishop (primarily) in the Diocese of Manchester.

Geoffrey Turner (bishop)

Geoffrey Martin Turner (born 16 March 1934) is a retired bishop of the Church of England. He was the sixth Suffragan Bishop of Stockport.Turner was educated at Bideford Grammar School, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Oak Hill Theological College. Ordained in 1963, he was a curate in Tonbridge and then Vicar of St Peter's Derby. He was then Rural Dean of Wirral until his ordination to the episcopate in 1994. He resigned in 2000 and in retirement is an honorary assistant bishop in the Diocese of Chester.

Gordon Strutt

Rupert Gordon Strutt (known as Gordon; 15 January 1912 – 1 October 1985) was the Anglican Bishop of Stockport from 1965 to 1984.

Strutt was educated at the London College of Divinity and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Ordained in 1943 he embarked on a curacy at Carlton, Nottinghamshire before wartime service as a Chaplain to the Forces. Livings in Normanton on Soar, Leicester and Addiscombe followed before a spell as Archdeacon of Maidstone and finally appointment to the episcopate in 1965. After 18 years he resigned to begin retirement in Canterbury but died only a year later on 1 October 1985.

Libby Lane

Elizabeth Jane Holden "Libby" Lane (born 8 December 1966) is a British Anglican bishop. Since February 2019, she has served as Bishop of Derby in the Church of England, the diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Derby. From January 2015 to 2019, she was the Bishop of Stockport, a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of Chester. She was the first woman to be appointed as a bishop by the Church of England, after its General Synod voted in July 2014 to allow women to become bishops. Her consecration took place on 26 January 2015 at York Minster.

List of the first 32 women ordained as Church of England priests

On 12 March 1994, the first 32 women were ordained as Church of England priests. The service was officiated by Bishop Barry Rogerson in Bristol Cathedral.Rogerson ordained the women in alphabetical order, so Angela Berners-Wilson is considered the very first woman to be ordained.The youngest woman to be ordained was Karen MacKinnon, with Jean Kings being the second youngest. The oldest was 69.In 2004 the tenth anniversary of the ordinations was celebrated at Bristol Cathedral and, by then, one of the priests had died and 14 had retired.The 32 women ordained on the day were: (Complete list copied from the Order of Service)

Angela Berners-Wilson, a university chaplain

Waveney Bishop

Christine Clarke

Judith Creighton

Faith Cully

Brenda Dowie

Carol Edwards, of St Christopher's, Brislington

Annis Fessey

Jan Fortune-Wood

Susan Giles

Jane Hayward 2018: Penalty for serious misconduct, & episcopal injunction

Jean Kings, part-time parish deacon who was also chaplain at University of the West of England

Karen MacKinnon, full-time parish deacon

Audrey Maddock

Charmion Mann

Helen Marshall

Glenys Mills, Christ's Church, Clifton

Jillianne Norman

Clare Pipe-Wolferstan

June Plummer

Susan Restall, St Mary's, Yate

Susan Rose

Susan Shipp

Margery Simpson

Sylvia Stevens

Judith Thompson

Anita Thorne

Sheila Tyler

Pauline Wall

Rosemary Dawn Watling, at the time a 61-year-old Anglican nun and deacon in a vicarage in Bristol

Valerie Woods, Vicar of Wood End in Coventry

Ailsa NewbyThe officiating bishop believed it would take 10 years before the first woman would be appointed as a bishop. The first woman to be ordained as a bishop in the Church of England was Libby Lane, whose appointment as Bishop of Stockport (a suffragan see in the Diocese of Chester) was announced on 17 December 2014, 20 years later.

Liverpool College

Liverpool College is a mixed all-through school located in Mossley Hill, a suburb of Liverpool, England. It was one of the thirteen founding members of the Headmasters' Conference (as it then was).

Nigel Stock (bishop)

William Nigel Stock (born 29 January 1950) is a British Anglican bishop. From 2013 until his 2017 retirement, he was Bishop at Lambeth, Bishop to the Forces and Bishop for the Falkland Islands; from 2007 to 2013 he was Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich.

Ripon College Cuddesdon

Ripon College Cuddesdon is a Church of England theological college in Cuddesdon, a village 5.5 miles (8.9 km) outside Oxford, England. It is the largest ministry training institution in the Church of England.

Robert Atwell

Robert Ronald Atwell (born 3 August 1954) is a British Anglican bishop, writer, and former Benedictine monk. Since April 2014, he has been the Bishop of Exeter. From 2008 to 2014, he was Bishop of Stockport, a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of Chester.

St Peter's Church, Stockton-on-Tees

St Peter's Church is a Church of England parish church in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham. The church is a grade II* listed building.

St Peter's College, Oxford

St Peter's College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford and is located in New Inn Hall Street, Oxford, United Kingdom. It occupies the site of two of the university's medieval halls, dating back to at least the 14th century. The modern college was founded by Francis James Chavasse, former Bishop of Liverpool, opened as St Peter's Hall in 1929, and achieved full collegiate status as St Peter's College in 1961. Founded as a men's college, it has been coeducational since 1979.As of 2018, the college had an estimated financial endowment of £44.6 million.

Stockport air disaster

The Stockport air disaster occurred on 4 June 1967, when a Canadair C-4 Argonaut passenger aircraft owned by British Midland Airways crashed near the centre of Stockport, Cheshire, England. Of the 84 people on board, 72 were killed, the fourth-worst disaster in British aviation history.

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