Bikini Atoll Airport

Bikini Atoll Airport, also known as Enyu Airfield, is a public use airstrip at Enyu on Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands. This airstrip is assigned the location identifier BII by the IATA.[1] The airstrip enables access to diving and shipwrecks.

Bikini Atoll Airport
ServesEnyu, Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands
Coordinates11°31′22″N 165°34′1″E / 11.52278°N 165.56694°ECoordinates: 11°31′22″N 165°34′1″E / 11.52278°N 165.56694°E
Direction Length Surface
ft m
4/22 4,460 1,359 Asphalt


Bikini Atoll Airport has one runway measuring 4,460 x 140 ft (1,359 x 42.5 m).

Airlines and destinations

Air Marshall Islands Kwajalein, Majuro, Rongelap


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BII may refer to:

Bank Internasional Indonesia, former name of Bank Maybank Indonesia

Basel Institute for Immunology

Bikini Atoll Airport, Marshall Islands (IATA code: BII)

Birds International Incorporated

British Institute of Innkeeping

Business interoperability interface, interface that enables business interoperability between organisational systemsBii or bii may refer to:

Bii (singer) (born 1989), Taiwanese singer

Bisu language (ISO 639: bii), Loloish language spoken in Thailand

Biyelgee, also called bii, Mongolian dance

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